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  1. I could see him on the search here https://search.secondlife.com/
  2. But with bikinis can't use alphas, or maybe it is possible, have to check the alphas next time, don't remember now how they're made with that mesh body.
  3. Thank you for advices.
  4. I don't always use jewelry, but might buy if i see something pretty. I remember when i started there was one shop with lots of pretty jewelry and i thought some day i will buy some more, but i forgot it for a long time, and last week i went searching for it. The shop and jewelry still are there, though the creator has passed away. It's a nice thing some one is keeping that shop still. Donna Flora http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SouthPointe/225/105/2007
  5. Lately that has happened with my alt wearing a mesh body. Last time i was doing some hunt and started zooming around the place, 'cause it was hard to find the thing and got tired of walking around searching and i looked from far at my avatar and it looked naked, but when i looked closer i saw the clothes again. Why the clothes disappear when looking from some distance? Maybe it's my graphic settings?
  6. My pet peeve is when i see something nice on marketplace or shop and then there reads it's only for some mesh body or head i don't use. Though i'm starting to think it's only good, 'cause it saves my money.
  7. Blessings of abundance of joy, love, health, happiness and peace to you roseelvira also. This thread is such a nice thing. I've been meaning to post here a few cake pictures also, but postponed it so many times or forgot. I searched a few more now, if there was a recipe easily found with the picture i added a link. Here, and happy rezdays also to roseelvira and to everyone, regardless of when the day is. ^^ https://preppykitchen.com/lemon-cake/ https://simply-delicious-food.com/raspberry-mascarpone-layer-cake/ https://www.tastemade.com/videos/matcha-gold-crepe-cakes https://www.delicious.com.au/recipes/new-black-forrest-cake/ebfffc8e-9848-40c9-80af-a4b164d429ca
  8. What An Impossible Thread Silencer KNOTS
  9. I think you're allowed to make/have a facebook account for a business, facebook has some guides for that also. Isn't a second life store also a business?
  10. If you can't find nice enough house with as much rooms as you'd like, you can make walls yourself and divide the space or house as you like. I did that in the first skybox i stayed/rented. Or make a skybox bathroom or any other room and add a teleporter there, i guess skyboxes are allowed. But i guess you already must know this stuff. ^^ Was first going to post about Scarlet Creative, then noticed you already had found that.
  11. "everything you could ever wants from second life" I don't think super premium will give a full region for free or almost free or very very very cheap with no or almost no tier charges or fees.
  12. Gor's Romantic Offers While Slaved AWHFY
  13. Found this live stream. That VR experience sounds interesting.
  14. There can always be alts who are pretending to be someone else, so probably they could use the other person's grammer, favorite phrases etc.
  15. Then there should be "Brother Husband" also. If multiple partners, there could be different kind of partners as well, like partner in love, partner in business, partner in shopping, partner in building, partner in crime etc.
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