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  1. No. With Bento, the stupid no-mod restriction from content creators is geting worse because we can't link or unlink to spare the attachment points.
  2. No. Here, you can have massive jugs and you'll never know what is a backpain. Here you enter a club and every male screams "boobies" and everyone laughs. On SL, winter outfits are red miniskirts. Etc, etc... SL experience gives you zero insight on how women feel in RL, only insight on how men feel about women in their fantasies.
  3. If you're customer who purchased a skin from a creator, you do not own the skin. You only own a released version of the skin but you need to be the original creator with the original skin and the content creator's copyrights to own this skin.
  4. What MaggiJin said. Omega solutions is a compatibility system which allows appliers to be compatible between different mesh replacements (hands, head, body, feet, etc...). In few words, once you've enabled Omega on your Logo head and Belleza body, all you'll need is an Omega skin applier. Once this compatibility is enabled then any Omega skin applier can be applied on them.
  5. I don't have facial piercings but recently I got a belly piercing for Belleza Venus and what a change ! My belly piercing now moves perfectly along my meshbody. And then I also experienced the exact opposite : bento rings for Slink hands that were not fiting at all and floating above the fingers. As usual : demo ! Not everything fits as expected.
  6. My first favorite hairs were the Tuty's Betty - 50's hairstyle, I was wearing it with everything. But I don't remember when I bought them, I started with the free long curly hairs.
  7. And hairs and shoes. There's only when I'm called by a friend that I can change in one hour.
  8. You can also do it. Grab the free ZHAO-II MB2 and rezz it to edit it to your likings. Change the anims, change the buttons, etc... Don't forget to reset the scripts before wearing it. It could be that you need to reset the scripts in this AO.
  9. While the question of gender attachments (such as why you need a female avie to attach this horse) is interesting to point, there are also things I disagree. I don't believe that one gender body for both genders is the way to go. I know I'm not interested to be a boyish shape with boobs (or vice versa).
  10. I do very much what Saulgoodie is suggesting to you. I joined groups that are centered on my interests such as merfolk groups. That's how I know and can join events, gatherings for merfolks. I like bellydancing too so I joined a bellydance group and I'm geting notices when there's a party I can join. While visiting clubs spinning my favorite music style, I've discovered that I totally love her playlist and since that I'm following her and joining her shows everytime I can. Etc etc... Oh bleh but I love biking with my custom monster chopper.
  11. It's a new animation technology designed for mesh attachments (hands, head, tail, body, ...). This addon adds more bones to flex and move the mesh attachments to the avatar. Content creators can then choose this addon to shape and create their meshes for avatars on (hence they add "bento" to their items such as bento hairs, bento rings, etc...). It is not self animated, you'll need a HUD or AO to trigger designed animations but that's still the point : now we can use AO and HUD to move our bento fingers, eyes, tongue, hairs, tail, wings, etc...
  12. For a good review on mesh bodies and heads, I would suggest to have a look on Mesh Body Addicts and StrawberrySingh.com. You'll find all sort of useful details and informations there. Not always, I would do that because it's not my place to tell you what is the best looking body for your own preferences. I started with Tonic Curvy and I loved it until the very shape of the mesh had been changed by the creator. Now I'm using Belleza Venus which is not that much supported by creators. Lots of Maitreya users are going to throw rocks at your face if you dare to point how many flaws this meshbody has and there are legions so that's going to be a lot of rocks thrown at you. Etc etc... Personally I love the LaQ heads even if I've not yet found one that fits with what I'm looking for. It's not a matter of mesh head but tastes. Many ladies were looking the same before meshes. Now they still look the same but meshed.
  13. In your preferences, there should be something to disable the LookAt (do not look at objects and/or avatars). I'm using Singularity Viewer so I can't tell where it is on other viewers but it's there and it's what you want to disable.
  14. No. Small meshes like this kind of roses are usually 0.5 LI so if you do well and link 5 roses + 1 plank, your total LI should be 3 LI not 6.
  15. I guess I'm lucky as I've not yet had to face this glitch and never had to reactivate the Omega script on my Slink Hourglass.
  16. Nor every sim either. The last time I got a window warning me that someone wanted to bite me was months ago.
  17. Probably but I have the latest updated Slink Hourglass and I confirm that I don't need to wear an Omega relay to apply an Omega applier.
  18. That would be terrible if the Belleza bodies are not updated with bento.
  19. My first meshbody was Tonic Curvy and while it had limited options compared to other brands, I loved it. The bottom part could fit in standard rigged mesh clothings and the top layer was wraping around the chest so appliers were looking very good. Then the creator changed the body and while all these updates are really good, on the other hand it was no more what I was looking for so I switched for Belleza. Recently I bought Slink Hourglass, not because I don't like my Belleza Venus anymore but I was geting tired to see always the same shape. It's most definitely a nice change but then comparing the two, I confirm that I do prefer my Belleza Venus. Would I go back to my first meshbody? I'm trying to be a responsible user and to avoid or lower my lag as much as I can so I would not go back to my old complex meshbody (the latest release of Tonic meshbodies have lower complexity than the first release). It doesn't work like this anymore with Slink. The latest update is omega ready which means : activate once and done.
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