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  1. This competition has now closed. Interesting to note that no SL artist wanted to win $5000L.
  2. hi, thanks for your response, the guy from Linden came around for a few hours and is investigating, they also restarted the sim a few times, to no avail. I will try your other idea and yes if we find an answer I will post it. A few people are pointed to a corrupted texture but without pulling the whole place apart piece by piece I am not sure how you would evre find that. V
  3. no because it appears to be specifially related to her and not anyone else arriving at the sim. if we restart the sim wouldnt the issue still be there if it is an object that is causing the conflict? can you explain what the logic behind a sim restart would be, we might try it.
  4. Hi, I trust this is the right forum. A friend of mine has a problem and since we are struggling to solve it I thought I would put the problem to the greatest minds in human history - in here. We recently started a new sim. Most of the items that have gone into the sim were put there in the first week, by her. She had no problems at all during that first week. She went away for the weekend, came back and made a few additions and then WHAM, she suddenly starts to crash at the sim but with no identifiable pattern. The crashing has gone on for over a week, although for one 24 hour period she was
  5. oh, humiliation is encouraged - you poor man. The things we do to ourselves... Look forward to you sharing your shame with the world - its good therapy. :-)
  6. Hello, I am runnng a writing competition from now til the end of May. The theme is masturbation and should relate to your own experiences - i.e an embarassing moment when you were caught, a memorable moment, an outrageous moment. The entry must be no longer than 200 words, 100 is preferable. The entry must be your own, original work and by entering you will be authorising me to use the work in any publication. The best entries will be display at my new venue and may also be published in a collection of the entries. (please advise if you wish your work to be published under your name, a pen n
  7. Hello, we are opening a new sim shortly and want to display artworks in our new gallery. So, we are offering SL artists two opportunities. 1) We are running an art competition with a first prize of $5000L. The theme is masturbation - it is up to you how you interpret that. You may enter as many times as you like and you may enter a painting, or a photo or a sculpture. Indeed you may enter any artistic work that you think fits the theme. There is a $10L entry fee, just to keep spammers at a minimum. Entries close the 15th of May. Send your entries to me inworld, you must be the creator of the a
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