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  1. I know you didn't ask me. No, i don't think the forum rules tell to avoid people.
  2. Do you ever think you're living in a nowadays dark ages?
  3. I remember i first time heard of SL 2007 and wanted to come here, but then stayed on mmo's. Have no idea how popular it was then, but when i started here on 2012 i feel this was more popular then today. Just a feeling?
  4. I have only used this one here, i once tried to log in here with my alt but got some error. Maybe it was some temporary thing, but gave up, wasn't that important. Seems though here shouldn't be any block for alts.
  5. You never know (actually remember) what you've found on the youtube (or some other website but showing a youtube video), like 6 years ago. (just had to write something here, and was checking some of my bookmarks)
  6. Congratulations to winners! But can't get me to want to have a lastname.
  7. This was fun to sing in the car, and sounds now better through headphones than via tv for some reason.
  8. When Premium is from latin, then it could be called with another latin word like Optimus. Elite sounds very off-putting.
  9. I'm afraid they dropped you there 17 years too late. I wish you good luck, hope you find lots of nice friends anyway.
  10. Could you make a nightcore version of this? I couldn't find one. Looks like you know the song.
  11. This has been discussed here before. What is wrong with you guys? This topic sounds like nagging. I cheer for the necro posting!
  12. This way you can get what ever type of schmeckle you like and even change it. Dragon schmeckle, alien schmeckle, human schmeckle, <type here what ever you want> schmeckle, etc.
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