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  1. My first account was male and it ended badly. After a few years away I thought I could try again but be me this time. No more playing unless we are both very clear that we are playing.
  2. Yes, I have heard of femdoms. Wouldn't I need to buy land for this? How would I get men to be apart of it once I started it? It is hard enough finding a dance partner for the evening.
  3. Hi. I have the most basic level of newbie questions and they are all embarrassing. How? What do you do? Where do I go? I have been enjoying the music in game and talking with people I meet. It is intimidating when everyone around me is 10 years old while I am excited to be over 30 days and no longer sent home from different places. So far I have danced with exactly two guys and I had to start the conversation and ask them to dance first. Is this the culture here? What do I do if I want to kiss? How about more? Am I expected to have a home we can go to? Is Second Life fe
  4. I recently joined SL and have been lurking these forums for ideas. I have a toon I like so far with a mesh body and soon a head. Finding an AO is a different story. I picked up one brand that some people say they like and at the store I liked it too. Once I wore it I noticed that my left leg is twisted in for many of the poses. When every stand has the same leg twisted inward it looks deformed rather than cute. I tried to edit the card inside the HUD and think I got it working. Then I saw another brand where all I have to do is drop a new animation on it and it adds it to the l
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