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  1. Mrs, Sir

    There are other viewers you can try. Aside from that, who cares if you do? The universe doesn't revolve around your presence, we'll be well off even without you, that's for sure
  2. Looking to Hire a Scripter

    Good luck with that. Also rookie scripters will move along Again, good luck with being understood in that continuous uninterrupted flow of words with no punctuation
  3. Blender - One small weight query

    It was originally part of avastar as per my request when i was looking for a Component Editor in Blender, but apparently Gaia has donated this feature to the Blender foundation.The current documentation https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/modeling/meshes/properties/vertex_groups/vertex_weights.html clearly shows SL avatars bones names, evidence of Gaia's involvement. So, my bad that i didn't know about this recent addition to the base Blender
  4. Blender - One small weight query

    Right, its name is Properties View pane, the one that opens up by hitting N while your mouse cursor hovers in the 3d view. The component editor is a feature from Avastar, it's not Blender native. You must have a rigged mesh selected and in Edit mode. I don't know whether it was moved from this panel since last time i used Blender+Avastar... Oh i just fired up Blender with the last Avastar i downloaded (2.0.4) and it's called Vertex Weights, always in the Properties View panel mentioned before. Sorry, i'm a bit biased toward Maya's nomenclature
  5. Blender - One small weight query

    One thing that comes to my mind is that it may have gotten more than 4 vertex groups on it, even if those had no weights assigned. After the weighting process, try to run "Limit Total" and make sure it is set to 4. This way that vertex will be removed from excessive Vertex Groups on a lowest-influence-goes-first basis. The current behavior looks like when the uploader finds such a situation and can't determine what vertex groups to strip off, therefore stripping off every vertex group from that vertex. Indeed, the exact opposite situation can give the same visual issue. Thus, after limit total function is applied, you should also use the Zero Weight button to make sure that this specific vertex got assigned to at least one group, preferably with weights. There's also an Avastar tool in the N pane that should be called Component Editor to check on weights values on selected vertices, to make troubleshooting/weight values setting easier.
  6. problem with Horizontal Animation import to SL

    Of course you don't want it It's just to not lose it, try keeping the TPose at frame one and export from frame 2 on as you understood. Let's see if that changes things?
  7. problem with Horizontal Animation import to SL

    This might be a rotation issue die to the scene orientation in Poser. A BVH scene for Second Life should have the Up axis set as Y axis, the avatar should stand facing the positive Z axis. The conversion to SL is performed within the upload window, it does some scale and rotation math in order to conform to the internal animation format. So make sure your imported figure sits within a world scene like described above and it should work. As far as i know, the avatar should keep a TPose stance at frame one in order to keep it in the exported file and have a reference to the rest position (and have all rotations and positions relative to this stance) Also, you may want to check on the rotation type you can use if that's an available option. The bvh file should get Euler rotations exported for all the joints. Other than this i don't know. Poser isn't among the softwares i use...
  8. problem with Horizontal Animation import to SL

    May you please expand a bit on your workflow during animation? Like, do you keep a reference vertical TPose on frome one, before the avatar goes into a horizontal position? What's the behavior you get when you upload those horizontal animations? An error? Displaced limbs? Crushed avatar? We need a bit more information to try and find out what might be wrong
  9. Looking to Hire a Scripter

    5K lindens = 20USD, if you want to hire someone, that's the HOURLY wage, and depending on the complexity of such job of yours you should be ready to whip out a way higher amount.
  10. How to create simple dancer object

    There are more knowledgeable scripters in this forum that may help you better, but here is my go at it First, llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(),PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); should go into an attach(id) handler and check whether it is attached already or not attach(key id) { if (id) // if it is a valid key and not NULL_KEY { // request permissions here } else //no valid id or NULL key, works when detaching the item from avatar too { //you may want to stop animations in this case } } second, you should always use a runtime permission check and never rely on the auto permissions feature for attached and sittable object, similar to this run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if(PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION & perm) { // do something here // like initializing the listener } } Then perhaps you'd like to use that "integer perm" by defining it from "llGetPermissions()&PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION" somewhere in your script to simplify things... surely the listener has to listen to a channel that you called "perms" and most likely isn't a good idea to use that way, it's just confusing. Set the channel in the global variables area calling it "channel" and use that in the llListen function http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlListen
  11. Help with Weight Painting Issue

    Your issue is that you can't pose an avatar to fit clothing and then bind it to armature. Blender doesn't support that feature. You have to leave the character in TPose and adjust the clothing shape accordingly.
  12. Why some shape creators don t like to make Demo?

    yeah forgot to mention this part in my post
  13. Why some shape creators don t like to make Demo?

    A demo should be unusable for all purposes other than demo, until you buy the actual product. How is it supposed to be done on a shape asset? a demo version means give the shape away for free, so at that point you wouldn't buy it, you'd just walk away with the shape and bye bye creator
  14. Animating a Wrist Rotation

    Precision is something that can be achieved only making an animation on the specific shape a character has. For this reason, i would suggest to override the whole arm and hands with your own animation. As far as i know, Vista doesn't supply devkits, but you'd do best to try and ask in their customer group. If one is available they would certainly know and point you to it.
  15. How to freeze mesh while binded on the armature on edit mode?

    I'm sorry, but i am afraid that freezing a shape is only available in Object mode :\