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  1. apparently I should've just read the tooltip since I'm the owner that means any group member would have all permissions for any object I share (though Deed there is greyed out so I'm not entirely sure how that works)... which would explain how they were able to easily edit all the stuff. So I was just an idiot to share all that stuff. Thanks everyone for your help, though!
  2. oh, that's interesting! Could they really not change anything about the object? As said, far as I can tell the objects weren't moved, they were physics/phantom enabled. these are the only relevant permissions I can see, and they're all disabled for everyone except officers. There's also the "Always allow 'Create Objects'" role, which I've handed to one or two friends so they could rez stuff without being made an officer, but far as I can tell that wouldn't have an impact either. I'll have to do some tests with my own group just in case there is a setting I've missed. I know for a fact that none of my officers logged in during the time it happened (I mean, there's probably a way to alter the 'last online' thing, but I doubt any of my friends would do that). Plus, they could've done a lot worse.
  3. Thank you, this is probably what I should've done to start, though I'd rather a way that meant that only items I'd specifically marked to share could be edited by the people I'm working on this with. (Not because I don't trust them, just in case something accidentally happens). What would be the best way to do this? Just make a new group and manually change all the items on the land to be set to that group instead? Since as I said earlier this is something I'm working on with others, not all the objects are owned by me, and there's a few placed by people who don't regularly log on. Thank you both again for your replies.
  4. I don't know if this is the right place to ask or if anyone can even help with this, but I'm trying anyway. I'm renting a little parcel of land on a sim, and I've got a skybox on it. I logged in today to find various items missing - random items, unlinked to each other, from a wall to a bench to some objects my friends had placed. They'd all had physics and phantom enabled and tumbled down to the floor of the sim. All of these objects had 'Share' to group enabled. It seems like someone had joined our group (its public and free to join) and enabled physics etc. There is a permission in group permissions that says "Manipulate (move, copy, modify) group-owned objects", which is enabled only for the owner (myself) and officers (all my friends). The default user role has NO permissions outside of joining the group chat and setting home on group land. None of them have been online today, and I trust them not to do stupid crap. So it would seem that someone malicious joined the group, enabled physics on everything they could, and then left. So does the 'Share' tag on an object allow ANY member of a group to edit an object, even if the only relevant permission is disabled? I'm guessing it's not someone who cheated themselves into being an officer since they could have done a LOT worse than just mess with a few items. Is there any way to make it so that ONLY officers can do anything to shared objects, or do I need to make another friend-only group or something?
  5. proud of how these turned out, but i cant decide on which look I prefer!
  6. see title basically. Sometimes, after changing regions or whatever, my avatar and her clothes will look kinda 'twisted', like someones turned them into rope and twisted it. Basically as if you were looking at her from far away so level of detail is low, but I'm looking right at her. Only way that seems to fix it is to take off and re-add all of what I'm wearing, mesh body and all, but it's a bit of a hassle to have to do that every time and worse when I'm working on the avatar and sometimes forget what I had attached. Could anyone explain A) why this happens and B) if anything can be done to fix it?
  7. I'm relatively new to second life and I still use the in-world search for the overwhelming majority of my shopping or whatever. A lot of keywords I use now return only a handful or no results at all. For any new user, the primary way they're gonna look for new places is to click the magnifying glass button on the default browser, which takes them directly to this search which is currently broken. This ruins the 'new user experience' which is why I'm surprised LL isn't sitting upright and paying attention.
  8. the head that comes with the body.. what is it? A lot of skins for the body on the marketplace seem to require one of the M3/Venus M3 heads (which I don't have) and I'm scared to purchase one in case it doesn't work with the avatar 2.0 head. also, does anyone have any experience with making an av with the avatar 2.0 body that isn't dangerously child-like or like it escaped from a strip club? I imagine the avatar 2.0 isn't liked in this forum for that reason - which I understand! - but it was way cheaper than some of the other ones :-( .. A lot of the clothes fall into either flat chested ~kawaii~ or full on bdsm gear almost. My goal for the avatar is to get an androgynous (female-aligned, mind - not too into the 'femboy' stuff) look that I could take into non-anime sims and not look too uncomfortably out of place. Hell, if anyone who doesnt like or use the body wants to say what they dont like about people who normally have it that I could try and avoid, that would help. thanks in advance!
  9. also would like to post a screenshot of what I have so far and extend a thank-you to everyone who's replied so far, definitely been huge helps! Not sold on the hair yet (its a demo I cropped it out) but I think I'm getting the hang of this now!
  10. not in the default viewer! I guess I should download a third party viewer
  11. I guess I also have to ask, besides the however-much the head costs, how much might I be looking at in total in extras? IF I, say, spring for one of Catwa's bento heads (which look pretty good!) then thats 5k already, not including anything I might want on top of that like skins, eyes, clothes and so on. Can anyone suggest a reasonable budget? Not looking to become a supermodel here, just unique!
  12. Thank you everyone, as I'm quickly finding out the selection for men is pretty dire, but I think I found one or two mesh heads that work - not so much with the bodies, do people notice much if your body is just the default one? The prices are a bit steep but maybe they're worth it. also really basic question which I'll ask here: how do I stop my avatar looking around? Was demoing some heads and whenever I'd click on the hud my head would switch to the side which was annoying since I wanted it to be facing the camera
  13. I'm admittedly not really used to second life. Started using it mostly as a 'har har lets mess around on second life' with mates. Find a flat colour freebie top that says 'Gamer', garish shades and garish speedos and put them on the default avatar and move on. I want to move away from that (Friends got bored, I didn't) but man everything has one of two problems: A) expensive! or B) not necessarily ugly, just uncomfortably weird-looking, especially if you move away from looking at the screenshots and into everyday use, walking around and roleplaying or whatever. Often those with problem A) also have problem B). Maybe the problem is that there's no consistent style? Like you could compare the Sims series which still holds up really well, even sims 2 sims still look pretty ok. But then second life is a constant clash of styles and it looks kinda like photorealistic but in a way that also makes you really uncomfortable I was trying to find an example in other media but to kind of explain what I mean I'll just use the three skins listed under the 'Best Selling' male skins on the marketplace One: ...actually looks really good. It's one of only a few skins I've seen that's not terrifying. Two: looks alright at a glance but if you look closer it feels slightly off. The hair (which I appreciate isn't part of the skin) is also part of the issue. Three: is really what a lot of second life avatars look like to me, deep in the uncanny valley. This means no hate against the person who made this or anyone who does like this style, just personally for me (maybe it's the lighting?) it isn't really on any level of attractive of any kind. The more anime-ish avatars tend to look pretty good and don't trigger the same kind of flight or fight response from me, though I'm hesitant to adopt one of those styles because, well, they look really child-like but at the same time with those proportions... As I write this, I realise that a lot of avatars are kinda expressionless, which is off-putting too. The animations both facial and body in the sims really made them feel cartoonish, in second life less so, everyone has a hundred yard stare and look more like dolls than characters, people. This is a ramble, really. I just want to know if there's a middle ground or a way to make it so that I can get an avatar that looks good even as I move around in it, or do I just need to embrace the slightly-offputting vacant looks that all second life avatars seem to have? And again, no hate to anyone who does like that look, I'm just kinda new to this
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