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  1. Thanks. Then just run it as you would any animated texture. Got it. G
  2. Is it possible to run an animated GIF, Gyazo variety, in a loop as a texture on an object? Thanks, G
  3. Rolig, While starting to read the Bug_Tracker page the thought occurred to me that this probably wouldn't be considered a 'bug' by the powers that be. Probably more like a feature request. I have seen a page for feature requests. I'll poke around and see if I can find it. G
  4. I am doing the same. And often get myself confused. On my current project I have two objects and two scripts. One object with its script goes into the Contents of the other object. I try to keep version numbers the same for all four assets. But even being careful I realized yesterday that I was using v0.8.3 of one script when all the others were v0.9.0. And, one script reference the other object by name so I have to update that in the code when I change versions. sighs...
  5. How to I file a jira issue? Happy to do so. on illegal chars, also, '.', when it isn't in x.y format, can cause weirdness.. but easy enough to do a replace when the name goes out to the external editor and to use only the UUID when the file is saved and thus goes back in-world. G
  6. Ah, right. It has, I'll admit, taken me a bit of time to get used to having more than one file in an inventory 'directory' with the same name, whether they are the same file or different files lol. I get that names of assets in SL are display names and the underlying names in the OS filesystem are unique. Just, a bit different to get used to. G
  7. Quick question for those who use Sublime Text as an external editor for editing scripts. Then I click 'Edit' on a script up in-world Sublime Text opens the file fine but the filename displayed in the tab of Sublime Text is of the following format, sl_script_<UUID>.lsl. I would greatly prefer to see the in-world name of the script file in the tab. Any ideas? Thanks, G
  8. Wulfie, Your answer touches another discussion I am having in here about asset UUIDs. Are scripts the same as textures, sounds, and notecards? I.e, all uses of them are by reference not copy? If I have a script in my inventory and in the Contents of an object and I edit the script in my inventory, save and compile it, does the script in the Contents change? I have tested this and it does NOT seem to be the case. The version of the script in the Contents of an object does not change if I change the version in my inventory. Thanks, G
  9. Phate, Thanks, that works, at least to say a string to local for now. But all I need to do is to send a message using llRegionSayTo so the main object can unregister the player. Should work fine. G
  10. I am using an external editor for editing my scripts. When I save a file in the external editor it updates the inworld script nicely (or pops it up in the inworld editor if there is a compile error). But, I am working with two object, call them Main Board (MD) and HUD. Each has one script and the MB has the HUD object in its Contents. If I make changes to both scripts here is what I have to do for a test iteration. Save both scripts in the external editor Detach the HUD Rez the HUD on the Ground and Edit it Delete script from HUD Drag new version of the HUD s
  11. Ok, thanks. I think I ran into something similar trying to catch an event from the Pie menu. G
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