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  1. Further stigmatization of an already stigmatized, misunderstood, and marginalized identity, during pride month, in a pride thread... Groundbreaking. It's sad to see those whose own identities were once stigmatized in such a manner now being the ones to perpetuate the very views and misconceptions that many fought so hard to overcome. Enjoy your freedoms and acceptance but please try to allow others the same. Pride needs more of this:
  2. How it started: How it's going: Thanks for coming around. Happy pride. ✌️💛
  3. How very "kind" and “accepting” of you. So those who identify as ABDL - as their literal identity (a clearly misunderstood and marginalized identity) are not allowed to be proud of who they are and are not welcome at Pride events (or at least SL-related pride forum threads)? And you wonder why you don't see many ABDL's around on SL, they're all hiding away from reactions such as these. You’re just once again proving my point. Thank you. Happy pride!
  4. ABDL most certainly falls into the + of the LGBTQIA+ acronym salad and your attempted dismissal due to misunderstanding and misrepresentation thereof simply proves the very need for it to be included. Wrong on all counts. But keep bashing and excluding ABDL in a thread about pride; lovely acceptance you’re showing. Sexuality: Some ABDL identify as a-sexual or diaper-sexual (look it up). Many are Gay, Bi, etc. Gender Identity: Gay is not a gender identity either, it’s an orientation. Should we exclude gay from pride? Black is not a sexuality or a gender identity either, it’s a race/skin color, should we exclude that from pride? Struggle faced: Misunderstood, bashed, some have been denied job opportunities or been fired because their boss found out they dress like a kid and wear diapers at home, shunned from public places because of how they dress (especially in SL where ABDL’s often get booted from sims if they have a diaper or a pacifier even when their avatar is clearly and obviously an adult). Stigmatization of the lifestyle, etc… There are many struggles. Your ignorance thereof doesn’t invalidate it. You simply keep proving my point. Happy pride! ✌️💛
  5. Obviously, BDSM is a fetish, not an identity. In labeling ABDL as being nothing but a fetish, you’re confusing ABDL with Diaper Fetishism. While related, they are not the same. Diaper Fetishism and Infantilism are not the same. One is a fetish, the other is a misunderstood and marginalized identity in much need of some acceptance and understanding in the spirit of pride. Yes, the two often overlap for many people but there are people with a diaper fetish who don’t identity as an Adult Baby, then there are Adult Babies who are a-sexual so it has nothing to do with sex. In purely labeling it a fetish, you’re ignoring the AB part of the AB/DL, and in the process marginalizing ABDL as a whole which is the very reason that it’s becoming a part of pride in many places and why you may see dudes in diapers and pacifiers at pride events, in real life, anyway - the stigma towards ABDL in Second Life is unfortunately still very strong - hence my reason for dropping the ABDL flag into this thread because Adult Babies, many of which are Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, or Asexual, also deserve some acceptance and understanding in the spirit of pride.
  6. You could say the same thing about the Bears. No one is a literal bear yet some identify as such and it's included in pride with its own dedicated flag and all. The same goes for ABDL: for some, it's an identity; a marginalized, misunderstood identity. And your reaction here is the very reason why it's important to include it in the spirit of pride, to spread awareness and kill the misconceptions and stigmas around it. As for its relation to LGBT, see my previous response as to why it's included in pride.
  7. AB/DL (Adult Baby / Diaper Lover) It's this... but not this... It has absolutely nothing to do with kids - a common misconception. It's about being a kid, not playing with kids. It's a spectrum of things. For some it's just a kink or sexual fetish, for others it's a lifestyle or coping mechanism and has nothing to do with sex, for others it's both a lifestyle and a sexual fetish. There are many in the LGBT community who identify as ABDL, hence the dedicated flag and why you may see some dudes in diapers at some pride parades. Many LGBT people on the autism spectrum are also ABDL. It's more common than people may realize but most ABDLs try their best to hide it due to people making inaccurate assumptions about it, like some of the comments above - which makes including it in pride even more important because awareness creates understanding and removes stigmas. ✌️💛
  8. Love this collection but it’s missing this one…
  9. https://developer.apple.com/wwdc23/10123 https://developer.apple.com/wwdc23/10124
  10. This comment reeks of petty ignorance and self-importance. Just because YOU don't have a valid reason doesn't mean you need to dismiss others' needs or preferences. This doesn't affect you in any way. Providing access to a mobile viewer doesn't mean you'll stop having access to a desktop viewer. But you wanted valid reasons? Here you go: The main reason: Accessibility, especially for those with disabilities who aren't able to use keyboard and mouse input (the iPad does support touch, keyboard, mouse, Apple Pencil, voice, and game controller input). I personally know someone who is no longer on Second Life because a motor accident left them disabled. They're no longer able to use a keyboard and mouse but they now use an iPad and Apple Pencil to do everything they used to do on a desktop. They'll most probably return to Second Life once the mobile viewer is released. My reason: My iPad Pro M2 is a powerful beast, about 3x more powerful than my old iMac 4k. Since getting it, I've been using it as my main driver for pretty much everything because it's fun, it's portable, the battery lasts all day, and I'm not chained to a desk. I also experience frequent power cuts in my country and can't get much done on my desktop as a result, whereas a battery-powered device enables me to stay productive even during blackouts. The screen is anything but microscopic; sure it's not as large as an iMac or MacBook but surprisingly, that's not an issue. It's easy to hold and fun to use. I have been able to do almost everything on the 11-inch iPad that I'm used to doing on my 24" iMac, Second Life being the exception - the screen size is a non-issue, and if I ever want a bigger screen, when the power is on, I can Airplay Mirror my iPad onto my massive TV and chill on my bed or on the couch rather than having to sit at a desk. Rather than proclaiming "Nope" on things that other people are excited about and have a valid need for, maybe try to allow others to enjoy things, even if you don't. Don't yuck someone else's yum. Live and let live. No one is forcing you to use a mobile viewer but many of us would love the option, and fortunately, Linden Lab is working on giving us the option. ✌️
  11. Procreate can paint on 3D models: https://procreate.com/ipad/3d
  12. I see white cubes and the 3D world view doesn’t utilize all screen real estate on iPad Pro…
  13. It’s the new Virtual World Order, Grid domination!
  14. Yes! This is why the Second Life mobile viewer can’t come soon enough! I believe Spatial is also using Unity so that tells me that content upload is possible via mobile, so it can be done in Second Life as well, and hopefully it will be possible, and it’ll be SO MUCH better! Honestly, the only reason I really use Spatial now is because I can’t get onto Second Life from my iPad, and I need my virtual world fix, so to speak. Well, I can get on, with Speedlight, but Speedlight is not so great for exploring Second Life in 3D, unfortunately.
  15. Don't let the FS cult see you make such a suggestion, they'll come for you with burning pitchforks. But yeah, great suggestion!
  16. I hope that the mobile viewer will support most (or all) of the default desktop viewer functionality. There are really awesome 3D design apps on iPad such as Shapr3D and Nomad Sculpt. Nomad Sculpt can do PBR painting and export GLTF files. How awesome would it be if we can create content on iPad and take it directly into Second Life from iPad - no need for a desktop viewer? This is already possible in other virtual worlds such as Spatial, so it should be doable in Second Life as well. Hopefully, it will be, eventually.
  17. (insert cricket noises and/or dusty tumbleweed gif)
  18. It's very cool, but it would be even more cool with a fully rendered Second Life running on it.
  19. I just got an iPad Pro M2, would love to give this a try if you have a Test Flight version available. Let me be your beta tester 🥹🙏. I also have an iPhone Pro so I can test on that as well.
  20. I want to see SL run on my old Nokia 3310. If the lab wants to support old hardware, may as well go all the way. 🙃🤪
  21. Edited to add direct link to "Migrating OpenGL Code to Metal" documentation https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2019/611/
  22. Some Apple/Metal dev resources if you need help making the switch: Migrating OpenGL to Metal: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/metal/metal_sample_code_library/migrating_opengl_code_to_metal https://developer.apple.com/documentation/metal/ https://developer.apple.com/documentation/ https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2022/10/apple-introduces-ask-apple-for-developers/
  23. Loving this thread. Had to chime in with an analogy for those who don’t seem to grasp what’s been happening in the computer/tech industry… Think of Second Life as the television industry for a moment… Apple hardware and the Metal API is like a new 60” 8k HD TV. Windows is like an old small box-style CRT monitor/TV. Second Life‘s OpenGL codebase is like a VHS player. Content creators are like film makers. It doesn’t matter how great their films are, they’re limited by the VHS technology. It’ll look okay on old box TV’s but it’ll be a not-so-pretty experience on a big HD TV. You can’t blame the HD TV for poor visuals coming from the VHS, and of course you’ll have a better experience viewing the VHS on an old box TV than you would on a big HD TV. This doesn’t mean that the old box TV is better than the HD TV - it may appear that way but it’s simply not true. You’re misguided due to VHS being your only medium. The optimal solution for future proofing and for providing the best possible experience would be to stop using VHS and switch to Blue Ray or HD Streaming. That’ll also allow the film makers’ productions to truly shine. Instead, “we” are holding onto the VHS for the few that still have VHS players and old box TV’s in the fear of losing or upsetting that base, meanwhile providing a terrible experience to those who have moved on to watching HD films on Big HD TV’s; those expecting a high quality experience but are disappointed when they hook the VHS player up to their HD TV. New users with HD TV’s see photoshopped screenshots of “our” awesome “films” and want to watch but then realize they can only do so on VHS, so they maybe try it once and then never again, or they don’t even bother trying at all. No matter how many pixels that TV has, the VHS tape is limited to a tiny resolution, so it’ll always be a sub-par experience on the big HD TV. But “F*** HD TV owners”, right? They’re “St***d” for buying HD TV’s. They should all stick to small CRT monitors? “We” refuse to stop using VHS! HD TV owners are d_mb! *stubborn grumbly noises and floor tantrums* If Linden Lab wants to keep SL around for another decade or two, it’s time to shelve the VHS player and start using something that looks better on HD TV’s. it’s only a matter of time before no one has a VHS player or an old CRT Monitor anymore. By serving only those with VHS players, “we” are disregarding the rest of humanity and pretending that the future does not exist. My advice for Linden Lab and certain TPV devs that keep bashing Apple and Apple users (driving them away from SL in the process): First of all, stop insulting your own user base, then shelve your shiny bells & whistles projects and put ALL resources and funding into developing a Vulkan-based viewer for Windows and a Metal-based viewer for macOS. Drop OpenGL entirely. Once that is done, then continue with the other cool things that you’re doing. You’re making the coolest “films” and it keeps getting better but “VHS” isn’t going to get any better no matter how advanced the “film-making” techniques become. You’ll always be limited by the “VHS”. It’s time to switch to “Blue ray” and “HD streaming.” If you still have an old box TV with a VHS player, it’s time to upgrade if you expect to keep watching modern-day movie productions. Trash OpenGL. It’s dead. It’s over. It’s history. Switch to Vulkan and Metal. ✌️💛
  24. Technically speaking, any DJ performing live should only do so if they are licensed to do so, and if they pay royalty fees for every tune they stream. Most DJ’s on SL aren’t even real DJ’s and they play pirated stuff ripped off YouTube, don’t even live-mix, and don’t even have any idea how the music industry even operates. The reason why Linden Lab allows third-party streams in SL is so that they’re basically distancing themselves from all the copyright laws; Not their streams, not their problem. Also, that’s why there is a time/duration limit on sounds that you can upload into SL. They’ve covered their bases in that regard. You can’t upload an entire song as a single audio file. The only way that any DJ is actually legally DJ’ing and supporting the music industry is to source his or her music through a platform that pays royalties to the artist/producer every time a tune is played. Most real DJ’s use Beatport Link for that. If you rip your tunes off YouTube, you're breaking the law. If you buy your tunes from Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, whatever, and you stream the tunes you've bought - You're still breaking the law. Royalties must be paid for every song, every time you broadcast a song that is not your own production. The safest way to ensure royalty payment on each tune played is to use a service like Beatport Link. BUT... In addition to that, DJ’s also require broadcasting licenses in the country from which they are broadcasting - this applies to broadcasting online as well, regardless of how small or obscure the audience is (Broadcasting to a tiny crowd or to “friends” in Second Life is not exempt from this). These laws and licenses vary per country but most require registration and royalty payments of some form. Alternatively, the DJ needs to have a direct agreement with the artist and/or producer of the music for permission to play their tunes. Also, in cases where the DJ can’t secure licensing to legally broadcast, the venue is required to do so. In the case where a venue is licensed to broadcast, any DJ playing at the venue falls under that license. The same applies to radio stations. In Second Life, a club can basically be perceived as a radio station - technically speaking, all SL clubs need to, by law, be licensed to broadcast, or require that their DJ’s be licensed to broadcast, otherwise everyone is breaking the law. TLDR: Most Clubs and DJ’s on SL are breaking the law. Luckily, for such clubs and DJ’s; SL is so small and obscure that all of this goes unnoticed by the music industry but, unfortunately, we now have thousands of fake DJ’s earning real money from playing unlicensed and/or pirated music when a portion of that money should be going towards supporting the actual artists/producers of said music. It’s a mess. Source: I’m a RL DJ/Producer. I have music out on multiple platforms. I know how the industry operates. When I DJ and play music that is not my own, I pay royalties on all the music I play/mix and I’m licensed for public performance. When DJ'ing in SL; most of the time, the small amount of tips received for playing in SL doesn't even cover my licensing costs, let alone my streaming server or Beatport link subscription, so I don't perform often in Second Life, and when I do, I require sufficient payment in order to cover my costs otherwise it's just not worth it.
  25. Ugly in what way? Maybe you're only looking at the unwrapped thumbnails? Click on one of them and then you can pan around in 360-degrees as if you were in SL at those locations. That said; The unwrapped shots aren't pretty... yeah. Maybe they should display them in a wrapped view, focused on the starting point of where the image was taken, with a 360-degree icon on the image to indicate that it is a 360-degree shot, rather than displaying the unwrapped shot as a preview. That would probably look A LOT better.
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