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  1. I am probably going WAY off topic - but I noticed in the latest version of Firestorm - when you upload an image (for 10L) - it now also says "Fee is based on your subscription level. Higher levels are charged lower fees". Is that something coming our way I wonder - e.g. Premium get free uploads. The learn more link just links to https://secondlife.com/my/account/membership.php? which doesn't note any new premium perks relating to upload fees. The L$ sinks from uploads for Mesh/textures are part of what offset the stipend payments..... Or has that been there forever and I am only
  2. LL do still recognize Beta charter accounts.. at least in billing terms and scope may differ to the above discussion. " beta charter accounts (no longer available but still recognized)" Per LL's Billing Policies for Second Life. Also still on the Wiki (last update 2009) - > http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/What_is_a_Charter_Membership I can't find anything from LL on removing Charter rights.
  3. Welcome Back! I have to ask what has made you try SL again after all this time? i would go the ticket route as LL are the only ones will can really help.
  4. Well my test is complete - I know you haven't blocked me! (only joking) .... yet. I think Luna might have found the way to tell - the person I was talking about too is noted as an Advisor.
  5. You can def ignore Moles. I know a fellow person who posts whom I would never ignore as her posts are thoughtful, intelligent and interesting. But if I hover over her name I couldn't ignore her (she isn't LL). So again without giving details away - I know there are some people who must have moderator or legacy permissions on their account that prohibit us ignoring them.
  6. I can’t follow your logic apologies at an intellectual, economic or social level - can you explain? As a guide as to why I have an opposite position on why legal immigration should be encouraged not stopped. For me it Is for the rich experience and opportunity it brings to those individuals, but also the societies to which they contribute to. Skilled workers, Investors are part of those Immigrants, it's not just a one sided story. Plus economics: In 2014 records immigrants paid an estimated 328 billion dollars in state, local, and federal taxes. Immigrants paid more than 25pct of all t
  7. I find this post quite troubling apologies. Let's use me as a test example. British, now working in the the US. I signed the book on the way in. I pay Federal, State, City Taxes. I pay for your social security, medicare and all that (and I am not eligible to claim those, nor unemployment). In fact if I became unemployed I have days to pick up my home and move back out of the country. I am one of those "huge" influx whom are paying for your benefits, infrastructure and schools etc. I contribute more than the average American as a result as I am an Investor in the US.
  8. I don't use Octane - so can't really help on that front. But: a - I can't see any lighting or environment / HDRI in your scene - so how are you lighting the glasses? b - what do your UV Maps look like (good UV unwraps are essential for texture quality). c - I can't see the full scene so can you screenshot (i) your bake texture tag and what settings you have; and (ii) your rendering settings are that you bake against for both GI and AO and the usual sample settings. d - I am not sure how Octane materials bake, but I would recommend if you are just starting going back
  9. What settings are you using for: bake texture tag rendering inc samples/gi and AO lighting to your scene your uv map if you can share details and a screenshot people may be able to help.
  10. I think sometimes (love Beth's answer) you can also find a shared interest to use to teach them. We got ours a Raspberry Pi. Skills we are learning are patience, logical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, assessment of solutions, design, coding, having fun, persevering etc etc.
  11. Apologies you have lost me. The font, hand drawing, layout are all now different. As much as I prefer monochrome logos, I think the new one could have worked lovely with the old colours too. Would have saved them the huge job now of having to do things like change colours all through the website. E.g. Forum logo in now bright blue, little icons are the old colour. If they had kept the old colour:
  12. I doubt it would have been due to DMCA per the link Bigmoe kindly shared. When you are the recipient of a notice you must receive said notice so you able to counter file if you believe you own the copyright. That still could be the case, but you must contact LL to get them to send you a copy in case your spam folder ate it etc or it got lost en-route to you. I personally think It sounds almost more like you have infringed upon LL's general policy. e.g. if you used "SL" in your product name..... (that's their trademark and has rules around how you can use it) These are their ru
  13. I love the new font... the old one was dated and it was def time for a revamp! I would have liked a black circle and white hand symbol - but then again I am always very monochrome biased in branding...😁
  14. I do miss the SLDEV side of things. I think there is internal demand for solution providers. Not sure external demand e.g. like the big old commercial projects. For those in SLDEV we would be vetted (had a RL company, tax ID, Portfolio, Customer References etc). We did a major virtual conference sponsored by Adobe, BBC, Linden Lab etc called Head Conference. But my favorite of all time was for Comic Relief "Sport Relief" where we had an All Stars Race off against the Lindens to raise funds in springy shoes back in 2008. Rivers Run Red was another SLDEV (anybody remember the Immer
  15. I use the Fix It Small Prims script. It will stop downsizing at a certain point due to the prim sizes (works on link sets). But then you remove the script and place it back in and go again. Sometimes it's "explodes" but I have been able to get houses with very thin planes in down to model sizes. I tend to go slowly and create a copy a few times for safety. The only caveat this has only been on mesh I haven't tried doing this on a mixed model. Is it possible to replace the Prim parts with Mesh? http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Fix_Small_Prims
  16. Ah that helps me understand why we don't pop it in the diffuse channel thanks! Using color has always been successful for me with SL uploads : - > https://gyazo.com/89f29284b7c8d45520eb010b7998c61f
  17. I upload with textures.... sadly not on Blender but C4D when doing static meshes. To get mine to upload I have to include the final baked texture in the color channel of the unique material versus diffuse (god knows why). I also have to have that final baked texture stored in the right folder (for C4D that's tex which is a subfolder of the project). So once I have my baked texture (e.g. from substance painter) I simply add it to the C4d file then export to dae. I am surprised re Blender!! Does the dae file have in it anything like the below in it?? I have zero expertise in that sid
  18. I don't think anybody on the forum would be able to tell you - only LL can (as we can't see your listing either now to see if there was anything that stuck out). Who to contact - LL How to find out - you should have gotten an email from them. Perhaps raise a support ticket as you should have got an email with the details on it?
  19. That’s a blast from the past. SLDev group still also remains inworld. We used to be one but our RL company name doesn’t show any longer on that wiki list so perhaps they are starting afresh.
  20. I don't think this is what you mean - but just in case - you can do your own server but not with SL - it would be Open Simulator (open source version of SL kind of). You can set it up on your own computer. It would be just you on it of course not the rest of SL...so certainly no influence from the audience as they wouldn't be present.
  21. DMCA is purely only the US correct and as we are generally talking about SL - it's correct for the challenges that may come up with the OP's ideas. The good news with things that are US based - if a non US person tries to (illegally) counterfile a DMCA - they have to submit to the jurisdiction under US law selected by the filer. Many countries e.g places like New Zealand (sorry random example ha) then allow recovery of damages under a civil judgement in their own country. Obviously, that varies country to country - some being impossible to recover from. Personally, I like to not g
  22. Also Re the LL item - that's kind of a misunderstanding of the TOS. As content creators we remain full legal owners of our copyright - so we continue to own it legally, We assign rights to LL to use / display under certain agreed terms (per the TOS). For example LL could not stop me also selling my items elsewhere that are in SL. With the book example - they can't stop say printing it out to read it. But should you copy it and then put it up to share or sell e.g. on Amazon - they can file under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for a takedown and if they also registered
  23. I would shudder to think what this would do considering the "duplicate" bug hah, Not directed at ChinRey: Are there really that many user cases who want this? I have never seen any Jira's asking for this that I can remember.... fringe user cases shouldn't really direct complex development that takes precious resources - unless I just never have found them, which is possible!!. LL don't have any major time to spend on new stuff until the cloud work is done - and it would be amazing if Quarter 3/4 once that is finished, they could then ramp back up on resolving the long and multipl
  24. In Substance Painter what resolution is your project and what resolution are you baking at. (I bake at 4096) Export also at 4096 then use Photoshop to scale to 512 using bi-cubic sharper. If you additionally want to add a bit more "sharp" to your images (assumption on using photoshop but am sure other programs have similar features) you can open Camera Raw Filter and fiddle with the Clarity and Texture settings. If you want to share what bake settings / Environment you are using people can probably look and advise too. I switch off things like ID as they aren't useful for the final 2D
  25. Can be in any format (Grandfathered or not) 20 or 30K. I will be moving and renaming the sim to be next to my current one. Please contact me if you are selling / with your required price. Thanks so much! Charlotte
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