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  1. Not sure if attracted is the right word, since I don't look for relationships, but I take a second glance if I see an avatar having a different look than "basic shape that came with one of the 5-ish bodies and heads they sell, wearing the outfit and hair that is on the best selling first page of the marketplace"
  2. I have no clue what is considered necromancy in this forum, since a lot of posts seem to move quite slowly, so sorry if this is already an old thread, but i like the topic and just found it, so here's my experience: I'm primarily from the Roleplaying Scene, and I mean roleplaying as in playing a thought out character in a given setting, not trying different roles and putting on a costume during sex. (It's really unfortunate that both are called the same ^^) That said, the avatar on my screen is also the person I am at the moment. I can still differ between real life and the character, not saying I entirely loose the connection to my real self, BUT I also tend to change how i act and type out of character, when controlling one or the other. Since I almost always play at least 2 characters in any roleplaying game, I tend to have a lot of experience with portraying both genders and since I also like to observe society, I feel that I also got a lot of insight in a) differences in how people of either gender write and b) how others react to your gender. Also from that viewpoint I usually don't really think much or care about who is behind an avatar. If you move on to different games or talk more IRL, it might come up as a topic at some point, but if the other person doesn't want to give away more, then that is also no issue for me.
  3. After all the excitement of moving over to mesh, I can now enjoy trying different styles. Today I went for a wilder style and thus shaved off the sides of my hair.
  4. I never had issues with the amount of points, but I wish you could change the "double click" default action to "Add" instead of "Wear", cause i always forget to right click>add and drop something else.
  5. Yeah, i love that the rigged to body clothing is actual fitting models and not just "slap some texture on it and attach some parts that clip through everything when moving". I am happy with what I got, but I still have to keep my wallet and mouse away from more buy buttons to test different ones, especially now that I bought things that are exclusvely tied to a certain head and body. I'm also stupid in not being too enthusiastic about trying demos ^^
  6. So reporting back after finally testing it. Seems that the beta viewer fixed it.
  7. Thats a fun observation. I guess it's basically based on the beauty definition of the creator and both have different thoughts for each gender.
  8. exactly. I understand that some people prefer it that way, but even if the lelutka has that too, it isn't as extreme there.
  9. Oh ok, I tried the Blend/Mask/Blend before, but the Mask one was empty. Guess it has to have something on it to be used then. Gonna rearrange everything and try again.
  10. Ok, I tried restarting the launcher and it still has that issue. Looks like this: I also realized now that IF it would work with the masked layer showing up correctly, the vanishing issue would be gone.
  11. But if I set anything to Mask mode, it turns into solid black, as in texture is overwritten by black solid color
  12. 1) The tattoo is worn on the tattoo layer. Doesn't matter on what or what kind of stuff i put on the layers above 2) definitely not. I sometimes accidentally detach my body and then have nothing
  13. So not sure how common that issue is and if there is a solution even. I attached 2 screenshots. 1 for the tattoo (Identity bodyshop) how it is supposed to look and 1 how it randomly vanishes or partly vanishes. I use the Maitreya body and I think it's connected to having a layer above used (underwear or clothing). I also read something about using mask mode in between to help with that, but mask mode makes everything SOLID black and also doesn't seem to help with the issue. At the moment to get it back to work I have to randomly hide or unhide layers and as soon as I move the camera around it vanishes again. Maybe it's also just some graphic setting?
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