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  1. I don't have a male avie so I can't help directly on your questions however I believe I can provide some helpful feedback based on the examples you linked. I see some newbie mistakes in your definition of preferences and I'll explain what I mean. Skin One looks very detailed indeed but this will also be the restriction. As soon as you'll try to have this skin on a different shape, different face you'll have higher risks that it doesn't look that good anymore with details not fiting that well. Skin Three is the exact opposite. Its smoothness allows this skin to be compatible more styles and to remain consistent when the face is animated. I don't know if you want a static style or something you can customize and fit in different genres but I believe that it's something to consider before making any purchase.
  2. Yes, the Tuty's AO is acustomizable AO. I've 3 notecards to choose what anims I want to use. I even rezzed it, removed some buttons I'm never using and changed the "Tuty's" title to display "Maya" instead so now it's my custom Maya AO.
  3. There are full perms, you can rezz as many as you want and link them together and texture them and link them to a plank too.
  4. And shoebase. With hover height alone, you'll either have your soles into the ground or be floating above the ground.
  5. Today I discovered how to wear platform heels without having the soles through the ground nor floating over the ground so I'm updating accordingly my outfits.
  6. No, it's not just me. http://slgi.wikia.com/wiki/Bloodlines_Vampire_System_(costs) in: Demography Bloodlines Vampire System (costs) HOW EXPENSIVE IS PLAYING BLOODLINES Many players spend huge amounts of money for this. Some feed entire armies of alts. Others, buy you a HUD and will even pay you in extra. The third group, will try only to steal your soul, then never talk about you. Well, there are residents that joined this at their own will and with their own money, but they are not always linked to top players. You can see small families (groups of up to 100 players) that form clans. They are close friends and sometimes neighbors. These small clans are never going to the top. They stay put, they just enjoy their own roleplay. The following lists show the costs you spend to get ranked, suppose that you pay all your minions need (their HUD, their fluids and costs for their own minions). Calculation is made only for Bloodlines roleplay, not for War. Complete gear Edit HUD (all 3): 3x599 = 1797 L$ AMULET: 7999 L$ SPIKE / CLAW: 2x499 = 998 L$ VIALS: 2x99 = 198 L$ COFFIN / SARCOPHAGUS 2x599 = 1198 L$ SCANNER: 499 L$ BOUNDS: 2x999 = 1998 L$ SIPHONS: 3x399 = 1197 L$ BADGE: 199 L$ INSIGNIA: 499 L4 SOUL TROPHY: 299 L$ WORMWOOD: 249 L$ NIGHTSHADE: 249 L$ VALERIAN: 249 L$ HEMLOCK: 249 L$ ELECTRUM: 999 L$ VALERIAN: 49 L$ WOLFSBANE: 249 L$ HAUNT + bar pack: 999 L$ TOTAL: 12 174 L$ (without amulet), 20 173 L$ (with amulet) Transformed: 49.69 $ (without amulet), 82.33 $ (with amulet) Those who don't pay for amulet will pay more for body fluids, in time. So, before quoting me and making it something personal which I did not at all while you've no problem to claim it's from me... please check the informations on Bloodlines.
  7. If you want to play this game, you're going to buy more than just the hud... much more.
  8. If you want to do an analogy, this Universal Avatar is much more like a HDD that one could plug on USB, SATA and uses with Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc... As titillating it can sound for all the geeks, it's not really a good thing. As soon as you flatten the diversity to zero, you enter a world of conformity.
  9. The major and utmost important point that this article is ignoring, dismissing and denying blatantly it's that the reason behind the lack of uniformity between the different mmos made off CryEngine, Unreal, etc... is not a lack of at all, it's about to adapt the contents to the environment.
  10. one customizable avatar with inventory, (...) if the major players ever do agree on some open standards (...) Yes, I think we read it.
  11. The most annoying part in Bloodlines is what Klytyna mentioned : it's a pyramid selling system. I would hardly call this a roleplay game.
  12. I think you misread the informations. The Community Standards say : the remote monitoring, posting of conversations, sharing of conversations without a participant’s consent are prohibited. There's no mention that it's limited to IMs only. It concerns all forms of conversations : local, group, private. No restrictions.
  13. I can tint any of my layers (tat, under, top) on my Belleza Venus. Here, the original tattoo is white and I tinted it to give this henna color.
  14. The privilege of being a big name, they can overprice their stuff and everyone calls it normal. It's also the most expensive heads with Catwa and LaQ, while AK and Altamura heads cost less.
  15. Try here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search[category_id]=599&search[keywords]=roses&search[maturity][]=General&search[maturity][]=Moderate&search[maturity][]=Adult&search =1&search[per_page]=12
  16. @Rolig Loon : I think he might be refering to this ? 1.2 The Service exists only as long as and in the form that we may provide the Service, and all aspects of the Service, including your User Content, are subject to change or elimination. Linden Lab has the right to change, limit access to, and/or eliminate any aspect(s), feature(s) or functionality of the Service (including your User Content) as it sees fit at any time without notice, and Linden Lab makes no commitment, express or implied, to maintain or continue, or to permit open access to, any aspect of the Service. You acknowledge that your use of the Service is subject to this risk and that you knowingly assume it and make your decisions to participate in the Service, contribute Content and spend your money accordingly. Linden Lab may, but will not have the obligation to, display, maintain, or otherwise make use of, any of your User Content, and Linden Lab may, in its sole discretion, modify, delete, or otherwise make use of User Content without notice or any liability to you or any third party. Linden Lab reserves the right to treat User Content on the Service as content stored at the direction of users for which Linden Lab will not exercise control except to block or remove content that comes to Linden Lab's attention and is offensive, obscene, abusive, illegal or otherwise objectionable to Linden Lab, or to enforce the rights of third parties or the content restrictions set forth below (in Sections 2 and 7), when notice of their violation comes to Linden Lab's attention. Such User Content submitted by you or others need not, however, be maintained on the Service by us for any period of time and you will not have the right, once submitted, to access, archive, maintain, or otherwise use such User Content on the Service.
  17. And Black Friday doesn't help I tell you. There are some stores with nice stuff but there are a little pricey and now everything 50% half. How am I supposed to resist? Conclusion... 142k inventory.
  18. Updating some of my outfits with my new shoes (and that is all you'll see on the forum)
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