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  1. Hi everyone ! I'm the owner of two parcels on mainland (4096 and 1024) on the same SIM. I bought the 1024 for extra prims only, the parcell stayed empty. The 4096 is nearly full. I was running out of prims, again, and a friend told me that I coud have a 10% bonus by deeding my lands to my group and buying another small parcell to cover the bonus prims. I searched on forums if that was true, it seemed so, so I looked how to do it and deeded the 1024 land first. What have I done... I had an automatic message telling me that a hundred of items were returned to my inventory due to lack of prims on the parcel. I wish there was some warning before deeding the land, it may be obvious afterwards but at the moment it wasn't obvious at all to me that I'll lose my things deeding my land to my group. So, now my landscape and house are a wreck and there is a hundred of objects missing, I have to say that it is heartbreaking to look at that, although it's my fault... 1. I assume there is no way to restore things the way they were before this deed ? 2. If I deed the 4096 parcel to the group, will it erase all the other things ? It makes me very anxious, I love my home and my garden, don't want to lose it all So, now that this 1024 parcel is deeded to the group, I don't understand the statement on my account : Square meters owned: 4096 Square meters donated: 931 Premium Bonus in Square Meters: 1024 1024 Paid Tier Level: 4096 4096 Available Square Meters: 4189 4189 And now I'm completely lost and don't understand the repartition... English is not my native language and that doesn't help either when I look for explanations 3. Why is there only 931 meters donated, since I deeded all the 1024 parcel ? 4. finally, what can I do now to do things properly, so that I can gain the 10% bonus that I need without losing my things ? Thank you for reading me and have a nice day
  2. Thanks for your answers, I don't know how but the makeup vanished by itself... Hope this will not come back again !
  3. Hello ! I am desesperatly trying to remove makeup (from a demo HUD that doesn't provide a "clear" button) from my Akeruka bento Lara head, I tried "clear" on the Omega system relay for AK creations and the "clear" button on eye part of the Akeruka HUD, I downloaded again the head... Nothing seems to work. Do you have an idea of what I am doing wrong ? Thanks for your help and have a good day =)
  4. Hi everyone ! I am new to SL and bought a Maitreya mesh body. I slightly changed the shape of the "shape 1" furnished because I wanted a more personalized shape. It is great in my taste when she is nude now. But it seems that every clothes (even those sold by Maitreya shop) can't fit her. (and I always use Maitreya compatible clothes, or those coming with a Maitreya applier). I tried to use the initial shapes but to my surprise, it is the same problem than with my own shape : the breasts, the arms and the back are always too big and exceed the clothes. So I tried to use the Maitreya Hud to hide those parts but as result there is obviously big holes on her low-necked/chest and she basicaly has no arms exceeding the sleeves so there's a gap beetween the sleeves and the hands. This is not what I want so there must be another way. Then I bought an Omega system kit for Maitreya, but I kind of don't see how to use it since it does nothing to the problem so far. Same problem when using applier for Maitreya after attaching the Omega relay. Well, thos two tools are a complete mystery for me, nothing seemed to hapen when I used them. So, I do not understand what I have to do with all that... I tried reloged too, just in case, but nothing changed. I am completly lost and I am sure I am missing something. I think this is a common problem and I saw some questions about it in the forums, but it seems that I did not understand the answers given. I am french and can usually manage in english, but so far it was difficult to understand the process descritions I could find on the net >< By the way, I am currently wearing : - Maitreya mesh body - Alpha - Maitreya mesh body - Feet 3.5 - Maitreya mesh body - Hand R 3.5 - Maitreya mesh body - Hand L 3.5 - Maitreya mesh body - HUD V3.5 Lara - Maitreya mesh body - Lara V3.5 - Maitreya mesh body Lara shape 1 (modified) - Omega system relay HUD for Maitreya v.07 - + skin, hair, eyes and brows What am I doing wrong ? Could you help me, please ? Have a good day and best regards !
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