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  1. Just wanted to give ya'll a heads-up. Moments ago, I noticed that all 58 of my items were delisted on the MP for no apparent reason. I put them right back up without issues.
  2. You can figure which word is delisting your items through a process of elimination.
  3. This has become normal in SL but SL has become overly complicated. At the end of the day, I want the customer to have a seamless experience. I believe in the future of SL and the future I envision doesn't involve a mess of technical hurdles.
  4. I considered that but then I'd have to educate the customer about the potential of conflicting AUX channels. Most likely, the customer would never read the info about that and when the issue arises, they would rate the product poorly. The poorly rated product would stop selling. Then I'd smack myself for not making high complexity onion layers in the first place.
  5. If creator A makes wings with BOM on AUX_3 channel and creator B makes a tail on AUX_3 channel, and a customer buys both and wears a BOM applier for the wings, will it also be applied to the tail? Yes, the answer is yes! What's the point of these aux channels if we can't make a custom channel for our products?
  6. Look at the top of that page. Tilia wants more information about you (address, passport/driver's license info, etc).
  7. @LilithServil So your furniture and all your other objects are inside something called a coalescedobject... It is in your lost and found folder and the icon in your inventory for it looks like a bunch of boxes bundled up.... Go to a sandbox and rez that while you have the edit window open.... It is basically a bunch of your items jumbled up. You will be able to recover everything Ohhh Oops, I forgot to mention... It will not be named as my furniture because the coalesced objects contains everything in your house. It will most likely be named one of the objects that was picked up.... It could be named "object" or "rug" or anything A coalesced object is a single object. This is the icon for it. Please heed my advice. I want to resolve this. http://tinyurl.com/mu8gg2g Anyway, I'll message you inworld.
  8. If you just messaged me, I'd help you recover it no matter what. I'm an expert in inventory recovery and I will help teach you how you can recover everything you have ever lost in second life. Not just my objects but everything. I'll message you inworld.
  9. Your blog is down. Any updates? I would love a tutorial on how you convert the bvh to be compatible with the avastar extended rig.
  10. Most no mod furniture creators--myself included--will gladly drop the rezzer scripts in for you. We do this all the time.
  11. You can adjust the rotation and location of your poses through the menu and save those settings without having to save it to a notecard. Custom pose data is saved in a script. However, the data for my pose system is actually saved on my RL server so I can go beyond the script memory limits in second life. In other words, my pose system doesn't use notecards. AVsitter is limited to around 150 animations per sitter. By storing the pose data in an external database, I can have unlimited animations (unlimited textures, menus, etc). I can also make changes to menus, textures, animations instantly through my server without having to send a 'physical' update. Everything I Sell is available in copy or no copy permissions. If the 'no copy' customer loses the furniture, I take a couple of minutes to help them recover the object. 50% of the time they find it (along with lots of other items they were missing from other creators!). If they can't find it, I send them a replacement. It's basically no copy with insurance.
  12. I sell no mod furniture and here's why: I enjoy the challenge of seeing how far I can take a mesh to 1LI so my furniture is typically 1.49LI. Therefore, if you resize it larger, LI shoots up exponentially. Adding animations, changing the menus, adding props, adding a rezzer, adding security, and creating sequences (even if they are not your scripts) takes too much time for the average person. It takes too much time even for the creator. Most SL users don't have the knowledge or expertise to do so. Why not create a product from the start that anticipates the customer's wants, needs and desires? That is what I do. Dozens if not hundreds of texture options? ✓ Tint, full bright, shine adjustments in the menu? ✓ Hundreds or even thousands of animations? ✓✓✓ Other issues when you sell modifiable furniture: -link it to another object and you are no longer seen as the creator -if they apply an ugly texture to it, now the object no longer looks the way you designed it. My textures are all baked using PBR shaders in professional 3D programs. Each texture is 100% custom and the shading is baked in. -they link or unlink it and break it. -link it, LI goes up. -rename it and they no longer see the name of the object which you created. -resize it, LI goes up, rezzed props are no longer in their proper positions, animations invariably lose their adjustment. In other words, no pose system in SL dynamically adjusts to resizing furniture. I will lose customers by selling no mod but I am perfectly fine with that. I am an artist and I have imagined my art to look a certain way. SL has given me the ability to express it in a way that allows me to prevent others from altering my art. There's no one size fits all approach. There's so much amazing content out there that's mod, full perm, downloadable .dae meshes, you name it. It's a beautiful thing!
  13. Hey there, The other day I changed my email (https://accounts.secondlife.com/change_email/?lang=en-us) but my marketplace orders are still being sent to the old email.... I'm receiving messages at the new email but that's it. How can I change my marketplace email as well? I tried looking on the marketplace but to no avail. Thank you for your time and consideration!
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