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  1. There is a thread I put up on here about a 100K poly basket (tiny thing under a sink) and LODS - how many Tris are the vases at each LOD?
  2. Hah!! No never want to charge somebody twice ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Damn I better get myself an account and start making houses there!
  4. Unfurnished if you want details eg cornices I would say up to 275 LI. if you can do the window LODs and imposters that’s a big win on saving the LI…..
  5. You may want to check what size textures are on the vases (as there are some horrific things out there on Marketplace like that that end up with 8 x 1024 textures on one item). Also check the LODS on them too like you do with your own stuff to see what they are.
  6. I tried, I really did - lasted about 3 minutes and crashed on LL Viewer.... Application Specific Information: abort() called Second Life Release(5589,0x110696e00) malloc: tiny_free_list_remove_ptr: Internal invariant broken (next ptr of prev): ptr=0x7ff15c8e5610, prev_next=0x7ff15c8e5620 I think somebody really did break the internet today.
  7. -> https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/70863
  8. Any mesh over 100k triangles should I hope stop being uploaded!! I would love LL to put a limit in… Also check you don’t have detailed logging on as that slows you down a little.
  9. Hi there - if you ever need help you can always contact me in world! I tend to avoid Rez boxes for houses these days when I can and just use one piece if that is what you mean by "does not come with anything in the folder that you can save". You simply would save the house itself to your inventory! For houses if you are making changes to them e.g popping on. your own texture: The way SL works with mod/copy items: (a) You can simply keep clicking the house at intervals, then right click, select edit and take copy. (b) The original remains there in world, and the copy you took goes back into the same folder (so in this case the Scarlet Creative folder) (c) Taking often "back ups" to inventory like this, will allow you to revert to previous versions. (d) I would also rename them once you have in that folder e.g. "textured green" "added balcony" etc you can use the description field too for small notes. (e) You can then sort by most recent in Inventory to see the latest in order. Note: If you do revert to a copy you took, you don't need to move things around. just copy the coordinates in edit (under object) - press the C key (or Control C) by them if using Firestorm When popping one of the other copies out just press P (or Control V) for it to perfectly align back to where you had the copy you just deleted. I hope that helps you on some of the parts of how to use the viewer for things like this - I always recommend getting au fait with the basic tools like edit etc so you can leverage these. Note this does not apply to a gacha item if you brought from a third party who would have given you a transfer copy non copy. (If from me hopefully you have already exchanged for mod/copy!)
  10. So funny when you first typed that response - I missed the Slate Linden bit and was thinking wait what SLATE covered this (the website)... Anyhow, that's def true SL is not an alternative for that!!
  11. SL is a platform not a company ....so could never be listed in any regulatory sense anywhere under the BSA. It always has to be the legal entity providing services... The moment you use the Lindex (selling L$) and receive USD it's part of your US$ Tilia Account Balance not your "SL" Balance. That's real life money transmitting. I do think I get what you are trying to say - but using the term SL is confusing in your paragraph. Linden Research Inc. simply separated out the "real money" part to create Tilia Inc. (and this is where I think your point is). For multiple reasons, but I suspect one was to protect further the concept of L$ remaining as "tokens" versus any confusion that L$ could be a convertible virtual currency. It was a smart move. Can you imagine having to do things like vat, sales tax etc on each micro transaction at the creator level..... hence I think you mean L$ versus "SL" and the L$ are not a reportable transaction (at this point in time). Prior to that Linden Research Inc was the registered MSB as mentioned; however regulation has been tightening (and is again based on the current flavor of the month). Their timing was impeccable on that front in creating Tilia Inc. I am pretty sure only you and I are finding this interesting at this stage!! ha.
  12. 1. Tilia Inc. is a registered Money Service Business and has the required registrations with FinCEN per the Banking Secrecy Act in the US under 31 CFR 1022.380(a)-(f) (that's a mouthful ha). Tilia Inc. is registered for activities 409 and 414. Linden Research Inc. was historically registered too before they created Tilia Inc. 409 is a Money Transmitter Service. 414 is a Provider of Prepaid Access. Hence they are fully regulated as a money transmitter and it's why we have to do things like provide proper RL identity information for cashing out.
  13. One small correction - LL doesn't actually really "weight" limit orders. They simply queue. And sales thrown in at 242 and above will always sell before 241,240, 239 etc. Merchants/Barons also park L% at the lower rates (another topic). I did find part of my old Lindex Guide which is separate to what I mentioned above! Not financial or legal advice so take with a pinch of salt and reading this through now I would make a fair few changes! I also termed them Monday versus Sunday Sellers back in the day! Please ignore the typos galore, as I no longer have the final version - but for the OP the bit around how to understand limit sales may help,
  14. It's long gone I am afraid - we were talking to LL over a year ago posting it on the blog, but they never got to it sadly. However, here is a specific example of a "Sunday Seller" This person or persons has placed a limit sale at 242 - when (especially as LL is closed today) they could have placed it at 240 and likely with the average thru-put rate still got their USD in time for cash out end of tomorrow. No biggie right? Except let's imagine that is a creator whom is cashing out 100,000 L weekly at two points above market, they are losing USD 178.88 a year (without fees taken into account). That could be a few months of utilities, or a car payment etc. Same for the people in 241 sales here with less than 13M on 240 they could have queued there for 24-48 hours... this especially goes for days when LL is closed as they only do cash out's when in the office.
  15. 239 assuming no major changes would take you at least a few weeks right now.
  16. Supply Linden keeps the rates pretty stable. Always use a limit sell, never a market sell (self explanatory). Saturday through to early Monday - we have what we termed (in a private group) "Sunday Sellers". these are merchants who want to cash out on Monday and certain land barons. Those basically will put around 20 Million in at the best rate (so 240 per above) - so that will force you if you sell during that time, and want cash out at 241. Linden does not process any cash outs during the weekend. If you want to get a sale at 240 it's best to sell mid week and you will see that number dip below 2-3M (in recent times) - you will then sell same day, cash out Wednesday night and is some/most cases get your money into PayPal Thursday evening (24 hours). I have pages and pages/post and posts (not on this forum) plus metrics showing thru put and specific behaviour over Lindex education. We did this last year as many merchants were losing hundreds of dollars a year by not understanding thru-put etc. E.g they would sell at 242 where there was only 30,000 Linden at 241 - they should have sold at 241 as it would still have closed same day etc.
  17. Super useful post! Albeit the workflow one too from Tonk is a great guide for detailed furniture / cloth if you are baking in substance painter. That’s the flow I use too.
  18. This was an updated one as I split into 6 materials to see if that was the issue. However I found the issue C4D R19 .dae file is problematic and causing the wrong behaviour and mixing out the .dae file incorrectly. So I ran the export into fbx, imported into Blender, exported as .dae and IT WORKED.... Honestly it's like a marathon with LODS lol but at least we have now established 10 years later the more newer versions of C4D are also not able to support LODS properly for SL! Thanks for all the debugging help as always!! ❤️
  19. HA you could be right - I can run a fbx out and see if I could do a different dae. It's def C4D being a bad citizen..... First difference as I started to do line by line compare on the .dae files.
  20. Thanks arton! 1. LL and Firestorm - same behaviour (so it's me not them ha). 2. I went in to each and re-assigned - same issue. 3. Next I will try Blender versus C4D to see if a software issue.
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