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  1. Where's yours? My oldest snapshot is from 2011 but I kept this shape until I switched to meshes.
  2. Sho(e)ping, there"s a sale at Glamistry.
  3. Sometimes it feels like you're saying Belleza for Freya mainly. Glad to hear you always mean all three. I've noticed that too about Venus which affects me directly as it's my favorite Belleza one. I'm still trying to figure and understand what it means and what can be done but I'm short in answers.
  4. While I was looking for lingeries, I found this pantsuit. Love this purple.
  5. I'm not sure if you're speaking about default cloth layers or meshes. The Avatar has 8 layers : jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants, underpants, socks, gloves and tattoo. They don't replace each other so if you wear a shirt and a jacket, you're wearing both. Wear or Add : when you choose to wear a layer, it'll replace the previous one. When you choose to add, it'll add with the previous one (max 10 per layer and max 60 total). So if you wear a short then add a short, you'll then wear both. Mesh clothing is independant from the default clothing and doesn't use any of the avatar's layers. Mesh cloths are attachments to the avatar. Attach or Add : a lot of creators use the same attachment point for any mesh cloth which is why wearing one mesh replace the previous one. To be able to wear different meshes, it is then recommend to Add rather than to Attach. To take off something, either a clothing layer or an attached mesh, pop up the Appearance window > Wearing, and from there choose to detach/take off. Two other things that you didn't mention but might be useful : - alpha : a mesh cloth usually comes with an alpha to hide this part of the default avatar under it and to prevent the default avatar to poke through the mesh cloth. - make outfit : once you've made a style that you like (shoes+pants+top+etc...), consider to save this outfit, it'll allow you to change with one click ( Wear - Replace Current Outfit) from your outfit gallery.
  6. Have a look at Follow Us and Trompe Loeil. They might have things you can like there. For gardening, I would suggest T-Spot Design.
  7. Keep posting this kind of pictures and I'm sure it's going to be fixed.
  8. Most stores are selling Omega appliers and most popular meshbodies have an Omega kit available at Omega Solutions. Maybe some old skins still have the SLink appliers? I don't know. I usually see Omega appliers for the meshbodies. The SLink hands are no more static, there are bento now. For the Omega kits, the only one that needs to attach a relay each time is for Maitreya. For SLink just activate Omega and done, nothing to mess with.
  9. Thank you, it's based on a V8 aero-engine.
  10. Found back this top, pants and shoes in my folders. I like them.
  11. Updating some of my old fav outfits with my SLink Hourglass meshbody.
  12. Comments on the look depend on the visual signals you're sending through your appareance and representation. Cute is often perceived through fresh colors and young attires. Try with a pastel blue coat or pale pink. Pretty is often perceived through the inviting and open feeling from one's appearance. Try to remove this scarf and choose a coat that enhances your shape. Here one of my favourite winter outfit : That's how I'm dressing my avie too. Sometimes I would try a demo of a nice mesh cloth but I can't like my avie into it. It would be a very pretty dress but just not for me. I always choose things I'm comfortable to look in.
  13. If you can afford the fatpack then yes, I believe it's worth it. All Belleza Bodies in both full and lite version so you can switch between Freya, Isis or Venus anytime you want to change your curves. Switching between full featured or basic lowlag version of a Belleza body. And free updates for all 3 bodies instead of just 1 of them.
  14. The fat pack contains all 3 Belleza bodies : Freya, Isis and Venus. All of them as full and lite version for a total of 6 meshbodies then. The full version contains 1 of the Belleza bodies with all features enabled. The lite version contains 1 of the Belleza bodies with basic features (1 layer, no handposes).
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