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  1. I was looking to know more about custom avatar pricing before I am going into hired work. Can I be contacted so we discuss about it?
  2. I was wondering how much it generally cost in an average to get a custom avatar?
  3. I own my own art. Thanks for the forum recommendation
  4. Hello I am Yokor the alien and I have started to play a few days ago. I am looking forward spending a bit of money here to get a house and some nice things such as an alien avatar. I am looking for friends to chat with and help me out learning SL and how to make the fun happening! About myself, I am a Zeta Reticuli alien (Greys) and I was dropped on Earth in 1989 in a small town close to Montréal. I have then been in a cover op for a while and now I am here for the contact and disclosure. I have been a part of the mission for a while so now I am tired. If you are intere
  5. Hello! I was wondering if this community have artist that commission? I am looking for a custom avatar from a personal design that I have. How much would it cost approximately?
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