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  1. I don't know 3dsmax, but since Maya can actually transfer uvs from world positions, meaning that geometries don't really need to match, I guess 3dsmax can too, just need some adjustments in the tool settings.
  2. Take a look at the numbers. The lowestlod is 6 triangles, basically 3 faces. How can it conceivably be enough to reproduce that shape? Use the firestorm Lod switch and see how it was done. To me, that is the result of Lods made via the uploader, and will look like a mess of tris. It is very unlikely, to me, that the basket with that shape and size could ever have an impostor that works well from different angles.
  3. It is, IF every UDIM set of uv faces get their own material, within the SL limit of 8 of course
  4. Yeah, perhaps because she writes FS code. Just guessing 😁
  5. @Prokofy NevaI am Italian, and can only speak for my country. In the last 20 years, the cost of everything has risen about 30-40% while I can see that the average salary has remained the same from Lira-to-Euro conversion stage, if not lowered substantially with the introduction of temporary hires and part time jobs, more often than not combined together. The part time plague has started when the gov decided to apply a tax cut on the hiring, while then extra work time was discouraged by raising the rate on those extra hours. The loophole exploitation then took place, as the extra time tax was charged on the employees and the employers could request the extra hours for "emergency situations" which, useless to say, became the norm. So the employers would pay lesser taxes, imposing full time hours because short of staff (which wasn't hired to begin with in order to invoke the permanent emergency status) while the worker was paid the same, but with half their hours charged 20% more taxes on the base of being "luxury income". Now needless to say that a lot of Italians seek blackmarket jobs because of this, and just rely on the citizenship income from unemployment status. Being robbed by your country to live over pennies just leads to that, if you consider the rentals market on top of that. Many if not most Italian designers in SL just cash out without any tax declaration off of it. You have to get a fiscal status and number to do so legally, and the tax rate on that gets as high as 70% of the income that goes to the State (if you're lucky and frame your commercial activity correctly in accordance with your SL activity, it can go as low as 52% in taxes, but the fiscal system in Italy is so intricate that it is really difficult to achieve that). Otherwise, the State itself has no mean to frame such type of extra income in the papers that a regular citizen has to fill for their income statement, not even if it doesn't exceed a given threshold. This type of income is not even recognized as possible by the current regulations, so for what I know for myself, not declaring such income doesn't even trigger a check. I can tell because I did so myself between 2011 and 2015 and no papers were filed against me or anyone I know in italy. Then I opened my legal position with a fiscal number that I use now also for my SL related income. But by now, I should have received tons of notices, which never came. And after 5 years, even if the tax collection agency would file any papers for that period of time, those would be void. But I know for sure of at least 2 famous Italian content creators that, to this day, don't pay a penny in taxes because of this loophole.
  6. And @Pixels Sideways Look, I'm one of those that are on Artstation and I currently work as pipeline TD in RL, from being a modeler, then rigger and finally pipeline department. I also have been an instructor at schools in my hometown and online mentor for quite a few years, including teaching at Builders brewery Blender first, then Maya, while a few of my RL students landed jobs at FrameByFrame studio for vfx in Rome, Italy where I live and taught, and others relocated to the UK to game studios. My mastery of Maya led me to take my latest gig in pipeline development in a startup studio focused on cartoon animation, while in SL I moved from occasional avatar creation to develop and maintain the only 2 plug ins for Maya specifically aimed at SL creations. This is the background to explain the background that sits behind what I'm gonna talk about next Unfortunately, it's not as you may think it is. The market is saturated of talents to some extent, but it's your network that plays the major role. I've seen people with so much less experience and lesser quality products jump over me and my students for jobs we applied for, for the sole reason of having the right connections. And for what it's worth, only few, old timer game studios work based off of 3dsmax. They're major studios, still just few. The way to go is Maya, and a few others look for Blender artists (namely one I had contact with in the near past is Ubisoft Milan, many animators in there use Blender. But the work culture in there is exploitative of their resources, and would never recommend it to anyone with a little bit of experience. Maybe good for CV building to have that company name if you're an entry level, but certainly not a good place to plan a career in the industry) Eta: also wanted to add, that 80% of my RL students that made it into the industry are women
  7. @Sabrina Tamerlane Made a Daz specific exporter that handles anim format, which should be the preferred file format for many reasons. I'm paging her, maybe she can chime in to help you out!
  8. You're very welcome. You know, realizing it isn't all that straightforward. The precision lack in animations when trying to achieve a contact point has been a recurrent topic in this forum, and it's not easy at all to explain why it happens.
  9. Because of the interaction with an avatar. You'll soon find out that, depending from the avatar shape, contact points don't work, so some very short avatar's, for example, will stick their hand in the coffee machine base, while taller avatar's will be sticking it into the upper part when trying to grab the cup. Why? Because of the accumulated joint offsets along the skeletal hierarchy that are the result of shape customization.
  10. Hhhmm... Nope, but you can try 😁 you'll face a lot of new concepts and challenges just in the modeling section of the work you want to do, before you even get to rig something, and another bunch of challenges will be there waiting for you. But hey, as long as you have fun and learn, no problem!
  11. You're not wrong, 1024 is the cap size for every image. However you may want to use your image outside of SL and work it at high res. Upload your images to some other service like Flickr and still be able to retain the aspect ratio if you ever decide to upload that image to SL too.
  12. You're welcome 😊 Of course, you can save your images at even higher resolutions if you need that. Just keep following the same rule... 2048*1024, 4096*2048 and so on
  13. Well... If such popular 3d app wouldn't suck at complying to industry standards, it would be much easier 😂 other less popular (in SL) 3d apps do work out of the box, and the add-ons make things even easier.
  14. You must save your image as a 2:1 ratio to begin with. Failing this, the viewer will resize it to the closest power of 2,so your image is effectively a 1024*1024 and so a 1:1. Try saving your image as 1024*512 and you should be able to see it as 2:1 by default
  15. It's not random results, it is something that you specify with a process called weight painting. Every joint can be moved and scaled. With this in mind, during weight painting you can literally paint the influence value (the weight) that will drive each single vertex of a mesh surface. The value should be a normalized percentage of how much a vertex is affected by a specific joint transformation, which means a value between 0.0 and 1.0. Each vertex can get at most 4 driving influences which, summed up together, can't exceed a total of 1.0. So say, we have a vertex that gets driven by joint A, B, C and D, each one of them can have a certain amount of influence but their total must be at max 1.0, for example 0.25 each one. Increase one, and another has to decrease proportionally so that the total is always equal to 1.0
  16. Yes it's definitely possible. A few points you should make sure to pay attention to: Make your replacement attaching edge the same vertex count of the area it is intended to plug onto. This way you can copy the vertex normals and avoid the attachment seamline to be visible If it's a non human body part, use joint positions also on the collision volume bones, trying to get them at the same offset (or at lest very close to) from their parent as the default. This will help with fitting clothing, although it may not work 100% well in your 3d app while testing, it will inworld After the removal of unused joints from the skincluster, make sure to add back one joint in the upper hierarchy at 0 weight. This ensures better position retention at high altitudes, avoiding the issue of visible gaps between meshes. Example: you make a replacement pair of hands. Included joints would be all the fingers, the wrist joint and the elbow. The shoulder gets removed by the automatic removal. Add it back with weights at 0,it will act as a reference for the system to more precisely determine the attachment placement.
  17. Wow, kudos for scraping an entire avatar for being 63k complexity! There's people around ranging from 150k to 1 million that say it's not enough detail and complexity, figure!
  18. Yes, when the user is online... How would it work when the user is not online though?
  19. Apparently, this thread resurrects every 3 years.
  20. The very same moment you're required to provide them with your RL info and signature on an agreement, the devkit is licensed to the real person and not tied to any account. Therefore, any other term stating the contrary is invalid due to procedural defect.
  21. Developer menu, avatar, then look for avatar tests. That will turn you into the avatar we all had the very first time we logged in
  22. Very elaborated argumentation, congrats.
  23. Indie license, roughly 300 dollars per year. The pricing factor should be taken out of discussion as it is personal choices. Licenses legality also should no longer be questioned, since the licensing option I mentioned above is in effect starting from August 2020,almost an year by now. Anyway, what BinBash says about Avastar being part of the problem isn't wrong. The export procedure in avastar does a few tricks and hacks to make it work for SL, but creates a jungle of matrices conversions that shouldn't be there, making the move of a devkit from what they exported to Maya a whole day task almost, in order to fix the havok that breaks loose as soon as basic operations take place. The rest of his statements are his own opinion and I'm not referring to what they imply with those assertions and their scope
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