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  1. I'm having a issued and hopefully someone can share a little light for me... So I recently added the BOM to my Genus head, however I'm running into a problem, when I get ready to take pictures and I set to the advance lighten my hair base disappear. It only reappears when I do not put it in Advance Lighten. Need to know what I need to do... Please Help .
  2. Okay Thanks and I'm going to try it now and will let you know if it does work
  3. So I created the shirt in marvelous-design then imported it to blender by using the obj file, Could this have caused the problem. Sorry for not being very well educated on this.. Just now learning.
  4. I do click on the Avastar Online Help but it is not helping me with what I need .
  5. This is what I'm getting when I try to bind it
  6. Passion2010

    Broken Mesh

    Hello, I'm learning how to create and I'm doing a mesh shirt, but I'm trying to ridge it but it will not keeps telling me my mesh is broken and can someone please help me on how to fix this..
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