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  1. I still have a hard time configuring the proper draw distance, to approach & land with good vision of the airports I use, to land single engine planes & military jets. If Second life know the safe draw distance setting without "crashing", I sure would like to here what it is--------smiles.
  2. I'am due to relocate to another city & state, and need advice to manage the account before moving.
  3. On the way to Mariners Isle Marina and Airstrip from Palm grove strip, my flight plan got obstructed at (Repaci-(91, 0, 1) in mid-flight. The plane disappears & I'am at the bottom of the water sim. When this happens "repeatedly" with this particular flight plan, its time to report it. Who ever is responsible is a mistake.----try to "fire" from practicing obstructing airways.
  4. After repeated plane takeoffs, the airways have a "block" in its path to vanish the plane & flight plan to another airport. I had to test flying my avatar to confirm its blocked airways, when even my personal flying gets blocked to stop dead still. My ratio for completing a flight plan on my laptop is (2) out of (8) attempts. Who's managing the grid for such lousy workmanship? Are the airports on display only?
  5. My flight attempts has a "vanishing" plane act with settings from graphics to script wear in order. I joined SL Aviation, but see no-fee's for using the airspace to fly the plane. The ratio for completing a flight plan, is about (2) out of (7) attempts. Other than joining the airport group, is there something I don't know about using the airspace, Is the grid airspace "free" at all? even after given a invite notice to use a airports rental units for fun. I do find driving cars the most stable, boat driving with some "vanishing" happens second, while flying planes is the most disrupted to discourage using the plane inventory with no-fun with the passengers.
  6. I've had to re-install SL-viewers with other versions because of PC problems. The Windows Firewall is the first thing to manage after installing the "new" viewer. Question: Are the Windows firewalls (inbound rule) "domain" needed as much as the "public" inbound rule to be enabled? This is to cover the viewers-(plugin), (SL-Voice) and (application) of different versions also for functionality.
  7. Why does items have to be stolen from inventory, while offline? When it comes to my "gun", I pay attention.
  8. There is a DNS problem, since login failure started all-of-sudden. Network security is now my focus. testing Google public DNS & other solutions will be considered.
  9. Both Second life & Firestorm viewers has flashed "froze'' during attempted logins to the SL-Grid that fail, to suspect software damage with viewer files. What would be the solution to "frozen" viewers to login successfully? My premium membership would be glad to fix this issue by 9/1/2017.
  10. Can a HTTP Proxy & SOCKS 5 Proxy IP Address be used to proxy login to the second life grid,with the SL-Viewer? What port number would be used for the login?
  11. I ve checked my firewall & network, but still the same thing with recent failed logins with the SL Viewer. I have a upcoming payment to a land region + membership fee by August, 2017 and I can 't login to the Second life grid. Whats "blocking" the DNS server to accept logging in to Second life grid & region landmarks with the SL viewer? It appears to be effecting even the Phoenix Firestorm Project Viewer as well.
  12. All of sudden, the viewer stops at login. repeated attempts shows a message to report this matter. Why is login failing?
  13. The frames per second (FPS%), while using the viewer at different sims, keeps "going down" to stiffen the avatar movement with controls. The viewer appears to be malfunctioning, to maintain at least 5% necessary to play second life. The firewall is set for application & voice properly, to ask what is causing FPS % loss with the viewer?
  14. As I jet takeoff from a airport, put up landing gear, and set direction by compass; I see a possible complete flight plan flying at 30% speed. Then the trouble starts, I lose altitude until the plane in water some flights. The plane "disappears" in mid-flights. Does this happen even with excess scripts off, complexity down and and flying at 30% low speed? or is my address off with the grids sim to cause these crashes? Is the "lag" placed on sims to cause crashes?--- The all of sudden crashes look suspicious to say someone is "behind" them and cause them. Some flights I complete while others land up in water or "disappear".
  15. It would help to know the firewall settings for the release viewer, for improving functionality while flying planes & driving boats. Does anybody know if Windows Hyper V is of any assistance to the SL release viewer software?
  16. I think I fly jets & planes normal, but there's always crossing sim crashes & avatar ejections with no-plane to fly. At about (150m) my jet & plane rides seems crash a lot. Is there a "safe" altitude for jets & planes? to bypass the "lag" crashes in mid-air flight while crossing sims.
  17. After further investigation of unable to "rezz" items to furnish the house, I found out the problem was the "rezzed" house itself, on the rented parcel. This particular parcel won't handle the "floor" of the house to rezz items such as beds, chairs, & tables, so I "moved" the house floor "under" the parcel ground. I was able to rezz any item inside the house, carpet first----smiles*.
  18. I was able to furnish one house at a rented parcel, but unable to furnish a upgraded house, that's just 1 prim. The rented parcel has 175 prims allowed to build. Why does a message appear saying " I don't have permission by the land owner & check the land tool", with the new upgraded house?
  19. some days just have "slow" viewer response, with pages on the screen. In this case, the next day is "clear" of the matter.
  20. All of sudden I can't login to the parcel home. I have to login to a favorite first, then teleport to the parcel home, to see no general information with parcel ID & no profile.
  21. I noticed a differance when trying to "expand" my experience at another estate on the SL Grid. My flying the jet or plane keeps crashing in mid-air and sitting in the rezzed on water keeps placing my avatar in the passenger seat, instead of the drivers seat. Are these incidents the result of (control permissions) for non-paying parcel owners of land estates as a visitor? Note: I do have land purchase at a estate, with granted access to sail boats & fly planes, with monthly payments for a parcel.
  22. What is the required Mbps data needed for operating item vehicles like-cars,planes & boats, for the SL Grid? The answer will provide a clue to (preset graphics-settings), to drive or fly scripted vehicles that has "different" prim allotments with updating viewers to (preset graphics), for (low to high) speed quality. Plus: While using a (remote NDIS sharing device-adapter) and a (Intel-Dual Band wireless WIFI adapter), with "2" different (Mbps) speeds modem. If I switch to (landline-router) data supply, I'll need to know why first---smiles*.
  23. I recently purchased a Best Rate buy of L$ for (L$10,840) and the quantity is still not filled. Do I "cancel" the order if it takes too long to fill out? The order ID is still "open", as I wait on day (2) so far.
  24. The "erratic" malfunction of flying jets is suspious & paranoid at times, to report it. Can SL standard practice or can it be corrupted?
  25. A lot of items purchased at MarketPlace have textures with the item separate, like there good for applying to the item. Is it possible to do that with the item at all?
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