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  1. It depends what I do or where I go. This is my favorite biker outfit : While I prefer to wear this dress when I go shopping. The fiting is very good and I don't always need to undress to demo something over this dress. But when I go bellydancing, this black outfit is my favorite one : These three outfits are my favorite ones, I usually change clothings from them.
  2. Looking at your feet and the shoes, the shortest answer is : you can not adjust these feet and shoes together. The long answer is that these shoes are designed for Slink feet, an avatar add-on meant to hide and replace the default feet. This is where the answer starts to get longer, I'll try to explain it as simple as I can. 1. These shoes fit for Slink high feet so you'll need these feet to fit with these shoes. 2. Check the skin matching between your feet and your body. There are two ways to do it : tint manually the feet until they match your body skin buy a skin with applier (Slink or Omega applier. Be careful that you'll need the Omega kit for the Omega applier). Then your shoes will fit just like this :
  3. Being a roleplayer with Belleza Venus, I'll give some feedback and possibly hints. The sleeves don't fit. Being full perm, it's possible to hide totally the sleeves and that's the best way to wear it. There are no undies/panties and not every panties are going to fit under the belt silks. The chest cover is floating around the breasts : wear an applier bra under it if you don't want to expose your nipples. The waist doesn't fit very well either. I didn't tried it but it's nice to see she's finally doing fitmeshes. Luas has some really nice stuff and the fiting is really good, such as this : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Luas-Ashe-Green-Fitted-mesh-outfit/8200265 Evelineinthebox and Mistique are two other stores with decent choices, be careful with the fiting and demo everything though. While not known as a fantasy store, Just Because has some amazing clothings and with the right accessories it does it, such as this : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Just-BECAUSE-Venom-Gown-FatPack-Maitreya-Belleza-Slink/10707563 Kaithleen's is another store I would suggest to have a look at. If you want to go with a more warrior look, PFC has some nice things and modifiable. Going with a non-Maitreya meshbody, usuallly means to be more creative and to know how to mix and match this and that in a fantasy way. This is why I mentioned so many non-fantasy stores for the quality of their items that are easy to mix and match.
  4. I've a friend like this. He never dresses up his avatar, he's even an older user than me (since 2007 while I joined in 2010) and yet, I taught him only few days ago how to save an outfit. And vice versa, no? My experience taught me that a lot of males appreciate that a woman doesn't have an outdated cartoonish avie.
  5. Yes, Arte is a good suggestion. It's where I got mine.
  6. Right. Everything that can be uploaded inworld, can be copybotted. No exceptions. To be picky on who can get a dev kit can definitely do nothing against this. Yes, that's really sad news to hear how Belleza doesn't help her own products to become more popular.
  7. The main difference between to alpha or not your meshbody under a mesh cloth is about how long others are seeing you in your full naked glory before your mesh clothings are rezzing for them.
  8. You don't have to stick to the standard shape. That's me wearing Belleza Venus and my own self-made shape : With a fitmesh body, you can edit your appearance, make the shape you want and a fitmesh clothing sized for this body will still fit. Here's an example with my same shape and same meshbody :
  9. If you buy the Slink high feet, it'll simplify a lot your shoewear. All you'll need to do is : wear the Slink feet, alpha your default feet and tint/apply a skin on these mesh feet only once. Then you'll be able to wear any Slink shoes. While if you stick to the previous prim shoes+feet, you'll have tint every single pair of shoes to match your skin, adjust every single pair of feet, everytime. For boots, you may not need mesh feet as long as you can alpha (i.e. : hide) your feet. But it depends on the boots design too. There are many boots with open sides, open heels or open toes (a lot of boots with open toes) and you'll need mesh feet with them.
  10. It may come from an outdated engine or a script timing out or a message not poping up. Would it possible to know what script engines are used in these furnitures? To check it, right-click>Edit on a furniture, then go to the Contents tab and you'll see the scripts.
  11. My personal feedback on these avies is very close to LittleMe. For me, the 1st avie doesn't feel very inviting for a chat. He feels too insecure. On the other hand, the second one looks more stable and deeper. More like someone I could chat for hours with and we'll still have a topic to talk about after.
  12. That reminds me a hunt I did years ago. It was called Totally Wrong Hunt, or something around this, and I got a tee with hairs on it. Yes, on the tshirt.
  13. The url I provided is the one I see when I hover over the More button. It's not about the More button itself. It's that my.profile is still crippled with invalid redirects. When I hover over the More button, my web browser is showing me the invalid url I linked... while clicking on the More button works fine and if the redirect was correct, then the More button should not work (or vice versa).
  14. It's nice to see that some guys are making some nice looking avies. I can't wait to see the others (preferably topless?).
  15. Or not. Click on your More button at the bottom of your Feed then compare to this : https://my.secondlife.com/Myra.wildmist/feed?page=2
  16. My merform is a mix&match of different things but I'll try to list them (at least the parts still purchasable). Body : Belleza Venus, Tail : JOMO female mermaid tail, Body scales : :[Even~Tide]: Gradient Mer Scales, Underarm webs : Oceanborn ice mermaiden (arm webs), Finned ears and Headfins from Soul, Chest and arm glows : -Deep Seas- Biolume Mermaid Tail Rose, Hips fins : ..:SweeT LieS:.. Marina outfit, Neck ornament : ..:SweeT LieS:.. Aqua Gardbrace, Hairs : #ZPN Python Colors, The shell bra is a custom mod from furniture's parts I unlinked and relinked together.
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