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  1. I am interested in the Ethics of Hypnosis. If there can be such a thing. No one seems to agree on anything except that we should be nice. It seems serious to me. If someone will go into a deep trance for me, and if they actually want to be abused and controlled, because they are submissive, well... I am nice. But what about other people? And most people aren't evil. But if they put junk into someone's mind, can't that add up? I knew someone with like 20 triggers. Isn't that a problem? Anyway, talk to me?
  2. The two dances are 10a-1p and 5p-8p. There will be doll contests at the dances and another one at 3p. We also have some booths, including some where you can be a doll.
  3. The 2nd Annual Doll Festival is March 3. All dolls are invited. Everyone is invited. March is Japanese Doll Day, and yes we will have a life-size Hina Matsuri Display. And dancing and contests for dolls (10,000 total L) and booths where you can experience being a doll or get a doll fetish. Or feel a sisterhood of dolls. Stop by! It's at the Sanctuary Chateau and Sky Dungeon in Dolly Dreams. See http://communitydolls.com for more information
  4. I want my object to override the animations in Firestorm or the Open Collar. It seems that the greetings are reversed in case they want to talk to each other. True? So for Firestorm, I send it "OpenCollar=Yes" after it sends me "OpenCollar?". Then I turn off if I want my animation to work. Meanwhile, I send an Open Collar "OpenCollar?" and know it is there if it answers "OpenCollar=Yes". But I still turn it off if I want my animation to work? It's really hard for me to test, that' is why I am asking instead ot testing every combination. Sorry.
  5. Thanks everyone. I decided to use llRemoteLoadScriptPin. It seems to work perfect.
  6. Is there any way for a script inside my object to turn on another script inside the same object? I need llStartScript(scriptname), but they don't have that. (It gets the script from another machine, but it can't be running inside the machine, that would drive me mad. So I can get the machine to give my my object something, and a script knows it was given something. Now I am stuck on the turning-on part.)
  7. Right, redoing it in Mono solved the problem. I think. I had turned off mono trying to fix some other problem. Pretty amazing answer, Ela.
  8. I changed my script (in my doll key) so that, instead of constantly turning my listens on and off, I just turn them on once at the start. Which works fine for me, but when I give it to other people, they get a stack-heap error. I admit my script is long -- but I shortened it! (Because I took out all the timers and everything to turn the listens off.) So I am looking for some other reason why I would get that error. Code? It has to turn on the listens for me. Then they get turned off when I give it to someone else. Right? That's what it says. So I turn them on again for them. Anyway, the key wi
  9. llOwnerSay("@getpath:pelvis=9002"); listen_id_9002 = llListen(9002, "", dollID, ""); llOwnerSay("@getpath:right hip=9003"); listen_id_9003 = llListen(9003, "", dollID, ""); I think I am starting to figure this out. I don't need two listens (or, really, more than that), I can just open a listen to dollID. I guess there isn't much reason to turn it off even. I am thinking I could get too many listens if either of these gets executed again before the first listen gets turned off. I think that takes 30 seconds. RIght now I am hoping it works to change states on exit. In other places, I s
  10. Um, thank you VERY MUCH. This is a wonderful list of suggestions. I have a lot of listens -- maybe 25, mostly used when the key changes outfits.I will triple check them. I put a change of state to happen whenever someone started, but then I lost other things. So I put it for state-exit, but I have no idea if that works right.
  11. The key I made keeps getting a "too many listens" problem. I am pretty sure I turn off all of the listens in a timer. But still get the error. Can they accumulate across sessions? Like someone logs out with 10 listends, maybe they still have 10 when they log back in? If I change states in state exit, will that solve my problem?
  12. I am not sure this is an SL question. If i loaned $10 to someone in RL that I just met and didn't reallly have much contact with, I would be expecting I might not get my money back. Um, if he seemed to like me and was charming and wanted the money to get something for his girlfriend, then why am I giving him money? Lesson learned, cheaply. Yay for SL.
  13. SL was having problems the other day and I ended up getting sent to the Safe Hub. It was like I went to heaven. It was this calm blue color. And there were a lot of people wandering around lost like they didn't know how they got there. Anyway, thanks to Linden Labs for not making the safe hub red.
  14. Thanks to all who came last night. I think we had more than 50 people, not all at once of course. The last event is now. If you are a doll, last chance for a year to be IN a Japanese Doll Display. (and contests and dancing still)
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