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  1. The only way to get the texture flow seamlessly across is to 3d paint it on the model. You can do that on a variety of softwares, photoshop, Blender, Mudbox, Substance Painter. The only requirement is to have a SL avatar model to load in the application of choice.
  2. The question in the OP is not about fitting. It's about an error that prevents the mesh from being uploaded in the first place and the rigging issues are yet to be seen, IF any are to arise at some point.
  3. Useless to waste time and efforts on this one, mine was a sermon and yours is going ignored. Let them boil in their own broth I say.
  4. Yes, good modeling practices. First, the geometry coming from ZBrush is trash but for sculpting, it's not really meant for game assets, even the zmodeler tool set can create crappy topology. Secondly, polygroups have an organizational purpose only, for the select tool and at most hardsurface modeling in couple with the deformation tools in the tools palette when it comes to polishing. Third, dividing geometry by materials for easy texturing ends up in a pile of VRAM heavy textures when you could use better packed UVs in a single texture.
  5. Sure, I was pointing out the reason for that. However alpha masking doesn't really work that well with such tiny and intricate patterns at these resolutions.
  6. Well, using the server side animation calls to override the defaults would realistically make us able to use the same priorities LL set for the default animations, but it seems that all AO's still use the old method llstartAnimation. Using the default priorities would get us one more priority slot for use
  7. No, but the transparent parts need a glossiness of zero or that would look like transparent glass otherwise.
  8. Your UVs overlap the udim tile boundaries. Leave some space (like 5 pixels or so) between the UV shell border and the UV tile border. Also make sure to set padding accordingly when baking
  9. The avatar itself is phantom, no physics at all. There is what is commonly known as character controller, a box or capsule, that envelops the avatar and that is the object subject to the physics and responsible for the whole agent movement in 3d space. Their complete name is collision volume bones, for two reasons: Volume refers to the fact that their scale represents the volume of the skinned mesh section those bones control the shape of. Collision refers, instead, to the broken animation functionality known as IK (inverse kinematics) which, theoretically, would enable these bones to be used as collision detectors and ik chain target for such effect. Currently this feature is broken and works only with the default animations.
  10. You're missing the fact that you can't get anything like custom skeletons, it's still the same base avatar skeleton as your regular user avatar, just flagged as a different class of object that enables the animesh feature. Indeed if you turn off the animesh flag and wear the animesh, it starts deforming along with your avatar. When turning it on and attaching it to yourself, what you're basically doing is to attach a second avatar to your main one.
  11. Because attachment points like in the regular avatar aren't supported at this time.
  12. @GManBYou can go to the preferences, settings section, and set Z axis up. It's a permanent setting until you switch it back.
  13. The last one called by the script is the one that runs, in that case Stands usually get a priority 3, walks and runs a priority 4. The only way to override other animations is to set your anim at a higher priority than those intended to be overridden. This is an option you can set during the upload process of bvh file animations. However, the other animation file format,.anim the native internal format if SL, gives you the opportunity to set priorities up to 6. The only tools providing such export are Avastar for Blender, MyAniMATE for Maya and Marionette for 3dsMax.
  14. No, autodesk software have options for what fbx version to use to export. In Maya, it's right there on the right hand side panel of the export window and in the export options too. I'm sure also 3dsmax has these options, although I don't know where that options panel may be buried.
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