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  1. I've been slightly obsessed with this app since finding it a few days ago, it's amazing how well it works if you take the right photo; https://streamable.com/f0i6sl I'm with what Vanity Fair posted in their blog post - these videos really do skip over the uncanny valley effect for me. maybe just because they're using a source video of an actual human person and mapping the image onto that, so it's more like mo-cap? but either way it's amazing to see our avatars in motion that you otherwise couldn't easily do. and singing rick astley This technology's been around for a little bit
  2. I could never understand business in a million years (I have a functioning moral compass) but I'm curious what on earth the goal could be, whether there's enough in LL worth sucking out. If you believe the cries, Second Life's been on its death bed for years, and I can't imagine that SL as it looked a few months ago had much to even siphon off. Do investment companies usually buy out boats with holes in them? Given the recent.. everything happening in the world I've read that SL's had a bit of an upswing in users recently, but I imagine this deal was set in motion well before that. Wonder
  3. heard it was world goth day, took a shot to celebrate. (actually, confession: I was listening to ABBA the entire time I was taking this. still, at least I look goth)
  4. a blood splattered baseball bat and tartan pants are essential for any trip to a spooky theme park
  5. realised midway thru taking photos that my new coat clipped with the trousers I had on so here's a closeup instead.. the shadow's kinda wonky but I like how it looks on my face
  6. I love dura's hairs.. constantly wish I could find some similar because I feel awful just using the same few!
  7. What hair is this? I love it (tho I might already have it)
  8. still getting to grips with what sort of windlight works best, as well as fiddling with poses with animare
  9. there's certainly some nice stuff recommended here, though I should've emphasised the thing with the v-tech in that I'd rather not use it because I'm worried about how a flat chested mod looks with an anime head. My biggest fear with the kemono was that it has a tendency to look very childlike, even when I've got sliders jacked up and my character's taller than most. Not that all anime avatars look like that but I have seen that sentiment expressed by a few people. Having the head sit on top of a 'regular' body like the maitreya helps shake off that a little bit. I do want my avatar to lo
  10. Recently bought the Maitreya body but I'm struggling a little bit to find stuff that matches the sort of look I wanna have. I kinda want to keep an androgynous or somewhat genderless look so for the most part revealing clothes are out. Tomboyish I suppose so very few skirts or dresses. I'm also leaning vaguely towards that sort of emo/goth look but only because this sort of look naturally lends itself to that. I know all that is vague but despite that it's still been hard to find anything decent.. maybe I'm not looking in the right spots, so that's why I'm turning to here. The best store
  11. apparently I should've just read the tooltip since I'm the owner that means any group member would have all permissions for any object I share (though Deed there is greyed out so I'm not entirely sure how that works)... which would explain how they were able to easily edit all the stuff. So I was just an idiot to share all that stuff. Thanks everyone for your help, though!
  12. oh, that's interesting! Could they really not change anything about the object? As said, far as I can tell the objects weren't moved, they were physics/phantom enabled. these are the only relevant permissions I can see, and they're all disabled for everyone except officers. There's also the "Always allow 'Create Objects'" role, which I've handed to one or two friends so they could rez stuff without being made an officer, but far as I can tell that wouldn't have an impact either. I'll have to do some tests with my own group just in case there is a setting I've missed. I know for
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