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  1. Before I make adjustments to some of my flight plans, it will be helpful to know if most security orbs have a meter or feet range to fly over. Some of my flights can just barely pass over a security orb, without "triggering" the send home or ejection from land. Some flight plans might as well be called "invalid", when the plane can't make it to the next airport.
  2. My PC's Graphics Control Panel has 3D with Antialiasing settings. Should the PC with the SL or Firestorm viewers have the Antialiasing setting enabled or disabled, for potential SL-Grid crashes, ejections & disconnections while inflight with planes or driving boats & cars?
  3. While in-flight with a jet, plane or helicopter; I experience a crash effect with vehicle to see it repair itself in-flight, in time to complete to route & land at the airport. Is the the complexity setting attempting to crash to whole flight, with approaching the airport scripts? Should passengers with pilots lower the complexity level while in-flight, to avoid grid crashes while flying?
  4. Some might find this funny, but keeping installed parts in a plane, such as parts to a tail number modkit is rediculous. Every time I install the parts & try to use a drop in script for registering the plane, the plane will just leave the parts behind,as the plane is taken back into inventory. The instructions to "link" parts to the aircraft, using a drop in script is not working. Unless the plane at (physical) is causing the non-link, to keep parts with a plane. Answers to this will be welcomed.
  5. Thanks for knowing what I saw at "edit" with my boat dock. I recently turned it around to the side of the land, instead of out in the water where the parcel border is at. My boat also had to be turned to the side of the land, just inside the parcel border. I now have to test any misbehaving by the boat, starting today---smiles*.
  6. I have found out that the compass & world map beacons, are most helpful to complete a flight plan with planes. A compass with altitude readings, makes it twice as easy to not crash into something.
  7. The problem most times, is having my speed boat with complex scripts that dramatic appearance on water, to come ashore & start malfunctioning to stop engine. Sometimes at boat engine startup the malfunctioning to keep the boat in-place, starts tossing around the camera angle. Then there's the ban line at the (island) parcel, that might cause further disruption with the boat trying to park precise in-place & engine stop don 't work. Maybe the meter limit from shore overall, is causing the disruptions & malfunctioning, who know's ? The uploaded screenshot uncover
  8. I eventually found out from video tutorial, that "waypoints" are created by the GPS HUD, after putting the flight plan together. I couldn't do it first with the GPS HUD, but saw how the SA-ATC Radar "automatically" put some waypoints with the saved route plans.
  9. I started using a GPS Transponder, to test the accuracy of the flight plan without using a compass. Some flights make good landings, without reporting a NOTAMS about security orb hazards, to send you home. Other flights "catch it", this means the security orb caught the plane in-the-act, to start over. Luckily my backup plan is to start using "beacons" over (water), to steer away from orbs & complete the flight. Question 2: Can waypoints be created over water, as leverage for the GPS Transponder to flight plan around the security orbs?
  10. The answers is probably why I use different SL-Viewers, for testing each one of them on my computer, for draw distance readiness of plane flights. I would have to make notated calculations of each viewer I use, to precise plane flights & landings.
  11. I still have a hard time configuring the proper draw distance, to approach & land with good vision of the airports I use, to land single engine planes & military jets. If Second life know the safe draw distance setting without "crashing", I sure would like to here what it is--------smiles.
  12. I'am due to relocate to another city & state, and need advice to manage the account before moving.
  13. On the way to Mariners Isle Marina and Airstrip from Palm grove strip, my flight plan got obstructed at (Repaci-(91, 0, 1) in mid-flight. The plane disappears & I'am at the bottom of the water sim. When this happens "repeatedly" with this particular flight plan, its time to report it. Who ever is responsible is a mistake.----try to "fire" from practicing obstructing airways.
  14. After repeated plane takeoffs, the airways have a "block" in its path to vanish the plane & flight plan to another airport. I had to test flying my avatar to confirm its blocked airways, when even my personal flying gets blocked to stop dead still. My ratio for completing a flight plan on my laptop is (2) out of (8) attempts. Who's managing the grid for such lousy workmanship? Are the airports on display only?
  15. My flight attempts has a "vanishing" plane act with settings from graphics to script wear in order. I joined SL Aviation, but see no-fee's for using the airspace to fly the plane. The ratio for completing a flight plan, is about (2) out of (7) attempts. Other than joining the airport group, is there something I don't know about using the airspace, Is the grid airspace "free" at all? even after given a invite notice to use a airports rental units for fun. I do find driving cars the most stable, boat driving with some "vanishing" happens second, while flying planes is the most di
  16. I've had to re-install SL-viewers with other versions because of PC problems. The Windows Firewall is the first thing to manage after installing the "new" viewer. Question: Are the Windows firewalls (inbound rule) "domain" needed as much as the "public" inbound rule to be enabled? This is to cover the viewers-(plugin), (SL-Voice) and (application) of different versions also for functionality.
  17. Why does items have to be stolen from inventory, while offline? When it comes to my "gun", I pay attention.
  18. There is a DNS problem, since login failure started all-of-sudden. Network security is now my focus. testing Google public DNS & other solutions will be considered.
  19. Both Second life & Firestorm viewers has flashed "froze'' during attempted logins to the SL-Grid that fail, to suspect software damage with viewer files. What would be the solution to "frozen" viewers to login successfully? My premium membership would be glad to fix this issue by 9/1/2017.
  20. Can a HTTP Proxy & SOCKS 5 Proxy IP Address be used to proxy login to the second life grid,with the SL-Viewer? What port number would be used for the login?
  21. I ve checked my firewall & network, but still the same thing with recent failed logins with the SL Viewer. I have a upcoming payment to a land region + membership fee by August, 2017 and I can 't login to the Second life grid. Whats "blocking" the DNS server to accept logging in to Second life grid & region landmarks with the SL viewer? It appears to be effecting even the Phoenix Firestorm Project Viewer as well.
  22. All of sudden, the viewer stops at login. repeated attempts shows a message to report this matter. Why is login failing?
  23. The frames per second (FPS%), while using the viewer at different sims, keeps "going down" to stiffen the avatar movement with controls. The viewer appears to be malfunctioning, to maintain at least 5% necessary to play second life. The firewall is set for application & voice properly, to ask what is causing FPS % loss with the viewer?
  24. As I jet takeoff from a airport, put up landing gear, and set direction by compass; I see a possible complete flight plan flying at 30% speed. Then the trouble starts, I lose altitude until the plane in water some flights. The plane "disappears" in mid-flights. Does this happen even with excess scripts off, complexity down and and flying at 30% low speed? or is my address off with the grids sim to cause these crashes? Is the "lag" placed on sims to cause crashes?--- The all of sudden crashes look suspicious to say someone is "behind" them and cause them. Some flights I complete while oth
  25. It would help to know the firewall settings for the release viewer, for improving functionality while flying planes & driving boats. Does anybody know if Windows Hyper V is of any assistance to the SL release viewer software?
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