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  1. Thanks I could replicate it on both Beta and Main using Firestorm too. I did manage to get uploaded using my own sim eventually. It feels like any file over 1mb chokes slightly. I say feel because I haven't had time to test - albeit I did upload a simple cube without issue with a tiny file size.
  2. Have had the same all day and yesterday - thought it was just me. Been tearing my hair out for a Fameshed setup - using Firestorm. Beta grid + regular. 2020-11-01T17:59:34Z WARNING #CoreHttp# llcorehttp/_httppolicy.cpp(434) stageAfterCompletion : HTTP request 0x7f92b44d5620 failed after 0 retries. Reason: Linden Catch-All (Http_499) 2020-11-01T17:59:39Z WARNING #Mesh# newview/llmeshrepository.cpp(2803) onCompleted : Upload failed. Reason: Linden Catch-All (Http_499) 2020-11-01T17:59:39Z WARNING #Mesh# newview/llmeshrepository.cpp(764) log_upload_error : Error in stage: up
  3. Not sure who is the wheat and chaff... We ran a Lindex education “effort” over on Facebook start of 2020. In a closed group of a few hundred content creators, event organizers, land barons etc we started a push to help maximize returns. It was amazing how many did not know the basics of limit sells, how to time selling, why selling one point off the market was losing them a minimum of 200 dollars per annum and so forth. There are some materials still around for it that get shared. The essence of this is to run a Second Life business needs a mix of financial skill as well as all t
  4. My numbers were just examples. I think you have great ideas, getting them out there may mean somebody reads and picks up on it.
  5. I half don't want to post a response on this as it's now so OT. But I will mainly, so I can point at @Salt Peppermint chuckling at my post 😂. I just wanted to respond around the RL economic items cited above, so creators don't think the above is a valid reason to why they must suddenly slash prices by 46% at this moment in time. My own viewpoint on the USD collapse may differ from people like Stephen Roach. Either way, the USD alleged collapse has not yet occurred, so creators don't need to panic price reduce as a result now. Whilst it's good to be aware of specific economic fact
  6. I hope we don’t see more race to bottom on prices. 699 for a fat pack is fine for a sale, but under priced for a “regular” level of sales of an item imho. I like your Idea on colors though. RL businesses can vary if you have little start up costs you can be in profit quickly. Many start up businesses that require significant investment can take years as you mention.
  7. I can’t speak for adult services, but from my experience the only way you will hit that number is be in the top tier of content creation preferably women’s fashion. Or churn a serious volume in home and garden with at least 3 releases a month and have a cracking PR approach and brand “style” and run it as your own business.
  8. What document did they ask you to complete, was it a W9? If it was a valid link you only have 30 days to complete or they can/will put your account on hold. Rather than assume it’s not valid I personally would be protecting my account and raising a support ticket asking them to validate the from email address and document being requested as valid urgently.
  9. There is no limit in the US before you have to start reporting for taxes, even if your income is zero and your tax payment is zero - you still need to submit your tax return. 10,000 USD is a misnomer and I think you are confusing allowances and/or reportable transactions. LL also report transactions as a Money Service Business that fall within certain parameters. For any amount you covert into USD you report that is income. For any land payment or LL Fees you pay in USD you can report that as a deductible. For ease it's best to (in line with the tax reporting calendar) ensure
  10. And mine was a reply to you so correctly quoted. No forgiveness needed your opinions are always welcome and I enjoy the conversation on how we all see things differently. Its one of the things that make SL great in my own humble opinion. Have a lovely evening.
  11. Yeah sorry you have lost me apologies. These people whom you speak of I have never encountered so I have not had that same experience as you. Also I spend little... just one sim payment. But I generate fees that I pay to Linden Lab across my sales, cash outs, Lindex fees etc based on Tier 2 business level cash outs. Again a revenue generator not a “spender”.... It has been fun to discuss this, all opinions are interesting and let’s hope LL continues to make the right decisions financially and that non premium accounts remain and contribute to the healthy economy that exists tod
  12. Sorry you quoted me hence it appeared you were addressing my comments If you didn’t mean to perhaps a fresh post would have worked without the quote. As I think I said the assumption that people who aren’t premium don’t “buy” is the wrong assumption if that helps. The art of making profit across traditional channels combined with intrinsic value add behavior is a balancing act. I don’t feel like I need to keep repeating this, but this is an economy with a virtual world attached. Free accounts is a misnomer often misunderstood by those without an economics background / and wh
  13. You know when you say you learn something new everyday - just reading through that post again I noted Ruth 2. I had no idea (shame on me). Thanks for the heads up and education, I am going to take a look! Appreciate it
  14. I would politely beg to differ on vague assumptions. I see and have experienced over 14 years a significant level of contributions to the platform that comes from outside generic use. Can I quantify - no, hence why I said extreme case in my example. But what LL can quantify is the revenue attributed to non premium users within their metrics. So let me turn it back on your statement.... how do you quantify those who are NOT contributing ANY value to the platform where it is not measured in USD. You (and I) cannot.... hence each time somebody says free accounts are "a thorn in the e
  15. Also I have no idea why I am posting so much on this (well I am drinking a Pina Colada right now, so go figure at sunset). At this rate I may have to report myself! 🤣 But - something in addition to why I am so pro free account access is we have to remember SL is an economy with a virtual world (and I use the terms in that order as that's what LL has focused on making it with rebalancing income from generated fees over land costs). When you block access to an economy and enforce payment before you can participate even in simple tasks like buying a dress or renting a small piece of land to
  16. What if those people who don't spend, instead are using it to share content externally (beautiful images they create) and to their vast social media followers. Promoting SL in a way that is not a tangible "investment". Ok that's one extreme, but determining "cost of user" is not a basic tangible connection to USD in all cases.. I suspect the % is low, it may also be fluid (e.g. ok they didn't spend this month, but they did last month and will next month) or their value is not monetary e.g. they create tutorials, or are simply online talking to friends who value them and those friends
  17. Flickr is another example. I have been "Pro" for years. This year however the increase in fees and move to monthly subscription (it used to be 24.95 a year back in the old days and crept up with each sale and now is 7.99 per month) just tipped it over the edge for me cost/benefit of "Pro" so I ended my subscription. 7K followers but now I am a "free" user. Facebook (page + group) and Instagram out perform it for my particular user case so we focus our time there. Whereas other subscriptions e.g. Adobe for Substance Painter which is 19.99 USD a month is cracking good value, supports In
  18. I can't imagine any business user case that would make Second Life premium only. But who knows! 1. I am not Premium but I am Concierge (sim owners are) so I was always hopeful we would get a merchant premium offering but it was soon clear with Premium Plus it was going towards something else (and not surprised it got delayed). 2. Forcing Premium will slow new user sign up as SL is a difficult and complex place to get used to. Even with a free trial, it would likely lead to a lower sign up rate. Lower sign ups lead to lower opportunities for those users to "stick" and invest USD
  19. Firstly - Welcome to Second Life! I can't actually remember my first days here, but I do remember being actually afraid to use the forums because it seemed quite limited to a few loud voices who had very specific views. 14 years later I tend to now be able to navigate a little better. I hope @Strawberry Linden sees your post as she has some great resources to help people get started so having this front and center for new users may help. I would love to see Linden Lab across their channels push more content out to new users and as you said make it easy to find to keeping it fres
  20. What they "mean" versus what "law states" versus "tax code interpretation" versus what defines a currency all plays into this as I mentioned above. I don't believe it's an open question (my CPA, my own background) is comfortable that the answer remains to that question "No" when answered solely in relation to Linden Dollars activity only. And it remains that the gross USD activity that remains reported as regular USD Income for tax purposes in the US and fees charged by Tilia and Linden Lab plus USD Sim fees as relevant remain as deductibles. FinCEN in 2019 did actually pull tog
  21. You shouldn't be pasting screenshots from PitchBook (even if just a sample/public data part). They tend to frown on that per their Limitations of Use... just a friendly note!
  22. As one of the old retired Moles there is nothing stopping LL expanding whom they contract for user support. Does not have to be creators.... also Moles tend to be an international bunch so using California wages is a bit of a moot point. LL benefits from helping users stick. Many communities already do a lot for “free” so LL (and the new investors) should be looking at quick easy low cost wins to continue the momentum of the past 9 months. Community programs tend to be far more challenging to manage than your own contractors.
  23. For near minimum wage an hour LL could have two moles mentoring in the on boarding process and people. They are already vetted, under NDA and not going to cause drama or griefing. low cost, easy to implement and most importantly they can help users stick by having live human interaction of a positive nature, from the moment they accidentally take off their clothes and wonder why their middle parts are transparent. Wikis and walls of text work for some. Videos work for others. But having a human there talking to new sign ups, who “shepherd” those users through the daunting situat
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