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  1. The main Second Life account dashboard isn’t even mobile-friendly yet. An html media size query and accompanying CSS is like the easiest thing to do. I don’t think anyone at the lab knows how to do anything on/for mobile devices. 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. No. MINE! I’ll be back. And then rage quit AGAIN when LL can’t keep up. Rinse and repeat. You know how it is. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤣
  3. It’s never too late. Code isn’t written in stone. It comes down to whether or not Linden Lab wants Second Life to stay relevant, modern and accessible. Judging by their recent actions, they do... and we all want them to. So, I’m just sharing my input in regards to what might help with that. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Valid point but at least an ugly plug-in would then have its uglyness and massy code limited to a single button/window/section/function (Like a HUD) rather than making the entire viewer look like trash.
  5. Another thing: Rather than all these dodgy, ugly, and poorly coded 3rd-party viewers; allow other developers to create plugins/mods for the default viewer that can extend its functionality, adding new buttons and functions. This could also be an opportunity for devs to monetize said plugins. Make a marketplace section for viewer plugins and have the default viewer automatically download and activate these plugins in the viewer once a plugin is purchased from the marketplace. Create another section in the viewer preferences for plugins that list all the purchased plugins (think steam DLC/workshop style interface) where users can then disable/enable these plugins along with a link to the marketplace for finding new plugins. Just a thought.
  6. The new graphics API's aren't just a "new thing to play with" - Modern Operating systems are deprecating support for OpenGL. I wouldn't call it "dependable". For Windows and Linux, Vulkan is the way to go. For macOS, Metal is the new standard, and has been for a while now. If Linden Lab wants long term stability and dependability, they should drop OpenGL and make the switch to Vulkan and Metal. Unless they expect their user-base to keep using outdated operating systems for the sole purpose of being able to play Second Life in years to come. With the resources WASTED on Sansar, LL could've given us a Vulkan viewer for Windows and a Metal viewer for macOS already; or at least modernized their web properties for mobile compatibility as a start. I'm glad that they finally came to their senses and are focussing on SL again, now here's hoping they'll actually update it to modern standards so that we can all keep enjoying this wonderful virtual world that they've created for us. Sticking with OpenGL will guarantee the death of SL on macOS with the next macOS update a year from now. And eventually, the same grave awaits it on Windows and Linux if they don't make the switch to Vulkan for those platforms. OpenGL is DEAD, accept it.
  7. @Keira LindenThis is great news! If you need users to test this on iOS and provide honest feedback during the development process, I have TestFlight ready. Drop me an invite code. 🤩
  8. What you call "stalwart negativity" is actually just blunt honesty. Sorry for not sugar coating or @$$ kissing. I have no reason to. Glad to hear that several of the points are being worked on. So there's hope yet. As for "Besides although Vulkan is largely bug-free Metal most assuredly is NOT." - It's actually the OTHER way around, FYI. But that's not the point of this discussion. And call it "impractical" all you like, but these are the new norms and if Linden Lab wants to keep SL going for years to come, they need to adapt to the new API's sooner rather than later. OpenGL will eventually be deprecated by Microsoft as well, it's only a matter of time. You'll also find that the majority of other multiplayer online games out there have already made the switch. LL is lagging by holding on to a dying framework. If it really is 'by no means simple' then at least start the process of working towards making the necessary changes to eventually get it implemented before it's too late.
  9. I took a break from Second Life quite a while ago due to Linden Lab's illogical choice to throw resources at Sansar while ignoring longstanding BASIC Issues on Second Life. Now that the failed disaster and waste of resources that was Sansar is out of the picture, can Linden lab PLEASE fix the following: Linden Lab, if you're reading this, pay attention to the following if you wish to remain relevant: 1. Two factor authentication. Why is this still not a thing? It's really not that difficult to implement. You actually run a payment processing service and you don't even have 2FA for that, seriously? I recommend using the Twillio/Authy API to get this done. Google it. It's really not that difficult to implement. 2. Mobile-Friendly/Responsive Website, Account Dashboard, and profiles, etc. Why is this still not a thing? The community section of the website is the only mobile-friendly part. Everything else is trash and feels like we're living in 1999. Please put some resources into web development to get this fixed. 3. Old, outdated, deprecated graphics frameworks need to GO. Still using OpenGL? Really? STILL? Heard of Vulkan and Metal? Google It. Hire some developers to make a Vulkan Viewer for Windows and a Metal Viewer for Mac. And no, please don't go the MoltenVK route for Mac, it's trash. If you could afford the resources to develop the disappointment that is Sansar, surely you can afford to hire some developers to re-code the SL viewer for the Vulkan and Metal API's. 4. Mobile Viewer for Android and iOS. Why is this still not a thing? If you can't get it done, at least create a mobile app with a mobile-friendly my.secondlife.com interface running in the app, and maybe some live direct chat / IM capabilities and marketplace integration with a mobile -friendly marketplace view. The fact that SL still doesn't have a decent, official mobile client or companion app, or even a mobile-friendly website in 2020 is just baffling. Do the guys at the lab not own smartphones or tablets? 5. Official Controller / Gamepad support with default, ready-to-go controller mapping profiles. I'd like to launch SL with my Xbox wireless controller connected to my Mac and actually have it "just work" without me having to fuss with why it's not being recognized or struggling to manually map things to it. Set some default mappings for character movement and make it work automatically when a connected controller is detected. 6. Fix the new user onboarding experience and provide some objectives and incentives. Give new SL residents something to work towards other than just "this is how you move around and this is how you find places, now off you go." Introduce new users to Creator Tools in SL. Builders Brewery is a great place that I honestly think should be officially sponsored and supported by Linden Lab in order to get new users to learn how to create stuff in SL. Show new users everything they can do through interactive tutorials, not just "here's a list." 7. Streamline and standardize the avatar editing/creation process. Remove the default system avatar entirely and focus only on wearable/detachable bodies that support bakes-oh-mesh (for compatibility with old layer clothing from the creator community). Provide a bakes-on-mesh supported, LL created wearable body as standard that can then be REPLACED by a more detailed body from the creator community. The default system avatars that hide underneath need to GO, they are trash and simply ad an extra layer of confusion for new users. New users shouldn't have to hide their body to wear a new one. it should be a wearable that gets replaced, and if you take it off, it should be just a cloud, or automatically re-attach the starter body rather than being a body underneath a body that creates unnecessary confusion. I've introduced quite a few friends to SL over the years who always struggled understanding appearance modification in their early days on SL. "I have a body, why can't I just edit it to make it look like yours? Why do I need to wear a new one on top of this one? Why do I need to hide the other one? can't I just replace it? This is confusing." - You get the point. If the system body is by default a detachable wearable with no other body hiding underneath it, it'll ease some of the confusion. 8. Repeating point 3: VULKAN for Windows! METAL for Mac! Get it done! I know you have the resources. Just do it! I expect that this post will probably receive some salty feedback from SL loyalists or get flagged for whatever reason but seriously, these are SIMPLE THINGS that should've been implemented YEARS ago already. SL is becoming less and less relevant by the day because of LL's refusal to update and implement even the most basic of things while wasting resources on things that no one asked for. Thank you for coming to my TED talk 💁🏻‍♂️
  10. Hello. I'm a RL Electronic Music Producer from South Africa looking to get into the DJ scene in Second Life. The gear, software and music library I'm using is licensed for public performance (I don't stream illegally ripped youtube videos or torrented mp3's like the majority of the other DJ's I come across on here) I speak on mic (although I'm more of a club DJ than a radio DJ so I don't talk a lot: just the occasional interaction with the crowd, sometimes greeting people, thanking patrons for tips, etc.) I do live-mixing, on the fly in a variety of Electronic Music Genres: Dance, Deep House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, EDM, Electronica, House, Progressive House, Techno, Trance, Trap, Hardstyle. I do my best to smoothly mix one track into another rather than simply fading it and talking over it to distract from the fade. I generally stick to my own playlist but I'm open to taking and live-mixing requests into my sets, provided that the request matches the current genre of music I'm streaming (I'm not going to jump from Progressive House to Pop, country or Metal, for example.) I'm looking for places with Wildcard DJ access where I'm able to start up a set at any time if there isn't already a DJ present. I'm also looking for scheduled time-slots at clubs with decent crowds as I don't have my own following on here yet. I'd prefer to work at a flat-rate fee per set + tips but will settle for tips only if the crowd is large and generous enough. Due to my avatar's appearance I'm mainly suited to work at clubs and venues situated in Adult, or adult-friendly Moderate locations. I'm also available for private events. If you're interested in meeting with me to hear what I have to offer, or if you're interested in hiring me, please get in touch through my website at: https://davidventer.net/contact or join the "DAVIDVENTER.NET" Group in-world and keep an eye out for live-set notices.
  11. Theresa Tennyson wrote: davidventer wrote: Jean Horten, Nice of you to assume that I have insufficient hardware. FYI: Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M OpenGL Engine And let me guess; you're probably on a Windows or Linux machine, so this issue doesn't concern you, and you have no concept of what I am talking about. Troll much? Realistically that GPU is mediocre for 3D gaming and the Retina display is forcing it to work much harder than it would at a lower resolution. Check out this article - and note that games ran quite a bit better on Windows instead of OSX on the same Apple hardware: http://www.engadget.com/2012/08/03/macbook-pro-retina-display-windows-games/ My system was running SL just fine before the Viewer 4 update, and now once again it's fine on Firestorm X64... This is NOT a hardware issue. And FYI, I play other games just fine, too, with great performance, not to mention my system specs far exceeds SL's system requirements. This is not about hardware; it's about software issues with the default SL Viewer 4 on the latest Mac OS X. I'm sure all Mac users can agree that Linden Lab has been neglecting Mac viewer improvements. Mac OS X has changed A LOT in the past couple of years and Linden Lab simply haven't been keeping up to date with all the changes because, they either don't have an experienced dedicated Mac developer team, or for some reason they feel that it would be simply too much work to re-write the viewer for Mac using the latest standards, API's and rendering systems from Apple. Think of it this way: It's like trying to play a video tape in a DVD player. But that said, let me repeat myself again: SL was running just fine until very recently. So far, the only solution I've found is to use a 64bit 3rd party viewer. If anyone else knows of any other solutions or ways to improve SL performance on Mac, please share...
  12. Jean Horten wrote: Having to reformat your expensive MAC and downgrade the whole OS to an older version to get back your gpu performance definitively proves the supremacy of OSX. J. Having to troll the forums and resort to insulting other's choice of tech gadgets to pass the time, without providing any useful or constructive feedback related to the actual topic, definitively proves the supremacy of Jean Horten. D. </sarcasm>
  13. I'm now on OS X 10.11.3 Public Beta 1, and I can't even run the default SL viewer without crashing 5-10secs after logging on (unless I log in to the sky or an empty water sim, then the viewer doesn't insta-crash). Firestorm 32bit is also crashy. However, Firestorm 64bit seems to be working, albeit with slower performance than the default SL viewer, but at least it doesn't crash, repeatedly. It seems like Firestorm 64bit is my only option right now. Guess I'll just have to suck it up and get used to the terrible, projectile-vomit inducing visual disaster that is the Firestorm UI, for now. I'd rather use Alchemy than Firestorm, but Alchemy is just as crashy as the default viewer right now, and missing many of the latest features and improvements from Linden Lab. Here's hoping that the Alchemy dev team will release an update soon, or that Linden Lab will fix their crashy mess so that I can stop using Uglystorm because, eww.
  14. Jean Horten, Nice of you to assume that I have insufficient hardware. FYI: Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M OpenGL Engine And let me guess; you're probably on a Windows or Linux machine, so this issue doesn't concern you, and you have no concept of what I am talking about. Troll much?
  15. Anyone else having extremely degraded performance with the lastest SL viewer on Mac OS X, or Macbook/iMac with Retina Display? I'm talking about really low frame-rates, jerking camera movement, frequent crashes, etc. If you are experiencing similar issues on Mac OS X with the default viewer, please add your voice here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10674 If you have found a way to improve Second Life performance on Mac OS X, please share how...
  16. Please add or link any OS X related issues you may be having to this Bug Report: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10674 - Let's push Linden Lab to stop neglecting the Mac user base!
  17. When will the official Second Life viewer get Apple Retina Display support? The Retina Macs have been out for 3 years already and a TPV (Alchemy) already supports Retina Displays. Why is this not an important issue to Linden Lab? Has no one at the lab ran Second Life on a Retina Display? Has no one at the lab seen how blurry everything is on a Retina Display? A fix has been provided in the Open Source Jira (See: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/STORM-2116 ), the lab just needs to implement it. Why is this issue not top priority? And how about using Metal (See: https://developer.apple.com/metal/ ), instead of OpenGL? Metal will provide much greater support and performance! Why is it not being implemented? Why are you neglecting the Mac user base?!
  18. This is great! But please don't forget/neglect users with Retina Displays... See this Jira for more detail: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/STORM-2116
  19. Wow, it's about time! Web on a prim has been broken on OS X since around 2012-ish. Vidoes would play but there would only be sound, no visuals, just a black screen. I reported it year after year and every time the issue got accepted but I thought that it was never going to get fixed. I tried this new viewer and I can now watch videos in SL again! Yay! Thank you for FINALLY working on this issue and for putting modern web standards into SL! I can't wait for this to be in the official viewer. Now if only you can fix the retina display issue too, that would be great.
  20. Anyone else still annoyed by the blurry UI on Retina Display? Please add your votes and thoughts to this Jira: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-8870
  21. I need models for a photo shoot who have the following looks: Smith (Steampunk / 18th Century / Weapon Smith / Blacksmith / Metalsmith)Mechanic (Steampunk / 18th Century Style)Cook (18th Century)Gypsy / Fortune Teller (18th Century) Please note: Outfits will not be provided. I'm looking for people who already possess these outfits/looks. If you have any of the above outfits/looks please get in touch with me in-world via IM or notecard when I'm offline/busy. Gender is not important as long as you have a quality look. Paying L$300 per shoot. Contact: David (davidventer) http://davidventer.net/contact
  22. Dear potential employer, I'm seeking serious employment in Second Life in one (or all) of the following fields: Graphic Design: Event Flyers, Magazine Inserts, Marketplace Adverts, etc.Photography: Profile Pictures, Scenic Sim Photography, Photography for Magazines.Management: Store, Estate and/or Rental Management & Support.Other: I'm open to sales, modeling, and other related positions.I have been in Second Life since 2007 and have held various positions in the above-mentioned fields, with sufficient experience in all of the above. In the real world I work as a freelance graphic designer and also specialize is copywriting and web design. See my RL resume here: http://linkedin.com/in/davidventer or visit my website at: http://davidventer.net I'm available for chat or voice interview on Second Life, Skype or iMessage / Facetime Audio, whichever you prefer. If you have any positions available in any of the above-mentioned fields, please get in touch with me in Second Life via IM/Notecard to David (davidventer) or email: david@davidventer.net - Thank you.
  23. Hi Sonja, Layering effects over images is easy to achieve. If my clients want extra visuals on their profile pictures, I can provide it. However, the main focus of my service is on high quality frontal close-ups; a clear face-shot at a good angle with even tones, clean lines, and appealing even when in small thumbnail form on forums or in chat. The focus of this service is on clear, quality, square profile pictures focussing on the avatar beauty and not drowning it out with excessive filtering and attention-stealing backgrounds. If you pay close attention to the example images on the marketplace listing, you'll find that the angle and quality is quite different from the usual avatar face close-up. I have a very special technique to get in that close and still keep a great visual. I'm a graphic designer by profession in the real world and I use my skills for quality post-production clean-up to ensure even tones, even-out hard-edges and improve natural color quality etc. If the client wants a flasy background, filter, or graphic effect in the image; that can easily be added. But I find that my clients are generally very satisfied with the quality and clarity of the more "plain" close-ups that look great as a profile picture even as small thumbnails in chat. The pictures you've shared here are great and you can certainly charge more for them, however, they do not fall into the exact same category and specifications as the service that I'm offering. Your images would make great framed wall peices or virtual album entries, while mine, on the other hand, would look plain and boring on a wall but look great as an avatar profile picture, for example. I'll probably set up another service soon where I focus more on scenic backdrop and effect-based photography, but the procedure and pricing for that would be quite different from the Profile Picture Photography service. Thanks for sharing your work and keep taking awesome pictures!
  24. Hi Madam, I have tried everything already. I found that my voice works when using my iPhone EarPods (with built in mic) but it doesn't seem to work with the Macbook's built-in Microphone. The Microphone is definitely functioning, though, as I still use it to record vlogs and other sound clips through applications such as QuickTime. I also use the built-in mic for Skype voice calls. It just doesn't work in Second Life, no matter what input settings I use in the viewer or in the OS X Settings. I'm starting to think that maybe it's a viewer bug. But the voice worked before. Why not now? Issue still not resolved.
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