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  1. I would attach that to an attachment point without rigging, and animate the attachment joint to move and rotate the whole thing along with the body animations
  2. This is once more a point of view issue. You see that as a bone, while the original skeleton was made in Maya which has no bone system, rather a joint system. So if you look at the bone head position, their placement drive their naming. It's interesting to note that the legacy avatar shapes on the feet worked the heel shape foot deformation using an offset between ankle and foot joint, for which the heel tip uses the vertical location of the foot joint while the ankle gets raised, creating the heel deformation on the base mesh avatar.
  3. Sorry Vir, but your take on anim file format is misleading. First, it's not a simple dump. Bvh like data has to go through conversion to quaternion, get negated whenever the W term goes to the negative range so that the W term can be kept positive, then this manipulated quaternion goes through a conversion stage to turn the values into integers comprised between a certain range, in order to be written as signed integers of 2 bytes each, dropping the W term as the negation done at a previous stage allows its reconstruction on the fly. Joint names go through a similar stage to be converted
  4. The anim format in Maya is not the same as the one used in SL. This latter is a proprietary binary encoded format that follows some serialization rules and data format. For Maya anim files exports to Secondlife, look at my signature below 😉
  5. I think the OP question is about whether it is legit to make addons that extend other products functionality, with their example they're explicitly aiming to a scripted product, which in practice implies that this addon functionally interacts with the main program that the original product runs. Which is slightly different than making a "compatible with X product" item, at least in a consumer's eyes (like a mesh head that plugs well onto a specific mesh body). That's the point of such products to expose APIs for extensions: the addon can't create bugs in the main product becaus
  6. Did you check if the object is parented to a empty object that carries scale and rotation data by any chance? If so, unparent your mesh and apply the transformations, then try again
  7. Anyway, I would not include Mudbox among the bad practice softwares, mainly for one reason: its main workflow implies the import of a basemesh to begin with, it's not a design softwares and the user has not as much freedom in that regard. I personally call it a technically oriented artistic tool, because Mudbox basically wants a finished design to add the final details to, it complains a lot if the mesh hasn't got clean topology and UVs upon import, to the point of refusing imported meshes that have a number of problems or very severe ones like non manifold geometry or laminafaces. It is also
  8. So you should also be aware of the spiral loops that a remesh algorithm is prone to create, as opposed to a strict retopology process where the user actually CONTROLS the topology being created. Both process are inherently similar, in which the mesh gets recreated, so perhaps semantically they MIGHT sound similar, but there are two different terms for a reason, and it's not about the raw process in itself, rather the finality.
  9. Zremesher is a remesher, not a retopology tool. The geometry generated by it isn't any good but for sculpting, and it was intended with one scope in mind: let the artist work with digital clay using dynamesh to make the primary shapes (and maybe mock up the secondary) to be free from having a base mesh to start from, then using Zremesher generate a proper mesh that can be sculpted properly using multires subdivision to keep working down to the tertiary shapes and fine details.
  10. If the product in question provides APIs so that other scripts can communicate and interoperate with it, it's implied that the main product creator is encouraging the practice of making addons for it. More simply stated, the original creator made plugs so that more functionalities could be added from external sources without actually opening their product to anyone. On a industrial scale, it's like questioning the legitimacy of plug ins for photoshop, or any other software for that matter, for sale. If the software house didn't allow that practice, they wouldn't have exposed scripting ca
  11. I never presented any avatar to LL dude, the only thing I made is something THEY should have made and that I sell for myself, which is an animation exporter using their proprietary file format .anim , that clearly shows how I do understand the architecture and design of how the system works, unlike you do with your reply to someone else that followed mine: call it virtual world, it still runs on the premises of a videogame system, so SL is primarily and foremost a videogame, of which its user base make a different use. THIS shows how ignorant you are about the matter at hand. Oh and by t
  12. Check the number of triangles in your high LoD : if that exceeds 21k-ish triangles, chances are that this specific material gets automatically split into 2 materials, silently in the uploader, to fit within that limit threshold. That causes the material mismatch with the lower LoDs, hence the error message.
  13. Better yet, make some simple animations to test the motion ranges, and move the time header in the time-line while in weight paint mode.
  14. Oh look, YOU may add up link if YOUR engineers and coders can, as if you already own that company. Jeeez... 🤦‍♂️ Dude your fantasy really runs wild, it's gonna give you a huge delusion when you'll present this idea and they will boot you out of the window laughing at you.
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