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  1. Alright. As a writer, am I entitled to any intellectual property rights with my own words? I mean, visual arts get a DMCA. Writers usually deal with plagiarism, but this scenario just blows me away ... as it was never spelled out for me (or anyone who might be of any kind of cognitive/experience deficit, language barrier, etc.). ...And I believe I am now having a SL existential crisis... I trusted and believed in dumb things like integrity. Residents even prefer to reference SL as a "virtual reality platform," and not a "game" because you can be and do anything you want in here, that you may not be able to accomplish in RL. And now that it's been 11 years, this brings to light my personal conundrum that, well, now I'm convinced that the Earth was never round (as hundreds of years of science would prove), but it's actually been indeed flat (as proven by an ongoing degradation of humanity) all along! It's very disappointing, yeah. I came here for escape from the "horrors" I experienced from humanity in RL. Can you imagine if someone who was bedridden came to live in SL, and found nothing but reasons to not trust or even participate in humanity anymore? I don't think this is what LL had in mind when creating SL. But I guess it's just the nature of humanity to put everything to the test until it's inevitably broken ...and then Honda buys Sansar. Anyway. Thank you SL forum, for finally enlightening me (with your wonderful humor, kindness, and truthful/straightforward thoughts). They are much appreciated. Wish ANY of the newcomer friendly places had taken the initiative, long ago. And in a way, I guess I can't be mad at the mental health support group/place, because they brought this to my attention (in the way that one might be shocked to discover death at a young age via a pet or something). ...But I certainly wish that I had some sort of recourse or option, other than to be even more careful of whom I trust in here, and to watch every single word I utter until I'm completely & catatonic-ally driven to go outside instead.
  2. Aha. I see, I think. My issue is with a place that represents itself as peer support for mental health issues in SL. This whole chat-log loop-hole was their idea, making what they stand for somewhat hypocritical (as they reiterate at the start of every meeting that everyone should feel safe to share in nearby chat, because "what is said here, stays here"). This was discovered on accident, as after years of attending, someone whom I had a past problem with suddenly showed up, and I stupidly sought out the leaders' additional advice... and they asked for "proof." ...So then, are they unethical since they're only "peer support" and not "professional support" (as that must be their loop-hole to play on the aforementioned TOS loop-hole)? And how far can I take this? Is this reportable to LL as some type of abuse? -As I kinda feel like all the ppl seeking some mental health support in SL have a right to know and therefore make educated decisions for themselves as to what may not "stay there" when they share.
  3. ...I had thought so, however, I'm not that Google savvy. Thank you for the clarification. I agree that it's not nice. I simply record chat logs to make it look like I remember the tiny things (so much stuff happens, you know?). I will definitely be more careful now.
  4. Greetings... Would be great if an actual Linden would chime in... I would trust @Lindal Kidd as well... ...Just asked the Premium Chat, and they are not allowed to interpret legal here, so I'm at a loss... I do need clarification. It's about sharing chat logs... I have not done so, but a couple of important people, a group leader and a meeting leader are insisting that if you e-mail them (outside the platform of SL) that it does not break the TOS. I do not think this is true. I believe there is no loop-hole as such. How can I be sure?
  5. Here's some of my favorite hair stores that very well may have something like this... EMO-tions D!va Wasabi ...Good luck!
  6. Sounds like fun... I would totally do it, and wouldn't even mind paying a fee if you guys showed things like Handmaid's Tale
  7. Ой! Я знал, что во всем мире есть великие таланты (и особенно в Second Life), но я не осознавал, что, возможно, я немного устарел в музыкальном плане и что сейчас предпочитают хип-хоп. Хорошо ... Я думаю, что я буду продолжать наслаждаться визуальными удовольствиями, тогда, спасибо Oh! I knew there were great talents around the world (and especially in Second Life), but I didn't realize that maybe I was a little outdated musically 😂and that hip-hop is now preferred. Okay ... I think I will continue to enjoy the visual pleasures, then, thanks! 😉 💜
  8. Привет, Я из Соединенных Штатов. Я бодрствую здесь ночью и рано утром, поэтому, возможно, именно тогда вы, ребята, бодрствуете. Мне очень нравится танцевальная музыка, такая как VNV Nation или Icon Of Coil. Мы называем это кучей вещей, таких как «Темная волна», «Электронная танцевальная музыка» или «Электронная боди-музыка». ... Кто-то сказал мне, что русские очень серьезно относятся к своей танцевальной музыке! Мне было бы очень интересно посетить некоторые места в Second Life, где есть этот тип музыки и культуры. Каждое место, где я бываю, - это в основном английский, поэтому я никогда не исследовал это, но очень хотел бы! Так что, если вы можете помочь, это было бы здорово! Спасибо! ^ Hello, I am from the United States. I am awake during the night time and early morning hours over here, so perhaps that is when you guys are awake. I really like dance music such as VNV Nation or Icon Of Coil. We call it a bunch of things like "Dark Wave," "Electronic Dance Music," or "Electronic Body Music." ...Someone told me Russians take their dance music very seriously! I would be very interested to visit some places in Second Life that feature this type of music and culture. Every place I go is primarily English, so I have never explored outside of that, but would very much like to! So if you can help, that would be great! Thanks!
  9. @Sunbleached OMG! You look *SO* beautiful! That's FANTASTIC!!! I'm so glad I could help! Thank you VERY much for all those fabulous lindens! 😲 I certainly didn't expect that much, but I will definitely enjoy them! 💜💜💜
  10. Okay, challenge accepted! Got a Catya demo. This is as close as I can get. Other than the default numbers you get in a shape (and some of my own stuffs, like muh pointy ears), these are the ones I changed... Try fudging the numbers a bit, and see if you can get it better ...If you really like it, feel free to toss some loose L$ my way. Head: Head Size: 50 Head Stretch: 32 Head Shape: 69 Egg Head: 72 Head Length: 40 Face Shear: 50 Forehead Angle: 24 Brow Size: 26 Upper Cheeks: 43 Lower Cheeks: 36 Cheek Bones: 45 Nose: Nose Size: 16 Nose Width: 30 Nostril Width: 15 Nostril Division: 45 Nose Thickness: 39 Upper Bridge: 41 Lower Bridge: 69 Bridge Width: 35 Nose Tip Angle: 56 Nose Tip Shape: 0 Crooked Nose: 50 Mouth: Lip Width: 32 Lip Fullness: 20 Lip Thickness: 30 Lip Ratio: 55 Mouth Position: 40 Mouth Corner: 32 Lip Cleft Depth: 36 Lip Cleft: 21 Shift Mouth: 50 Chin: Chin Angle: 43 Jaw Shape: 41 Chin Depth: 40 Jaw Angle: 37 Jaw Jut: 49 Jowls: 50 Chin Cleft: 100 (didn't seem to do anything) Upper Chin Cleft: 100 (also didn't seem to do anything) Chin-Neck: 0
  11. I dunno how I managed to make my stuff not quotable, or come up with weird useless blocks of non-text, LOL! Fun, fun! Happy belated birthday! Did you do anything fun to celebrate? Or at least get some freebies? I like to go to restaurants that have those! *giggles* Well, I tend to do the same when it comes to ppl sometimes... But fortunately I'm a bit secretly shy and they don't have to witness my stupidity first-hand from my end! LMAO. Ohh, interesting! I didn't know Horace actually said Carpe Diem! I thought it was just an infamous saying humans generally came up with, like "don't look a gift horse in the mouth," or something like that (mind you, that has an origin as well, and I didn't think to put two and two together until you referenced the phrase). ...Epicurean. Interesting! I didn't know there was such a thing! I thought there was just Taoism (amongst others that I've been WAY too exposed to). Now I have something else to study! That's great! I love that! Thanks a bunch! Carpe Noctem, to you!
  12. OoOoo, nice to be cool! I love the smell of rain! The mud on the other hand, well, that's another story! LOL We've been having weird weather where I live... It's supposed to be Summer, but yup, it hailed a couple of weeks ago!
  13. Sometimes you can use 2 different hairs to get the style you are looking for, too. I like copy/mod hair. Then I can make a copy of it and edit it to my heart's content. And then eventually get close to the style I desire as well. .:EMO-tions:. is great... they used to have a lot of flexi, but I think they're steering away from that now. My bangs are from a short hairstyle they unfortunately no longer sell. And my longer, flexi hair is also theirs I haven't seen lately either. But I'm still a huge fan of their stuff: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hells End/134/145/23 D!va may also have what you are looking for: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CalanDiva/170/90/29 And I've seen whisps at Wasabi too: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coraline/128/187/55
  14. Hiya, I hear ya... My laptop is very old too. For now, I am doing things to create inspiration for myself. I will write. I can still do texture stuff in Photoshop. And I can do this while multi-tasking in SL, by playing a L$ earning game. There are a quite few to choose from. Fish Hunt, Lindo, Treasure Quest, and Alienum to name a few. It just depends on what you are in the mood for. When I am lost in the middle of all that, and sometimes social media, I sometimes come up with ideas and inspiration. Also, breedables are quite distracting and fulfilling too. There are many. I seem to favor the Amaretto Horses and PlantPets. Look around and find something you are interested in. Go to an event. Explore a new sim. Take pictures. Share them. Anything, really! These other ppl here have some very lovely ideas too, as well.
  15. I agree. The friends/"surrogates"/substitutes are great, but I really and truly wish the family defined by genetics would yield a more meaningful or validating relationship. ...And so, I am attempting to do this on SL now. ...Well, glad you at least find this thread interesting, Seicher I welcome everyone's feedback and conversation! I can honestly say this is the most social interaction I have had in SL in quite a while and it feels nice! So, thank you! My son is RPed by a really awesome younger chick a few thousand miles away. She openly admits to many alts, and she knows I have a hard time keeping up with all of them (but she's very patient). I found I got a 2-fer with her (or maybe even a 3-fer or a 10-fer, LOL). Not only do I have my son, Eddy, and all his friends... but I also get to talk with her a bit about some of her RL stuff. She's very creative, funny, and amusing, and I ♥ her to pieces! I try to talk with her every/other day whether on SL or FB. Well... I honestly have no other experience to go on but my first SL Mom, who started Skyping with me, I believe, within the first day or so, for like 8 hours sometimes. Therefore, because of that, and the questions the adoption panels one is asked to fill out, I believe Skyping is something that those who are interested in adopting, would be looking for. It's not a necessity. I don't think my son and I have actually Skyped in over a year... but I guess it's nice to know that if you needed to get a hold of me, you could. I guess it's a connection thing. It depends on the person and how connected they want to feel. It would be nice to have a parent who isn't afraid to cross over a bit into RL. Nothing scary like, "Okay, cool, now yer my mum & I'ma move in with you," LOL... More like, "Hey, X, Y, Z happened today, and I'm not sure what to do, what do you think? What would you do?" And yeah, squabbles will probably happen. It's true of any two (or more) ppl that care enough about each other and their own convictions, who are in a relationship of any kind. I guess I was just trying to share what the goal is... and as long as it falls somewhere in the spectrum of that, I'd be happy and hope the other person/ppl would be too. A relationship like what I'm seeking is a living/fluid thing. It's never going to be "perfect," and maybe the only way it would be, is if everyone cared enough about each other and themselves to maybe have some differences - just how we deal with them is what would strengthen the relationship/s. ...It's interesting that you say this too, I do have a place where I talk about how I would try to resolve differences (because the panels do have that question). But then again, you have to think about how to "market yourself" in these kinds of things too, so you can be adopted (so you want to aim for more positive than negative ...although, I tried to be realistic and throw a lot of truth in there too, don't get me wrong). I'm not sure how exactly to fix this so I don't scare prospects off. Never thought I was perfect, and I don't think anyone else has to be either, LOL. I feel for you on the RL family situation, I really do. I'm not sure why meaningful relationships are hard to find on SL ...Maybe a lot of us are scared of what we have to lose, and maybe it also plays a bit on the escape of being anybody and doing anything here. I'm sure that's why a lot of ppl "don't' take this game very seriously" too. I'm glad you found a great friend from here into RL! That's super awesome! And yup, I ramble too, LOL! What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? 😎
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