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  1. Some items for using & wear have "holes", like seeing a shirt under a jacket. Pants have "holes" to see the avatars body. How can a texture be applied to a clothing item, to fully (enrich) covering the holes. Some holes are slight, others are large; even with wearing L & XL sizings.
  2. 1. I've tried a example script on a "created" object, but it can not be saved or transfer to the object using IE-11, to open the SecondLife URL webpage. This was an example to start (auto-scripting) from (www.3greeneggs.com) that failed. 2. Can any scripting be accomplished using the SecondLife viewer, with it's own (built-in) browser? 3. Can any scripting be done at all, using a laptop PC with a 4G Modem? The (gestures) are not enough, when SecondLife has a (script library) with function ID's .
  3. Every time I try to sit down on the sofa from the marketplace, it place my avatar about (2) feet in the air. The posture is at sitting position, but it is misaligned badly with the avatars body to the sofa.
  4. why couldn't a friend avatar come inside the parcel home for a visit, over payment information?
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