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  1. Hi, I was hoping to find either a college or modern roleplay sim that had pg pg13 roleplay style. I like family style modern roleplay but I not sure if i want to be a teen & I definately don't want to be a parent. I would love to be build a character who is in her mid twenties trying to figure out life etc. but I really not into harsh voilence or sexual Rp that you get from a lot of modern/urban sims. Its just not my style. Any ideas would be welcome Thanks Amiko Littlebird
  2. Well maybe I should try a different company... Any suggestions? Im kinda new to all of this. My question is I want a dark skin tone, and so far all the mesh heads that ihave seen use fair skins.... would I be able to apply what ever skin base I want to the other mesh heads or like The mesh Project Head I need to use a specialized skin?
  3. So Ive spent the better part of the last two days trying to understadn the Mesh Project Mesh head... Ive already notecarded the owner of the skin ( Flore) and the actual help desk of the Mesh Project but haven't heard back. Has anyone set up their Ava using this system and wouldn't mind helping me out. I am throughly confused and frustrated at this point. Thanks! Amiko Littlebird
  4. Saw this hair when I was looking at Elysium skins. Would love this or somthing simlaur. Just curly mesh looking hair would be awesome! Thanks! Photo Original Link
  5. Thanks Alex! And welcome back yourself... Definately say Hi to me in World.... Amiko Littlebird
  6. ThanksDawek!. Happy to be making a return
  7. Hi All! I am returning to SL after taking a few months off... Its actually almost been a year, but any whoo...I'll spare the details! Anyways, I just returned a few days ago and find myself hopeleso sly lost as to what to do. I can be quite shy and timid at first but open up around the right people. I'm looking for a friend or a few friends who wouldnt mind taking me under their wing and showing fun things to do in SL. Doesn't matter if its a guy or gal. The things i remember I used to love to do was shop, take photos( will need to upgrade my CPU first), role play & dance. Most of all I
  8. What sim..or what type of sim were you thinking about?
  9. thats how I felt when I first saw Hard Core pawn.. I was like wha! can they show that on tv ..lol
  10. Sounds like something I maybe interested in. Did this idea ever get launched?
  11. Hi I'm Amiko, I took a short break from SL and when I came back pretty much all of my roleplay sims have been shut down, so I am basically starting over.I'm kinda of a semi shy person so its hard to me just plop into a scene without being invited first. So I thought I would seek out what I was looking for. Sorry if my post is a bit long :C Me: I am a semi para roleplayer.Its been a while since I have roleplayed heavily so my post can be kinda slow to type so I guess first off I would need someone who is patience and who is willing to give constructive criticisms , if my style or technique isn'
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