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  1. Yes I made sure I was the only one getting group liabilities, so i will wait and see when I get the L$ credited to my account, thanks for the reply!
  2. Hello, I have created a group for my private club and I am not getting the L$ credited after members join. In the Group Profile under "Land & L$" tab I can see the amount of L$ credited but how can I transfer it to my L$ balance? Thanks for any help
  3. Vista I guess? Ok thanks I'll have a look over there. I use to like Oracle (or is it Oracul?) too, some nice natural animations, not sure if they upgraded to Bento.
  4. After hours of trying demos and bugging everybody in various group chats I've finally made my choices and went with... what you had suggested Rhonda, Maitreya body and LeLutka bento head and I'm loving my new look! Thank you so much everybody for taking the time to post your helpful advices and opinions, I really appreciate. Now another question, what about AO huds? Needs specific AOs for this body or normal AOs would also work?
  5. Hi guys, me again, I just can't find the actual Lelutka Bento heads on MP, the search show everything, shapes, skins but can't find the actual heads. Can anybody paste me a link please? Also while searching I found this which would really be the kind of look I'd like, shape, skin, open mouth with teeth slightly parted but it's actually only the beauty marks. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Aidhona-Beauty-Marks-for-Lelutka-Mesh-Heads/7608305
  6. Thank you so much everybody for all these very helpful tips. I'm starting to get a feeling for what I need to do now, I will try demos and combine them to see how they match until I feel that I've found the new me!
  7. Oh cute, I want that! So it has to be a mesh head with Bento option?
  8. Thank you Morgan, I'm saving these links. A lot of different options and advices already.. Takes a deep breath, I'll get there...
  9. Very helpful advice from handsome looking male, your profile picture is so, so hot! Thanks handsome!
  10. Hello Second Lifers, I am coming back to SL after nearly 4 years off and I'm astonished to see the progress that's been made notably with mesh bodies and heads. As I've been exploring the worlds and seeing these gorgeous avatars, some look so impressively realistic, I become excited at the idea of creating my own. But most players I've asked seem vague and hesitant to share their sources and secrets, for fear that I copy their looks or disdain of the "noob" trying to steal their beauty secrets. So here I am asking you all. I've been shopping around and so far I am leaning toward Slink Physique or Maitreya. But I was told that certain mesh bodys had much better support from clothes creators. And about mesh heads, which ones would you recommend for both beauty and realism? Money is not an object, I'm willing to invest to get the best quality but seeing how expensive these are I would obviously to get it right the firt time rather than wasting thousands of L$. So, which bodies and heads would you recommend for a mix of beauty and realism? Thank you for taking time to read and answer. It's exciting to be back!
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