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  1. After searching for a while, I found out: Eyelashes are from Mozz - store has been closed. http://juicybomb.com/2010/11/14/mozz-tattoo-eyelashes/ Teeth tattoo is from Mozz - store has been closed. http://juicybomb.com/2010/12/11/mozz-aegyo-skin/ Eyes are from Muism - store has been closed. http://juicybomb.com/2010/09/14/muism-eyes-lash-tutorial/ T_T I guess I'll be staying with Pink Fuel's lips and Redgrave's lashes, which aren't bad at all. Thank you all for the replies!
  2. Not trying to copy her avatar, sorry if that is the impression I gave you. Just the lips and the lashes, because they look better than what I have found so far in the market. Not planning to copy the shape or anything. I like my own avatar more tbh.
  3. @Alwin Alcott I know :C it's super old. Wish I had seen that earlier... And I know it says tattoo, but I searched in both the tattoo and the mesh ones anyway, since people sometimes refer to the eyeliner barely shown beneath prim lashes. If you take a look at her store, you'll know exactly what I mean. She sells a lot of colored eyeliners, but no eyelashes anywhere. She just uses them for the pictures. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/56044 And I'm not looking for the colored eyeliner, but the lashes only, and the lips, or the skin that contains either of them. Oh and how about the eyes? They look similar to these, but they're not: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Customeyes-Unlimited-Customization/3530274 Thanks for the reply! @Aethelwine I've tried all the [PF] lips, I'm a huge fan, but only the Black (Ink) ones look good with teeth to be honest. Other colors (just red basically) look too bright/dark/glossy. and I really don't want to go with black lips. I tried some from Deetalez too, but nothing looks as good as the ones I'm looking for. I'm not a big fan of mesh/prim lashes, but I'll search up the ones you mentioned about; thank you for the reply!
  4. Hello! I was reading an sl blog today and I found this: http://juicybomb.com/2010/11/14/mozz-tattoo-eyelashes/ From my understanding, those eyelashes no longer exist. I was able to contact the owner of that avatar, she however seems to have quit SL, she hasn't replied yet, and I am starting to lose hope. :( She's called "Chelle Carousel", pictures of her avatar can be found in her store, in products like this: If anybody could help me identify the eyes/eyeliner/lips (or the mesh avatar, if it is one), I'd really appreciate it! Edit: The product shown above is not the one I'm looking for, tried it already. Also, I visited the location of that in-world "Mozz" store, and it no longer exists :(
  5. PlayboyBunneh


    Thanks for the answers, I'll ask my friend to create a new account!
  6. Found it with the help of a friend, but I really appreciate your help!
  7. @Ariel Vuissent I only tested it with two people and they both were seeing the same thing. I also opened two clients on my computer, and on my laptop, so no, I strongly doubt it's the computer or the settings. Also thank you for the compliment and sorry if I sounded offensive in any way, I did not mean it. I truly appreciate the concern. @Coby Foden Thank you but I don't think that's the same thing - because it's not an object's position or shape that's distorted, but the texture of the skin I believe. And clearing every cache was the first thing I did. I even reinstalled firestorm before trying other viewers. Again. thanks! @SaraCarena Glad you understand me! Thank you, I may do the jira thing later.
  8. @seanabrady I did that. Didn't fix it. The skin itself without ANYTHING equipped is not displaying properly to others. And it's not just one skin, but every skin I have. @Ina Fairport It's not different windlight settings, the color of the skin itself does not display properly to others. Both the shape and the color look different. @Perrie Juran I asked a friend to take screenshots, I opened two clients (logged on two diff accounts) and saw it myself. I even downloaded SL on my laptop to try it out. All had the same result. The look is distorted, that is what I am complaining about. @Ohjiro Watanabe Thank you, but I already know all these things. I've been around for almost a year. @Kelli May Not in edit shape mode. Just zoomed in using the camera controls. And no lights around me at all, I tried disabling the lights to make sure either way. @Meldina Ashbourne Thank you. @Pamela Galli I still consider it a big issue, because SL for me is all about looks. @LoriLexa Took every AO off, took off every object basically. Reset my avatar to the default one, stopped animations and revoked permissions, refreshed textures, tried a ton of things - nothing worked. Thanks anyway. @Nova Convair I respect your opinion, but please allow me to disagree. I don't care that much about what you call the "atmosphere of the whole scenario," I care about looks only. If I wanted a nice atmosphere/gameplay, I would not be in SL by now. I find SL's atmosphere boring. A game with a huge world and a population that can't even fill up 1/10 of it. You can't even have your own house/land without paying. I repeat - I'm here only for the modelling part. And if I can't get that working right, I will simply leave. @Drake1 Nightfire Already did that, but thanks anyway. I downloaded SL on another computer too like I said, to make sure it's not a computer issue. Thank you for your replies everyone!
  9. I opened two clients on my own computer... same computer, same viewer, exact same settings. The problem is in the game itself. The same thing happens in every viewer. But yeah, I guess I'm wasting my time here trying to find a solution. I'll just stick to a blog or something. Now I understand why everyone has a blog and posts pictures there... it's a shame. Thank you for the replies everyone.
  10. Minor? NO! I look deformed to others :C can't get over it. Major problem for me! All I care about in this game is the looks! If I can't have them working correctly, I'm quitting! Wasted hours, if not days working on my shape!
  11. Thank you, but they're really not the same! Perhaps I took the pictures from too close, I took new ones and edited my main post. They're not even close!!! I can't believe you guys can't see the difference! My windlight/graphic settings are the exact same! Every setting is! I opened two clients to see it myself, I didn't change a single setting. I tried changing every setting even in the advanced/developer menu, still same result! Nothing seems to work. :C
  12. Nevermind - found a solution to everything! The others can see me normally when the "avatars" slider is maxed, and the brows get fixed by equipping a bald base, zooming all the way out and back in, then putting back your normal brows (hairbase). Thanks to everyone who answered!
  13. At least I won't be the only one seeing it lol, that makes me feel better thanks for the Information Guys! I hope they fix that someday.
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