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  1. As the screenshot shows, the neighbor has rock formation extending on my parcel to confuse terraforming.
  2. I have purchased land that needs more space at the ban line to build a (brick wall). The front of my parcel is where the ban line is, to auto return the brick wall I desire to build. It is apparent that terraforming the land to make space at the ban line, so the wall won't auto-return & stay in place is the next thing to do. Messages say I don't have permission to do terraforming my purchased land, when I try to (edit terrain). Who & where grants permission to do terraforming land?
  3. I did finally remove the (2) prims The (2) prims were removed by the FS zoom camera to within a "inch" of focus. I guess the (About Land) ban line at the land, got stubborn at normal range to edit & delete the prims at first.
  4. In my attempt to create rock formation on my purchased land, I accidently created (2) prims that won't edit & delete from the land. How to remove these (2) prims is the question, and need of answer.
  5. "After" the helicopter was rezzed, 18 prims were left. I also "freed up" to 64 prims left, and the plane still won't lift off with physics. I have other helicopters that don't cause a problem with lift off, but the 2018 CBM Hornet is a problem. Other ports with "K's (thousands) of available prims, don't cause a lift off problem with CBM Hornet-jet helicopter. If I "free up" my furniture, bed, & other items, I won't have nothing left but the Towne house I stay in---not good.
  6. I have a simple but complex jet helicopter showing error message after engine start, at my home parcel with helipad. the helicopter won't "lift off" at my home parcel, but will lift off at another airport. I can't figure why the home parcel is not functional with the jet helicopter. The physics of the plane won't "enable", to keep the plane sitting on the helipad. Is there a debug setting needed to adjust?
  7. Any easy way to backup downloaded bed animation poses to a positions note card, for the item content after edit? I find it really hard to transfer all those poses without being "hand written", to save at a positions note card. Knowing certain keys from the keyboard might help.
  8. When trying to "maximize" the world map tile names & , only (3) tiles show full configuration with land mass & marinas. The full expanded reference use to be (5 to 6) tiles with configuration, that's now "all-blue". The need to maximize viewing the world map for flight plans is important. What's the "bug" problem with the world map, to "disappear" expanding to all-blue? The "disappearing tile configuration is affecting the SL release, Firestorm & Singularity viewers. Trying to expand the world map is losing land mass viewing.
  9. It appears SL "sins" better than flying planes. The 3rd "bore" chat to upset playing this adult game is "silly" & "ridiculous". The grid status is always confused from being good to bad as "garbage", The detected blackmail to sin is "garbage". Wasting Gigabytes to repeat flight plans is "garbage". To get rid of bad staff monitoring & upsetting the game is getting "garbage". The games proficiency is getting "garbage". If it was not for advice to stay with-it, I would "delete" the account over corruption. have-a-nice day.
  10. As of 11/25/20, I see just a "blank" world map showing just sim names, this maintenance problem is effecting the Firestorm & SL Release viewers as well. What causing the world map to go "blank"?
  11. When going to the home parcel, the music URL tries to work, but "fizzles" to no-sound. Finding the music URL in-range to work is the problem. Any suggestions on finding the right selection of URL to work?
  12. Just asking, there's a lot of display names showing symbols in world, and group tags are not enough to choose a letter & symbol. I tried Alt code numbers in the input field, to change the profile name with a symbol, but a message said it's not valid with second life. Is there a link to use valid Alt code symbols with the profile name? Can Marketplace supply the correct add & change the profile display?
  13. In world avatars are showing a lot of symbols along side their name, mostly at clubs.
  14. Instruction to apply a symbol to the display name will be helpful, I see virtually see no instruction note card, for applying a symbol or letter from a Marketplace letter & symbol item. Doe's the applying take the release viewer over the Firestorm viewer?
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