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  1. I think I fly jets & planes normal, but there's always crossing sim crashes & avatar ejections with no-plane to fly. At about (150m) my jet & plane rides seems crash a lot. Is there a "safe" altitude for jets & planes? to bypass the "lag" crashes in mid-air flight while crossing sims.
  2. After further investigation of unable to "rezz" items to furnish the house, I found out the problem was the "rezzed" house itself, on the rented parcel. This particular parcel won't handle the "floor" of the house to rezz items such as beds, chairs, & tables, so I "moved" the house floor "under" the parcel ground. I was able to rezz any item inside the house, carpet first----smiles*.
  3. I was able to furnish one house at a rented parcel, but unable to furnish a upgraded house, that's just 1 prim. The rented parcel has 175 prims allowed to build. Why does a message appear saying " I don't have permission by the land owner & check the land tool", with the new upgraded house?
  4. some days just have "slow" viewer response, with pages on the screen. In this case, the next day is "clear" of the matter.
  5. All of sudden I can't login to the parcel home. I have to login to a favorite first, then teleport to the parcel home, to see no general information with parcel ID & no profile.
  6. I noticed a differance when trying to "expand" my experience at another estate on the SL Grid. My flying the jet or plane keeps crashing in mid-air and sitting in the rezzed on water keeps placing my avatar in the passenger seat, instead of the drivers seat. Are these incidents the result of (control permissions) for non-paying parcel owners of land estates as a visitor? Note: I do have land purchase at a estate, with granted access to sail boats & fly planes, with monthly payments for a parcel.
  7. What is the required Mbps data needed for operating item vehicles like-cars,planes & boats, for the SL Grid? The answer will provide a clue to (preset graphics-settings), to drive or fly scripted vehicles that has "different" prim allotments with updating viewers to (preset graphics), for (low to high) speed quality. Plus: While using a (remote NDIS sharing device-adapter) and a (Intel-Dual Band wireless WIFI adapter), with "2" different (Mbps) speeds modem. If I switch to (landline-router) data supply, I'll need to know why first---smiles*.
  8. I recently purchased a Best Rate buy of L$ for (L$10,840) and the quantity is still not filled. Do I "cancel" the order if it takes too long to fill out? The order ID is still "open", as I wait on day (2) so far.
  9. The "erratic" malfunction of flying jets is suspious & paranoid at times, to report it. Can SL standard practice or can it be corrupted?
  10. A lot of items purchased at MarketPlace have textures with the item separate, like there good for applying to the item. Is it possible to do that with the item at all?
  11. My yacht seems to hate staying to steer while going through the water sims, and disconnect to disappear the boat. Doe's the viewer need to be updated with this type of report? In the past, the yacht hasn't been doing any "disconnecting", and all of suddens gets to be reported.
  12. I recently started breeding fish, using the "mama & papa" fishes. The successful producing of baby fishes, is asking where to place them. I know (3) 7Seas fishing spots, and need to know if placing the "baby fishes" at a simulator is for "free" to help fishers.
  13. Can you believe this--the creator don't want to be contacted, to cause a "lockout" to get any information. lol to this situation.
  14. My boot item has a message saying, to put the creators name on the note card script-(default resizer), for the boot item to have full functionality to do "resizing". I see the only way to do that is in (edit), to create a permission with a script. An example how to input a creators name is needed with a note card script.
  15. The region sim called (RALLY ALLEY-128, 128, 22), has all of sudden blocked teleport to the region, with message saying-"you are banned from the region". The sim has object prims to "test" rezzing and I think this was the problem to be banned. Is there information why this happened?
  16. The "new" SL Release viewer- is completing login's, past the region handshake to the Secondlife Grid. I tried "clearing" cache files, but that only login the viewer a "few" times, before login issues appear to happen again, with a (stable) internet connection. This is suggesting SL has to upgrade to another version rather "quickly", for completing logins constantly.
  17. Question: Is recurring premium membership fees, 3 whole months or 4 months?
  18. several guest avatars are accessed to my island tier, with there name on the list as "friends" with my security orb in place and "on". One guest was being "ejected" repeatedly, even when the name was placed as a friend with the security orb, to allow access. Question: Is the viewer at fault or the guest avatar?
  19. logging in is showing a "can not login to a simulator" message. I tried several times, and the messege keeps appearing to block the viewer from functioning.
  20. Object edit is slow to appear, instead of quickly, my guard dog script dialog to "bark" is to slow functioning. To sit or ride in a speedboat, tosses the avatar in the "water" or into the "air". To complete a round trip run by speedboat, took (5) last location logins after boat crashes. The island parcel owner says its SL in general happening, with "lol" at every issue to re-load and start over for a complete session. I already suspect data streaming & needed maintenance "combined" are the culprit of issues.
  21. I have a yacht thats considered as a (adult) item, becuase it has a "bed" with animations for couples, to use at adult locations for sailing. Question: Doe's the adult item yacht, suppose to have access/allow from owners of General & Moderate sailing places also?
  22. The yachts I use do constantly (auto-return) for (re-loading) the situation. It gets "rude" with a guest aboard to lose the position and explain why, at the bottom of the water sim. Even with available "prims" to support the ride & activity, the boat "disappear" with a all-of-sudden.
  23. This is a (2) part question: 1. Is it advised to (save) boxes, after copying of contents to the inventory? Accidental (delete) of the contents file folder could happen. 2. Erotic items menu have a (adjust position) button. For basic practice to use the button, do (2) avatars have to be (present)- in (animation), to correct positioning for proper sequence? I could end up (deleting) the items contents over "bad" animation scripting.
  24. I bought a tuxedo with "half" of the items like, cuffs, neck tie & shoes are "boxed" to wear with no problems. The other half of items like, shirt, jacket & pants are (not-boxed) and "can not" wear with the avatar. Question: Is there a solution to get (non-boxed) clothing items, that can wear with the avatar?
  25. Inworld has the secondlife media player, that can play video URL's at Linden Rentals. I was'nt able to find a YouTube URL to play for the media player. Where can I find video URL's to use?
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