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  1. Why should I waste time when LL doesn't listen anyway? Why don't you read up all the complaints found in this forum instead? Asking to file in a Jira is also time wasted in something that gets either ignored or dismissed as low priority and never looked at again.
  2. Wow, so much work, effort, sweat and blood spilled into these recent changes, the fees increase is now justifiable isn't it. The long time requests and issues fixes don't seem to be even remotely acknowledged.
  3. Well, you see... Your post screams out to be wanting a tutor for free basically, when all the Rigging information in Maya are already out there. Mayastar as a plug in doesn't need to be learned really, it provides a set of tools to simulate what happens on the avatar in-world. I switched from Blender+Avastar to Maya+MayaStar some time ago and I don't regret it, as the learning curve went from high to flat. Just rig like normal, with no caveats due to the plug in, test the deformations using the built in animations and the shape sliders and when it's all good, export. Done. It is so straightforward and unobtrusive in comparison to Avastar for Blender, that you just need to learn plain Maya according to the weights limits that second life wants and it all goes smooth... But I guess that's the issue for you, you don't know how to rig in Maya.
  4. Did you select the faces you want to assign your material to, select the material and hit the "Assign" button?
  5. I didn't read Optimo saying it wouldn't, just that it may eat up a slot that may be used for another purpose. *edit* i wanted to rephrase my post with an edit and it ended up deleting the text in the post above and saving it as a new post Sorry Nalates, the previous phrasing sounded rude to me, re-reading afterwards
  6. I've been following the discussion so far, Moose. All i get from your wish list is something that was explained over and over why Second Life can not afford that, but you keep insisting. Your two points don't make sense at all, if it's not a professional platform, then why you and all the other creators who pump the models so much act like if you were? LL doesn't provide a efficient tool? Professionals buy the tools they need, and MooTools Polygon Cruncher is excellent for that. Maybe Optimo is a bit stubborn and harsh in making his point across, but he's right. I talked to him last night and it's a matter of math used to convert the mesh text file (.dae). The text file has no limitation for what concerns values and numbers, but the binary conversion is limited to a specific range. And he's right saying that Lindens have stated more than once that they wouldn't mess up with the mesh asset architecture. So we all get your point of wishing something from the Lab, Optimo himself said he would like that too if he didn't know what impedes it. What i would wish more than a raise in vertex limits, though, is a more relevant weight for the lower lods. Low and lowest vertices count affect the final LI too much which, to me, doesn't make much sense.
  7. You can rearrange the inputs in your history by right click over the object for marking menu in the rolldown menu: inputs -> all inputs middlemouse drag to reposition the history input It works as long as all you did was through tool's manipulators and haven't manually moved anything. Something i learned when FBX wouldn't export the blendshapes on a rigged model, the blend shapes and the skin cluster need to be swapped or, if Maya complains, change them from listed to included.
  8. Thanks Optimo! I was looking for that to clean up weights manually!
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