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  1. why does the grid somtimes lose were your avatar is after crossing a sim , mostly in an aircrraft , you get unseat and find your av as far as 2 to 3 sims away stuck in the air and if you try to cam TP back to the plane you end up in another random sim. then if you TP home you get the message your *technically there , but the viewer shows you some other place.
  2. was wondering if any other pilots are exsperiencing this problem were you cross a sim and your stuck for a moment and then see your 3/4 thru the sim when you become unstuck. i have tried this in various aircraft and get the same results. OR you pass a border at like 25 to 30 knots haft was thru the sim and you get rubberbanded back to the begining of were you entered.
  3. im relly wondering how long does it take for LL to fix this problem of large strips of land missing from the Main Map.
  4. textures will alter the LI of a build ? ........... did a test and set the build to all default *prim/wood texture. this did not alter the LI count. how can adding 3 cylinders to a build drastically change the count ? further, NOT pathcutting and hollowing the 3 prims -- no change. path cutting and hollowing the 3 cylinders makes the LI go nuts.
  5. ADDUM--- as soon as i unlinked the 3 prim straps the prim count becomes normal , the straps are strait prim too nothing special, then when i link the straps on the count goes crazy, the straps are only 3 cylinders hollowed and pathcut with a texture added. by themselves , linked together 3 prim, when linked to the rest of the build, the count of LI and prim count goes crazy .
  6. i just completed a small build and its all strait prim with no special mods on it and SL says its 253 Land impact!? actual prim count is 65 prims. whats going on ?
  7. ever since *serverside *anything* , rebaking seems to fail , is the key command CTRL ALT R still useable or works or is that dead? i have to relog for clothing to update if i change.
  8. this IS getting ridiculous !!! 3 days in a row , TP failures , asset failures, multiple login failures ? normally it takes 3 to 4 retries to get back in , and now its reaching almost a dozen D: . servers failing to remember were you were last at and puts you somewere you were 6 Hours ago?? it looks like SL is finally crumbling , INDEED LL needs to focus on fixing the system rather than keep adding NEW useless goodies. the proverbial last straw that breaks the camels back will soon rear it head . mark my words ...
  9. attemping to fly the upper continent of gatia 3 times SL kicks me offline ?! whats going on with the servers today D: iv never seen this in years
  10. attemping to fly the upper continent of gatia 3 times SL kicks me offline ?! whats going on with the servers today D: iv never seen this in years
  11. as i metioned.. i even tried a Basic avatar from the Library folder >> no attachments << and have tried other viewer Even the default viewer . i used to recall all viewers iregardless , would (play) this event . look back yourself dont you , or any of you recall when your first time going into SL water you would hear it. not even the LL default viewer emulates this effect anymore. so im pretty sure its a server grid effect that has been totally omitted .
  12. no its not viewer related.. i tried firestorm // singularity AND the default LL viewer . None of them even the default viewer emulates it anymore. i even tried the default *noob avatar and nothing... so its no avatar related either. so im thinking its grid server related . no more splash sound .. oh well ... it wont be missed lol
  13. was wondering if LL has removed the common sound of when an avatar goes into the water you normally hear a *splash either going into or out of the water. i tried seeing if its just the viewer i was using but it seems this is apparent in any viewer .
  14. on almost half of my stuff i own that has an animation in it ... sometimes i get this message and a Error-- ** Could not find animation '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'. is this a SL bug or a common creator bug or flaw?
  15. does anyone see large strips of the grid missing when you zoom out to see a whole continent? is this a viewer or SL grid problem? acording to others they see the same glitch.
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