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  1. The performance starts about 5:54
  2. I found one shop with similar shorts and if you search the marketplace with words "athlete shorts" or "athlete bulge shorts" with adult level enabled, you should see them. I don't know if they have it as female version like in video, but there seemed to be different sizes of it. Maybe you have seen those already, idk. Maybe you could also search that dance group inworld and ask them about the shorts.
  3. I saw the wombo.ai thread today and it was so fun, tried to find some similar stuff. Here is one like on this thread https://master-ugatit-kmswlee.endpoint.ainize.ai/ Selfie -> Anime Anime -> Selfie (tried two of these links with my old snapshot) and https://master-neural-style-tf-jeong-hyun-su.endpoint.ainize.ai/ which seems to be the same as this https://deepart.io/ (on the secod link you can see other user's pictures also) (combined my picture with some flower picture found on the net) and the older one which turns pictures to old art paintings https://ai-art.tokyo/en/ Here are mine from toonme.com. Took some time to find the picture of four, put the first ones together in Paint.
  4. Here is one more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Raven-Bell-Ethiel-Hair-Solids/16809115
  5. That was crazy, so next letter has to be C
  6. Here's one more song about nothing
  7. Think about the positive side, you get free automatic strip clothes.
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