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  1. I'v been trying to think some pet peeve, but it's really hard. The only thing comes to mind, reminded by the post above where mentioned store owners and landmarks, while at some faire or some place/event where lots of little shops, why can't the shop owners put a landmark to their main store or some freebie where inside would be the landmark? I may be interested at some stuff, but not ready to buy now and if the landmark or information is not there, i won't be going to look for it by myself.
  2. Granted! Self corruption ftw. I manage to build the ice castle, but it's so big and has so many prims it's impossible to put anywhere. I wish this forum will change it's background color to light pink.
  3. Better keep it that way. The last Alien movie came out, it made me feel soo frustrated watching it, it was so not good.
  4. You guys have been watching too much Alien movies. All that flame throwing talk...
  5. Second life is like a dollhouse for adults.
  6. Had to come to listen the Röyksopp song, because it started worming in my ear today and listened this again also. I have liked this song a long time, didn't remember it had such a gloomy story. It's easy to let words meanings to slip away while listening to foreign language music.
  7. Granted, but almost immediately arrives summer also and all the blood sucking insects are after you, the mosquitoes and ticks etc. I wish i had time and energy to build a beautiful ice castle in SL.
  8. Granted, but it's all you three can do now for the rest of your lives. I wish i had mango mochi ice cream
  9. How about this game? I don't know if it has been here ever, i haven't seen it and didn't find it on forum search though. I think most of you know this, if not all. (you can search the internet if want to see more explanation and examples, should be easy to find some "corrupt a wish game") First you grant a wish and then you'll have to corrupt it. Then make your own wish. Example Wish: I wish the summers wouldn't be so hot! Next poster: Granted, but summers will be so cold, everyone and everything freezes. I wish ....... So my wish is: I wish i had my own sim for free.
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