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  1. A erotic animated HUD item at inventory had problems with (script errors), during a session with a guest. The (menu list) with ("sub menus"), would only work with (3) selected animations out of (14), with using the (blue & pink) ball with my guest. The item I have is showing script error messages saying: "could not find the animation" of (11) from using the menu. This item is (full perm) as a HUD to wear, theres also a (animations content file) at inventory, after "opening" the box for transfer of the contents to inventory. Question: Should I consider this it
  2. As I joined a group, the title is added to the display name. As I "removed" the group title, I found out it's to (leave) the group, while taking off the group title from the display name. How can you "stay" with the group while taking off its name, to keep the display name "clear".
  3. At the time of posting the question, I forgot to mention I was using the Firestorm viewer when this incident happened. I did a mad scramble to find out what happened, and found out the HUD item "blacklisted" the parcel, instead of the item itself. I politely "removed" the selected item on the blacklisted window page, to restore my parcel home. 1/21/2015.
  4. I was testing a HUD item, and it would not work properly. I tried to "return" the item, and it would not do it, I tried to (blacklist) the item, and it "disappeared" the home itself. I'll need answers for this situation as a emergency.
  5. Since SL signup, I noticed I could'nt change the avatars appearance with "new" components, because the properties are "locked" to (copy, modify & transfer) by the original owner. The Marketplace is tempting to change the avatars appearance Can the "locked" properties be changed?
  6. Do Secondlife answers know the size amount in (megabytes), needed for (virtual memory) using the release viewer? I could try to (custom size) "over" the current allocation of (3892MB) of virtual memory, with WIN 7 Home Premium allowing.
  7. The music URL used in my viewer is "broken" or not in use. Is there a SL website with music URL's, to type in the (media page) of the SL Release viewer?
  8. Learning scripting from (YouTube) tutorials is a challenge to be exact with an example, this a "slight" variation with the (tutor example) & (SL viewer example) script formulation. I'll need to recreate the whole script again, line for line with brackets & semi colons.
  9. Why is there a (Syntax error) when trying to save a prim script. I just learned about the (default state), going to the (other state) to add a function. I also had to create extra lines on the example script with (curly brackets), to accommodate the extra function with lines past (12), to try saving the script.
  10. At (appearance) page, I accidentally (saved) a second (mesh) outfit. I can't "delete" it, and now clutters my inventory to cause some malfunctions. I now need technical advice on how to (purge)-remove the second outfit, thats at (inventory) & (appearance).
  11. Some items for using & wear have "holes", like seeing a shirt under a jacket. Pants have "holes" to see the avatars body. How can a texture be applied to a clothing item, to fully (enrich) covering the holes. Some holes are slight, others are large; even with wearing L & XL sizings.
  12. 1. I've tried a example script on a "created" object, but it can not be saved or transfer to the object using IE-11, to open the SecondLife URL webpage. This was an example to start (auto-scripting) from (www.3greeneggs.com) that failed. 2. Can any scripting be accomplished using the SecondLife viewer, with it's own (built-in) browser? 3. Can any scripting be done at all, using a laptop PC with a 4G Modem? The (gestures) are not enough, when SecondLife has a (script library) with function ID's .
  13. Every time I try to sit down on the sofa from the marketplace, it place my avatar about (2) feet in the air. The posture is at sitting position, but it is misaligned badly with the avatars body to the sofa.
  14. why couldn't a friend avatar come inside the parcel home for a visit, over payment information?
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