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  1. I have hopes, dreams and predictions My hopes are investment into mobile/app options and a Marketplace 2.0. My dreams are a mega sized region (4x size) with 30K prims. My predictions are with the world situation that will continue in 2021, that SL will continue to be here. Looking at the fine balance of fees versus tier model, I suspect the cash out fee may increase slightly during 2021 as regulation will continue to cost Tilia as a MSB.
  2. I do agree with this normally - However, I do have another perspective. Over the recent weeks (since 1 Nov) our customer support has gone up by 402% (I am a geek sorry). In all but rare cases, the issues our customers are having are not related to our specific products but something not running/working in SL. Recent days the script slow responses has had an impact on vendors (even when updated). That amount of increased customer service mainly related to things like delayed deliveries (Marketplace + In world), when they try to edit something not getting responsive screens (e.g. ed
  3. I don’t think just you. There have been gird wide issues. Status says resolved now so you may want to test a delivery to see if resolved.
  4. I recognise that mini house! I was going to take part, but blew up a Christmas Tree I brought to double size..... 168 LI. Ahem. (But it's so pretty!).
  5. 1. The group is a closed merchant group on FB nothing to do with LL. 2. A sec Jira was opened for LL as I noted in my post. 3. multiple creators per my post reported it via LL support. 4. I did raise a thread without exposing the exploit here some time back. Moderators deleted it. So not sure what else should have been reported “here” apologies not understanding what you mean.
  6. I raised a sec Jira for it some time back. On the merchants Facebook multiple creators reported it via support. I believe turning off the redelivery function is the workaround to stop exploits until they can fix. Many of us was trying to bulk edit it off and it was failing, so LL stepped into to help I suspect. Customers can still use redelivery inworld via vendors who support it in the interim.or ask the creator to resend.
  7. It's one area of investment that is actually in stable growth. Covid played a part in that over 2020, and 2021 shows no signs of that cooling. Also activities like M&A in relation to what Linden Research are going through, it is normal to not see anything public for 12 months or greater (as they are a private company). It's a complex "dance".
  8. I think I am going to report my own thread as there is a duplicate form another poster in Tech and somebody then did a third one. But if anybody does read this - mine is back to normal 21.7K which is in line with the Saturday Sale traffic expected.
  9. As there are two threads on this Mine is fixed now, back to 21.7K which matches weekend numbers expected for Saturday Sale. (We don't use bots - that's pure shopper traffic).
  10. Mine is fixed too, back to 21.7K which matches weekend numbers for Saturday Sale
  11. the only link I could find for the official traffic info was via https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/guidelines-for-creating-search-listings-r235/Section_.5.6#Section__5_6
  12. Same here - we were stuck far up in the air, and none of the camera options or preferences would revert it back - no idea what I pressed!
  13. Search will always be flawed in SL as whatever algorithm is used, people look to game it. I still am on the side this traffic was not an intended change, but something wonky - in 24 hours we will know once traffic updates. It seemed to time with the land store reopening....
  14. I know looking at my vendor metrics - I had over 1400 unique visitors to my region in the last 24 hours and my land number says 528 (Saturday Sale is busy this week). I am wondering if they have changed it (on purpose or by error) to just count unique numbers and not inclusive of taking into account of "how long" somebody is on the region - which would make sense to me. I just also searched on another merchant who I know gets high unique visitor traffic and their number is 207. I don't advertise inworld or worry about search so it doesn't affect me either way - but interesting to see wh
  15. No bots here either. Also did you notice the acquired date - is that new/or have I missed it for years and years. Apparently I acquired my land back in 2004!
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