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  1. She was a good friend. But I stopped playing SL for a while and I want to know if anyone remembers her.
  2. Yes, you can quit any vampire game anytime. And you can join again if you want.
  3. it's more specific than a radar. it only identifies avatars involved in the game. more like an area search for avatars wearing a certain attachment.
  4. i don't write scripts so i wouldn't know. i thought there may be something i could look for. sorry if i am uninformed.
  5. no. i wanted to learn what a dangerous script looked like.
  6. never mind. i tried it on the alt and it doesn't work very well anyway. but thanks for the help.
  7. i was hoping to learn how to figure out what it is by looking at what scripts it contains. but i guess no one posting so far is that knowledgeable
  8. okay, it's something my avi can wear and is supposed to alert me to other game players close by.
  9. haha think what you want about it. anything is better than me talking about it.
  10. i'm involved in something like fight club. rule one is don't talk about fight club. what i've decide to do is create an alt and give it to him and see what happens. but i am grateful for your input.
  11. I know there are things in SL that when used may turn over control of your avi to someone else. I was given something and I am afraid to use it. However, it is something that could be very helpful to me if it is what the giver said it is. I don't know the giver though and don't feel like i can trust him. Can anyone help me?
  12. Thank you for this reply. I've played two systems. Bloodlines and Progeny. What I liked about both was I got a lot of friends really fast. And most of them were fun. Between the two i liked Progeny better. Sneaking up on people and biting them without them knowing took time to learn. I had to get creative. What I disliked about it was there was lots of fighting with other families or groups or whatever. Anyplace I went off my family's land I could be attacked. Fighting other vampires wasn't what I had in mind and no one told me about that part of the game. I wasn't allowed to stay neutral. I spent lots of $L trying to buy gadgets to protect myself but, in the end, i just had to quit the game. But I miss the friendships. How do you play outside the games? What compels you to take blood?
  13. I'd like to chat with someone that knows all the SL vampire games and can give me honest information about them. Please feel free to contact me in world.
  14. I'm building in world with prims. My plan is to export my build when finished and make it a mesh before uploading it again. But, having never done this before, I don't know how to prepair for it. I know how to export as a collada. Then I have to play with it in blender a little before uploading it. What exactly is saved when I export? If my build has things inside will they be lost if the outside is a box without any holes? Maybe I should export the roof as another file and put the two parts together after uploading them? Also will I be able to texture the item after I upload it or must I texture before uploading? Thanks for helping!
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