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  1. This is where you are wrong, it is the same asset, since asset means resource, it doesn't depend on the format. A model is an asset in and by itself. The format it is encoded in doesn't matter, the components and the main data is still the same. What you claim is comparable to saying that a book is not the same because one copy is in rtf and another is in pdf or docx. Of course the metadata changes, there is the need for such stuff to be able to decode the file, but the actual contents are the same. Look, please refrain from trying to use semantics and get the upper hand on these matters, you can't.
  2. This thought leaves me with only one consolation, see Sansar fail sending LL bankrupt.
  3. Perhaps a screenshot would help clarify what you mean. The environment lighting in SP is by definition directional as there always is a brighter light source somewhere (like the sun) and as such, one side of the mesh will inherently be darker than the side exposed to that light source. The explanation from the video you refer to is most likely talking about the surface normals or the UV shell normals being flipped, although the latter shouldn't matter.
  4. You might have multiple UVmaps associated to the model. Check in the data panel for UVmaps, and if you have more than one, make sure to delete the one that has no texture association
  5. OH yes I know, I wasn't saying you do. But the point still persists, like a famous female body everyone uses, that has around 60k triangles per layer and an abomination of topology.
  6. I hear you Rya... What I fear is that doing so, they will break the interface Caspervend system relies on to receive data from MP, so that product tracking and redeliveries will no longer be possible through Casper, de facto cutting it out on purpose. My trust in LL had fallen through the floor many years ago, so much that I didn't think I could distrust them any less than this... I was wrong, it went from "through the floor" to "in the underworld".
  7. Yes, Wulfie is right. You could attach those ears to the feet, but they would still show up on and follow the head. Try this: atach the unmodified ears first, then attach each piercing separately (not linked together) to their intended ear's attachment point. After this, they will need to be moved into position. Attachment points are children of the ears, so any animation on the main ear bones will be reflected in those attachments and, therefore, your unrigged piercing will follow.
  8. I think not. First, the correction request was about the guideline, prohibiting to sell the same asset on other sites at lower prices. Thanks to that link, yes i was wrong about it. Though, now i take my own avatars, without even renaming all the joints in the skeleton, and export the whole thing as FBX and set them up for sale, the same exact model, on the Unity Asset store, complete with animations scenes (and animation devkits) for use in engine. As far as a regular engine is concerned, any skeleton goes, even the SL one. It's still the very same asset, although in a different format, still it's the same. Provided that the developer uses Maya, they can animate my characters in a matter of minutes and export their own animations in FBX format. How about that? Can't do? Sorry, you're wrong on this.
  9. Read my post again, this time more intently: "merchants can set their own creations" "Secondly, on a personal note, my models" Where did you exactly read "Second Life asset"?
  10. I seem to remember that one of the rules in the MP TOS says that merchants can set their own creations for sale anywhere they wanted on other sites, but at no cheaper price to disallow bad competition. I might be mistaken, please correct me if I'm recalling this wrong. Well, for starters, cheaper than this there's only free of charge. Add the total fees and we get to next to nothing for hours and hours of work. Secondly, on a personal note, my models are mine and nobody has the right to tell me how to manage them. And as grateful compensation to fuel your business staying up and running, we get nothing except a 40% skim-off from our sales.
  11. It's also worth noting that you can upload 2048 textures, they will be shrunk into 1024 upon upload BUT the compression is better than what image editing software does, resulting in even more HD look
  12. Welcome to the club of "the annoying useless optimization ignorants"... 40k triangles (not vertices, i know) wouldn't be a big deal per se, if the current trend wouldn't claim slices and layers, which results in the impossibility to create proper lods. It's more about the accessories going on top of that, usually taking the same if not double or more triangles per piece than the whole body. It's the system as a whole that doesn't work, performance wise. There is also who claims that if some clothing needs parts of the body to be alpha ed out they don't buy it because that ruins realism 🤣 while it's possible to rig clothing with no poking through, that strongly depends on the shapes in use, both clothing AND user... Try to explain to them such things, and you're the ignorant moron noob at it. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Great piece of advice: how can a script, designed for an external application, be supplied as demo? A crippled version doesn't let the user evaluate the product, while allowing full evaluation basically means giving the plug in out for free. What was the quote about removing all doubts? 😆
  14. Perhaps paging some of them would bring them to read the thread to begin with...
  15. Well, I think the major game stopper is to create a functional animation rig to control the bones, which avastar excels in helping with. Animation rrigs are quite time consuming and very much prone to misbehavior and/or collapses if you don't have a solid tested knowledge of how things should work for you, and anyway a scripted solution to do so is always best as it nullifies the chances of mistakes due to overlooking or forgetting something.
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