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  1. Maybe they demo it on their alt and buy the full version on their main avi.
  2. Cheating a bit? I respectfully disagree. When you are done sitting, the "poseshell" deletes itself instantly and the furniture goes back to 1LI It's impossible to reliably sit more than 1 avatar on 1 prim. My pose system rezzes an invisible shell which you sit on that has 1 prim per seated avatar. My bed sits 4 avatars but the shell is just 2LI (4 cubes linked together).
  3. I just tested it and it doesn't work/animate unfortunately.
  4. I can confirm also that restarting seems to fix this. Cerro Bayo Chiron Tangun wolfbane also need to be restarted. Rolling restarts is the solution?
  5. I've had many customers message me within the past few hours saying they can no longer sit on their furniture because of this object_rez issue. I put a message in my profile explaining this bug and informed them that there will be a fix soon. Regions: featherston chapel Bolsena clarabella Red Light Center Notteterna Creole Tranquil Dream II Playa dela Seduccion Animus City Rain Song Alexandria Falls Aladonia Island Raine Lake Epimetheus Envar Cape Hatteras Clearwater Shores Seabring Uh Oh (yes, uh o
  6. go to your marketplace listings > unassociated tab > then right click the folder and select create listing
  7. It's not about the order. The issue is one of the events doesn'T trigger at all.
  8. it'S a bug on the server update - there is an event in scripting, it is triggered as soon as a script rezzes an object - and with the server update it seems that event is not triggered correctly anymore - I put a message into that event right at start to see when it triggers - the message never appears
  9. I'm the creator and have access to all the scripts full perm. But I didn't write the scripts.
  10. Thank you so much Qie! The problem is, I don't know how to describe this bug. I'm not sure what's going on.
  11. Another customer just messaged me on the mainland sim Korzun. Same issue. This is 3 in the past 24 hours.
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