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  1. A bit similar with this "Where everybody knows thy name": Where dolls and avatars meet. Dolls and avatars, all are welcome. I don't know if that mill making dolls was just an example though. Then this quote themed stuff started to come in mind: Don't ask for money, ask for quotes. Replace this with your favourite quote. Came to SL and all I got is/was this lousy quote. I went to SL Forum and all I got was this lousy quote. Veni, vidi, quoted. There are no free lunches, but there are free quotes. ( maybe add: and free drinks here) Where Forum makes your quotes.
  2. Sharks never attack cute kittens! GACHA
  3. It was first wuman, but then someone changed it to human. I bet most humans don't know what it is to be human.
  4. Disallowing gachas is just insane. What is wrong with this world? This is madness. They're not bad. I have occasionally enjoyed buying gachas, because they're fun, because it's a surprise what you will get. Mostly i don't like the rare ones, i'm happy with what i get and i know when to stop. The cost is usually very very low and if i use a bit more on some gacha, i'm happy to give the money to creator, who has used her time to create the stuff. What is so bad about them? Don't you have those gumball machines and toy vending machines, do those machines make monsters out of kids or adults who use them? This just makes SL and using money here a bit more less interesting for me. I don't like how shopping oriented SL is, every fair or event is almost all about shopping stuff, but gachas have been a fun exception. And i don't gamble. I don't get why you call gachas a gamble. There are similar games (games of chance) in amusement parks too, are those to be closed also?
  5. I believe in Wikipedia here, you can read from there how this Mother’s Day started. At least my country started celebrating Mother’s Day as it had been celebrated in the United States at the time. The British Mothering Sunday is a bit different thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother%27s_Day
  6. The jacket looks like this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BOYS-TO-THE-BONE-stockholm-jacket-DEMO/17564412
  7. I think i found your bandana https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PINKRANGER-Bandana-v2-Gem-Basic/13347139
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