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  1. Any easy way to backup downloaded bed animation poses to a positions note card, for the item content after edit? I find it really hard to transfer all those poses without being "hand written", to save at a positions note card. Knowing certain keys from the keyboard might help.
  2. When trying to "maximize" the world map tile names & , only (3) tiles show full configuration with land mass & marinas. The full expanded reference use to be (5 to 6) tiles with configuration, that's now "all-blue". The need to maximize viewing the world map for flight plans is important. What's the "bug" problem with the world map, to "disappear" expanding to all-blue? The "disappearing tile configuration is affecting the SL release, Firestorm & Singularity viewers. Trying to expand the world map is losing land mass viewing.
  3. It appears SL "sins" better than flying planes. The 3rd "bore" chat to upset playing this adult game is "silly" & "ridiculous". The grid status is always confused from being good to bad as "garbage", The detected blackmail to sin is "garbage". Wasting Gigabytes to repeat flight plans is "garbage". To get rid of bad staff monitoring & upsetting the game is getting "garbage". The games proficiency is getting "garbage". If it was not for advice to stay with-it, I would "delete" the account over corruption. have-a-nice day.
  4. As of 11/25/20, I see just a "blank" world map showing just sim names, this maintenance problem is effecting the Firestorm & SL Release viewers as well. What causing the world map to go "blank"?
  5. When going to the home parcel, the music URL tries to work, but "fizzles" to no-sound. Finding the music URL in-range to work is the problem. Any suggestions on finding the right selection of URL to work?
  6. Just asking, there's a lot of display names showing symbols in world, and group tags are not enough to choose a letter & symbol. I tried Alt code numbers in the input field, to change the profile name with a symbol, but a message said it's not valid with second life. Is there a link to use valid Alt code symbols with the profile name? Can Marketplace supply the correct add & change the profile display?
  7. In world avatars are showing a lot of symbols along side their name, mostly at clubs.
  8. Instruction to apply a symbol to the display name will be helpful, I see virtually see no instruction note card, for applying a symbol or letter from a Marketplace letter & symbol item. Doe's the applying take the release viewer over the Firestorm viewer?
  9. What I did, since Casper Redelivery is not available for this speedboat, is make plenty of copies of the Bandit380MV in a folder. Then keep track of the copies that do "sim crash" to delete that copy. For now it appears to be working for handling broken script copies. This procedure should be done also with the (Skip HUD), which starts the engine. In case of a broken script HUD.
  10. This is "weird"--my Bandit 380MV has all of sudden stopped moving on the SL-Grid. The last day it was running was on July 8th & 9th 2020. then on July 10th, the boat won't get out of the marina, to "stay sit". The Bandit is my best GTFO enabled speedboat, that done completed courier jobs repeatedly.
  11. One of my helicopters is now showing a script warning, error, debug message, at every sim crossing flying the plane. I have to click off each one of the message pop-up, at sim crossing flying. Is there a debug section to stop this from happening? To know something is "amiss", there's planes hanging in the "air" to be concerned about the stability of the viewer.
  12. My luck---Now I have to use the world map for navigation between sims.
  13. I still have problems flying sim to sim with aircraft, using the mini-map. During the flight I see ("blank" spot sims) on the map, as the plane flies up to them & crash the plane in flight. Any solutions to stop this from happening?
  14. My last "logout" was at about 12:30 AM PST-4/21/20. My "failed login" was at 1:45 PM PST-4/21/20. Is there solutions to the all-of-sudden failures to login? Is there work, & health issues with the problem? Can a VPN subscription be the ultimate solution to the login failures? Login failures has happen before, but always got back on track. C
  15. When I choose my avatar for SL, I found one that "closes-in" on my RL-appearance, and is slightly different from my own. Is there a way to imprint a RL-configuration on a (classic avatar) using textures or a selfie?
  16. Thanks for the tip operation. I only need to move the house side ways "5 edit-clicks", or do the shift manually all over the house.
  17. My built house on purchased land has all-sorts of items in it, such as TV, sofa, bed, shower, sink, & air conditioner--the list goes on. Can house inventory "link" together to edit a (move) together on the sim, without re-position of items in the house?
  18. Now that I know that Second life has did a (code change) for viewers, some of my vehicle objects had to be updated to continue use. Is there a way to correct a (script warning/error/debug) message? or do I just contact the creator of the vehicle about updating the product. The item in question is a HUD I use with a Hud map, that use coordinates for (targeting) objects on land & water, by mouse tapping the Hud map via the SL-grid & viewer.
  19. Hi---I bought 1024 sqm of land on 3/11/20. I hold 512 sqm of land since I started with Second life. Can I expect my Premium Account to "tier" charge a extra $4.00, for holding land with a new purchase of land, for the next quarterly payment?
  20. Every so often, mostly from the Nautilus continent, sailing from sim to sim causes a "separating" from the boat & crash sailing, to be standing at the bottom body of water. What setting can stop this from happening?
  21. I use 4G speed for plane flights, boat rides, & car runs that's mostly successful with (2) viewer re-logins for (viewer filing stability). Should 5G improve power stability using the SL-Grid with all (9) continents?
  22. There's a Smart Bots advertisement coming through the wall side of my parcel home, to find a way to get it off my TV screen while viewing YOU TUBE. Contacting has not been good, to get a response. Can Second life Answers solve this minor dilemma of contacting someone, to "re-position" the advertisement?
  23. As I was driving my speedboat with the mini map screen on, I see "green" arrow heads on the map. I notice these object are under water when the boat passes over them, and there's nothing on top of the water seen, when the boat is driving. Any hint as to what these objects are, on the mini map? I almost thought I was driving at something "invisible" on the water sim.
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