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  1. heya! hoping to find someone to help make a dolly key with the option to run out of time causes rlv restrictions like walk, or talk. id love for it to be windable and to choose public or just windable by themselfs. pricing can be discused as id apreciate any help i get ❤️
  2. proud to call my services affordable for all, little thoughts offer new ways to get the mesh content you want into second life (TOS of linden labs pending of course!!) offering two versions of business to try meet your needs!! I am a keen creator of all, toys, buildings, furniture, poses, accessories, animations and now started clothing too! prices starting as low as 500L!!!! contact secondlife:///app/agent/47f37397-9596-41cb-8713-96c36ea2b685/inspect (sophy7777) inworld or comment below for more information!
  3. heya would love to hear your ideas well not ideas XD i mean id love to hear your plans im a mesh creator ^.^
  4. nods just states info that would be medicaly wanted kinda thing so name parents alergies
  5. i had a lok though them but its lates pronberly just need a break before trying again i think my brain melts away
  6. i have a script to listen for another object but i want it to send over what info is on the nc, i tried a few diffrent ways but seemed not to work woundered if anyone could advise me to how to add it in rightly. the script without any nc reader tried to bed added is : integer COMMCHAN = -99424; string COMMSTRING = "ff254DD!!Fk"; integer listenHandle; default { state_entry() { listenHandle = llListen(COMMCHAN, "", NULL_KEY, COMMSTRING); } listen(integer channel, string name, key UUID, string message) { if (message == COMMSTRING) { key vet = llGetOwnerKey(UUID); llRegionSayTo(otherobject,0,"INFO YOU WANT TO SEND!"); } } } and how i tried to add in the nc reader integer COMMCHAN = -99424; string COMMSTRING = "ff254DD!!Fk"; integer listenHandle; key notecardQueryId; string notecardName = "info"; default { state_entry() if (llGetInventoryKey(notecardName) == NULL_KEY) { llOwnerSay( "Notecard '" + notecardName + "' missing or unwritten"); return; } // say("reading notecard named '" + notecardName + "'."); notecardQueryId = llGetNotecardLine(notecardName, notecardLine); } { listenHandle = llListen(COMMCHAN, "", NULL_KEY, COMMSTRING); } listen(integer channel, string name, key UUID, string message) { if (message == COMMSTRING) { key vet = llGetOwnerKey(UUID); llRegionSayTo( ": " + (string) notecardLine + " " + data); notecardQueryId = llGetNotecardLine(notecardName, notecardLine); } } } like i say im pretty new to scripting so may have gone the wrong way bout this >.< any help is aprecated and sorry if ive put this in the wrong category i get confused with them all i think >.<
  7. nods exacty! yay i make sence
  8. wanting to make a script for a scanner where one person wears the scanner and can sacn another (if they have the object that the scanner is looking for like a box ) that contains a nc, this notecard has information on it so that the person scanning would see whats on that nc when scanning so theyd see something like this : name: xxx resident age ice (in case of emergency) : xxxxx resident thank you in advance ❤️
  9. ice means in case of emergancy. its more text slang sorry >.<
  10. sorry i didnt mean i wanted to hire anyone it was more a question of where to start 0.0
  11. im trying to make a HUD that would scan people around for a object they'd wear so it can tell them set informations. for example you scan a person and the hud says to you name: xxxx resident ICE contact: xxx resident. age: so information that would be listed by the nc on the object, just wondering if it IS posible and any tips to how to start researching tinto HOW its posible thanks in advance ❤️
  12. I'm trying to make a script for a rodeo game, so random movement (rotation wise) on a random timer to stop animation and make the avatar stand, i just dont know where to start on this one as never done a timer let alone a random timer before >.<
  13. i am glad that is true, but if its just ticking a box id rather have my own box to tick there too. thank you for telling me though i thought it was moderate too!
  14. well as LindenLab states 16-year-olds can enter moderate sims, and this is as the age of consent is different around the world, but if an adult from America engaged with roleplay or otherwise then finds out the age of this teen is 16 may feel themselves like they have abused a minor, now I don't know about the legal side of things ill hold my hands up to that, but i was one of the thoughts young girls who went into chat rooms and saw things at the age of 16 that scared me, and that did put me in danger. now im not saying underage people will come to this hangout, but i want to say i did all i could to protect them from being in danger as the hangout owner i would feel slightly responsible if i hear wind that an underage person or even an adult was damaged mentally by any interaction in the hangout. i do not want to know where you are what you do as a job its a simple yes and no answer and yes people could lie but i have at least tried to stop anything happening and i can feel ive done my best. as for linden labs if i remember right all i had to do to say i wanted to see adult sims was tick a box, so i feel that its the same kinda thing, anyone can say they are 18 plus but i can go well this is what i knew they agreed and told me they were 18 and i had no right in saying they were lying. i am sorry you feel its rude though as it is not meant to be that way at all.
  15. back to the script could you help me so it only asks people once?
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