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  1. That's a niche example of lamina faces geometry. Basically 2 faces sharing all 4 vertices, that also happen to be triangulated in opposite directions (most likely because the inner face is reversed) and because they're slightly curved surfaces, their intersection causes the visual glitch. Probably the main question should actually be another: what's the point of zooming so close to a so tiny area that is also hidden most of the time?
  2. You got help *creating* an avatar, and you don't know what file formats a 3d app can output, also asking if the extension is of an archive file? This stinks of downloaded content, next questions will be why the model doesn't move when worn.
  3. It's completely normal behavior. What you're seeing is the result of human animations playing on a completely different shape. Make a pose for it in the quadrupedal stance and you'll see that it all works. 😉
  4. That's why I was saying that sharing the work environment might help. The fbx files found in the wiki face the correct direction, but the import settings might make Max do any sort of operations and change things in a way that uploading it back is broken. Anyway, if more info and pics will be coming along, someone might be able to help. A general answer like yours, which leaves everything to be assumed, including your correct knowledge about the topic, won't lead you any farther than where you currently are.
  5. Sharing the work environment details and all the various settings tried so far may help people spot possible issues. My first question would be what axis is the avatar facing?
  6. Sure, make it loop and instead of firing it on a timer, make a longer animation with few blinks here and there and a longer wait time split between beginning and end of the animation. Just play it once, and only fire a change via script for the animation to change, when you feel like to have different timings between a blink and the next ETA: If you really want to go with your timer based approach, make sure to have another animation running at a lower priority all the time, in which the eyelids are always open. Eyelids joints do not have another animation to ease over, so they stop at th
  7. @AnuuubisIf you open the bvh file in a text editor, you can see what bones have been exported. Chances are that you've exported the animation skeleton instead of the deformation skeleton, which bones are named with "m" prefix ie mPelvis, mShoulder and so on. If that's the case, you should find that skeleton in the outline window. Make it visible, select its root and try to export again
  8. OptimoMaximo

    Floor Shadow

    In Arnold within Maya, there is a material called shadow catcher that does what you need
  9. You're about to experience a whole lot of trouble, believe me. The excess bones are only the tip of the iceberg there. First, the whole avatar comes rotated the wrong direction, it faces y axis but it should face the x axis. Also, it is all scaled to meters as its own linear unit, as shown by the presence of a locator down on the floor. The bind pose is therefore to trash as it is and saved again when things line up correctly to the expected orientation. It's a quite long, tedious process that is also very much prone to error, even when you know what you're doing. This is all due to the fact t
  10. Learning something is always worth per se. After you go through the process, only then you can answer your own question: Better is only what best suits you, but you can't tell if you don't learn something new, in order to compare 😉
  11. Yeah I'm pretty much out of options... Animats suggestion is the only one viable solution, but again it's uncertain whether such feature made it to release...
  12. Did you think of making a live on YouTube and attach the live url to a media prim?
  13. If the assumption is cost = 0, I'm afraid you're really short of options. The list I can come up with right now is Blender, can export bvh for free, but it needs a correct skeleton setup and that's not really easy to accomplish for a beginner. Cost = 0; optionally you can get Avastar that includes all the a I've plus anim format export, but it has a cost of approx 20 bucks DazStudio, I don't know if it comes with a bvh export option but again, as blender, it requires a skeleton setup which may or may not be available, in such case its cost = 0; otherwise it now supports anim format f
  14. "pyqt5 - learning qt for python", it's about cross-platform UI building using python, "body language", about advanced rigging for production, and "Maya APIs - from UI design to vector math for rigging". Quite interesting readings, although the holidays got in the way and had to stand them by 😅
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