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  1. So far, I'm pretty much sold on the Vstrings now thanks to you fine folks! Now I just need to get the two lindens to try both the demos so I know which one to buy later. Keep the thoughts coming, I'll be reading and commenting as they come if I can. and if I'm not playing the sims.
  2. So, I've tried asking the group known as Big Boobie Babes Freebies on what breast they prefer to gather opionins from others on the brands they use and was met with a lot of negatitvity. I only asked so I know what's out there and what's the most compatible with the appliers that are out there so I know what to look at and what to avoid. Now I am asking you good people here at the Your Avatar forum. Out of all the brands that are out there and well known - What's the best that's out there? I like all the different shapes and what not; but I want to know what works with appliers and what doesn't based on personal experinces.
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