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  1. OptimoMaximo

    What the fitmesh LoD bug actually means

    Same goes for you, both your own sentence and what i posted just above
  2. OptimoMaximo

    What the fitmesh LoD bug actually means

    Are you even able to read? I didn't say it happens, it was a case scenario, an EXAMPLE. Can you read? It begins with an IF: It's a user case in which, oh apologies for that, i used the first person because it was all about "first lady" talk. "you don't get to tell ME what to wear in MY region" and i went on about YOU being the problem for ME (general user) because a not low end GPU can't suddenly go to 80 celsius whenever YOU get within view. Do you grasp the concept of an EXAMPLE? Or do I have to take a screenshot of me logged in, graphics settings being shown along with GPU meter visible to show you that my GPU stays at 65 celsius and heats up a little in presence of the crap content you so much defend?? If it doesn't happen to you or me it doesn't mean it's not happening to others though, and i'm referring to issues i was asked about, involving not bad GPUs that go to 80 celsius when some content, whether attached to avatars or not, pops in their view. You lack so much understanding in the topic at hand that you read what you want to read totally out of context, and not being able to understand, makes you panic and start disconnecting from facts or warping meanings to your nonsensical point's advantage. So i'm done with you, keep babbling your nonsense and let us be. Hopefully LL reads some of this and considers taking some action.
  3. OptimoMaximo

    What the fitmesh LoD bug actually means

    I never said such a thing, this is your assumption. I never mentioned what graphics level i use, and my example about GPU overheat was only that, an example. Because i myself experience some heat up on GPU, like others do although at the level i described for no apparent reason, to discover the sad truth: moronic resource usage. The difference between you and me is another: leave people to do their choices, among a standardized and controlled environment that respects basic guidelines (the standard) in order to keep the platform healthy and in good working order, not to mention avoiding the upload and distribution of downloaded, inappropriate for the target platform content, which is fraudulent rip off of others' work and IP infringement for a quick buck, that you and your friends are supporting arms open. The bad choices of someone shouldn't affect others and that's what we all are advocating here. As anyone else in this place, i have the right to voice my opinion, so you are the one that should feel free to leave and stop your nonsensical ranting against my/our points. If we don't out our voices, LL would never know, and as you say, it's up to them to decide, not up to you to try and silence us, just in case someone at LL finds these considerations and takes on what is described here as necessary: who's the one that tries to enforce their vision of SL, now? You. Here we all are giving out well reasoned thoughts and suggestions to keep SL running for other 15 years, instead of letting it go down the sink within a shorter time because of its ever growing performance issues. Which, in LL's ears, should sound like more revenue for a more extended period of time. Your argumentation leads to a SL shorter life span, ours to a longer one.
  4. OptimoMaximo

    What the fitmesh LoD bug actually means

    Try looking at the average salary for such a position, and you'll get an idea as per why they're not implementing it. Here in Europe, in a not triple A game studio, the monthly NET wage spans between 4-5K. These game studios sport yearly revenues far lower than LL's, and they work on projects that are not as massive, so figure what a TD or an AD demands would be, also compared to the amount of work they'd be called upon. 1) those aren't their own works, it's downloaded material in 99% of the cases, that is not even suitable for movies btw... they're cashing out off someone else's work 2) put a subsurf modifier at very high level on your stuff, generate a height map from your textures, put them into a displacement modifier and apply them all. Your stuff is going to be better than theirs. 3) because in their mind "it's all the same s**t" and there's no difference in production methods. Ignorance on both their side and customer's side, these latter rewarding the first part with sales, therefore it's a success (=being a pro)
  5. OptimoMaximo

    What the fitmesh LoD bug actually means

    Not an attack, just a specification... the professional needed for this is a Technical Director. Art Directors are those that manage the visual feeling in a game and don't meddle in the technicalities involved. An Art Director makes sure that a game has a consistent look and art style, after their approval an asset goes towards the Tech Director for review in terms of usability within the engine. The tech Director is responsible for the polygon budget, how and when this polygon budget gets to be used, setting rules for the programmers to have a limit on resources during the game play (LoDs switching and accounting,ie: NPCs running off screen/into the culling area when polycount limit is triggered or forced LoD switching for distant objects, etc), how the animation engine/rigs have to work (state machines, deformability etc) and all related things. An asset can easily pass the Art Director inspection, but the Tech Director's word is gospel and a beautiful asset might undergo rework, if the TD says so. This is what LL needs, someone that establishes rules and limits for a smooth gameplay at runtime.
  6. OptimoMaximo

    What the fitmesh LoD bug actually means

    And your problem is your lack of contextual perspective view. The context is SL being a game environment, realtime 3D content is what is needed, a modeler coming from ANY type of production must be aware of this, instead of finding all possible ways to hack in their 3D printable/movie models. If you make movies, FPS doesn't count (not true, otherwise there wouldn't be proxies and instances to improve performance during animation work, but anyway...) but render time does. If a scene is clunked with too many polygons it will take longer to render, and any production will have a scene reworked if frame render time exceeds an X amount of minutes because the delivery of a shot would take too long, even with their expensive (paid) render farms... costs just go up, as current trend in renderfarms is to pay by GHz/hour, meaning their net profit is being reduced as much as the render times go up. Yeah 3D printing is the only department where FPS doesn't count, the higher resolution the better. It's all a matter of context. It's easier that a modeler with game grade assets experience is taken to work in a movie production than the other way around, as it takes a lot of expertise to optimize a model for game standards... in a feature film such an artist will deliver better content and more quickly without those many game platforms restrictions, whereas a modeler from feature films will find a lot of difficulties to comply and therefore a lower chance to be hired in a game production. Your point is totally out of place and context blind. If you advocate for that degree of freedom, you should take a look at movie skeletons, puke when looking back at the SL avatar's skeleton and start claiming twist joints on the forearms, shins and neck at the very least, then.
  7. OptimoMaximo

    Blender to SL, mesh faces

    Grouping in Blender is not intended as one would think, it's for particle emission (within Blender, useless for SL) To achieve what you want to make, you can do as Chic suggests, or more easily: From the state where you have X separate objects, assign a different material to each one (coloring them helps spotting which piece has got one and which haven't) Once done, Join all of them together and Remove Doubles (so that the overlapping vertices merge and you get a solid surface)
  8. OptimoMaximo

    A Sansar Journal

    You're confusing the two methods. What Chic gets using Cycles is one diffuse color texture that is the result from a PBR render to texture (bake), reason why this method is called pre-rendered. The PBR shader is supposed to do that job realtime, that's why albedo maps are only base colors with no detail. There is a substantial difference between the two methods. Roughness is a greyscale image, a specular map is RGB, 1 image channel against 3. Worth mentioning also, that the two need to go in pair, respectively, with a metallic map (roughness) and with a glossiness map (specular map), thing that makes the reflection channels in a shader go up to 2 max channels involved (roughness and metallic, greyscales) against 4 channels (glossiness and specular, greyscale + RGB). This way, in the long run, much texture memory can be spared when using rough/metal workflow in comparison to the gloss/spec. Indeed that is most likely the reason, plus you don't use the roughness map so it's one channel less in all cases. What people doesn't realize is that in a PBR environment, texture detail doesn't depend from all of the maps. Albedo maps are just the color maps from which a diffuse or a specular color is grabbed from and therefore they don't need to be that high of a definition; same goes for the metallic map, which defines what areas are dielectric and what not, so it shouldn't require a high resolution either (unless there is some material layering work, then a bit higher resolution may help better defining some areas: this is the case for dirt stains on a metal for example). The whole detail work is done from the normal map and roughness map. So, ideally, you may have a rather small Albedo (RGB), a big normal map (RGB), a big roughness (greyscale), a relatively medium sized metallic (greyscale) for the reasons mentioned above, otherwise it can be rather small too and finally an ambient occlusion (greyscale) which can be rather small/medium sized, depending on the detail grain the texture carries. It's all a balancing act to use the lowest amount of texture memory. I don't go there at all, it's too much of a joke as a "professional platform". Material Editor? Don't make me laugh. No Animation Editor/StateMachine? Yeah, stick a woodlog model as avatar then. All the base features are missing, except model upload. Well, at least that.
  9. You can try these two tools. Avastar tab, under Tools submenu set Make sure you're in weight paint mode, vertex selection when you do this: Unweighted first, as your error message says. It shuold highlight the ones that were not assigned to any group. Once you see them, select a relevant vertex group so you can paint on it, and using the blur brush you click on it to make sure it gets added to the group with a very tiny weight amount. After you've done this procedure for all the unweighted vertices, perform the Zero weights check just as precaution: if you had vertices not belonging to any group, chances are that you might also have vertices that are assigned to at least one group BUT with a weight value of zero. In such case, do the blurring on the closest relevant vertex group as before. When you think you're done, check again, then run the >WeightLimit (set it to 4 if it's not) Hope this helps
  10. OptimoMaximo

    Mipmapping vs. alpha

    Use a tga defined alpha map, with the color channels padded to infinity outside of the alpha opaque region. That shuold help a little
  11. OptimoMaximo

    Aligning Imported Mesh Objects

    I made this tool because builds with a more organic shape do not keep LoDs consistency between linkset and single objects uploads, when using the LoD generator in the upload window, whereas single objects give you more control over the GLoD degradation. It is also easier for physics shapes assignment, avoiding the exact renaming if you will. Moreover, this is designed to work on sim-wide distances for recreating whole scenes, so one can either group a whole build and use that to reposition a series of already reconstructed and linked ones inworld.
  12. OptimoMaximo

    Aligning Imported Mesh Objects

    Exactly that, separate objects, no linksets it will work based upon your selection, provided you won't move anything within your scene, and you can do it in separate iterations. Just remember that LSL lists are limited to 72 entries when initialized as populated already (the only way i could make it work), so a limit of 72 objects per time. It's based on objects names from Maya, so in my video example there are several columns, i uploaded just one and renamed it inworld to match the names within the script. If i had 144 objects, i would start with first 72 (my script warns you when you exceed the limit), export the scene script, move them to a visibility layer and turn it off, select the next 72 and repeat, exporting a second script with a meaningful name. Once you're done, in SL, add the repositioner script in the all the pieces and take them back to inventory. Throw them in a cube's inventory, create a new script and load in the first script you generated , then click the box. Wait until it's done with the first set, then load the second script and click. Etc etc
  13. OptimoMaximo

    Aligning Imported Mesh Objects

    I made myself a python routine in Maya to extrapolate LSL script compatible data, write it down into a script to import and that does the job for me (and the counterpart LSL scripts to make this possible in SL). Demonstration video using quickly made objects. It's tuned to reassemble builds sim-wide, so you can rebuild single buildings, then make a whole sim scene with those buildings within Maya and reconstruct the whole sim from the previously rebuilt single buildings too, with absolute precision in location and rotation. If you're doing it in Blender, you may want to try and make your own version of it. What you need is to extrapolate quaternions (rotation) for objects, and their absolute location in the scene, assuming that 0,0,0 is the box you rez things from AND that every object has its origin point set to geometry center.
  14. OptimoMaximo

    Any tips on matching SL UVs onto a custom mesh body I made?

    A few days ago there was a similar question i answered in this thread You may need to do some research on the tools you need thogh, as i'm not sure if Blender can handle it