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  1. I look at my old stuff, even things now 2-3 months old and always want to bin it as small little improvements. But I will sadly not be redoing any of the 140 odd houses, unless it's a complete rebuild and new release for that product unrelated to EEP. I am a hobbyist I don't have time and would prefer to just make something new. I'll just adjust newer ones to the newer "state" as I go. I still have some older houses with "sun and shadows" baked in that people still buy (who are on lower end machines and can't used advanced lighting). EEP I did read most of the thread, I would love to
  2. I am pretty sure you'll never really be able to what you want in Cinema 4D when it gets to this (even more so when you get to weight painting). You would be better using Blender (free) if doing anything that involves skeleton, weight painting etc. Also in Cinema 4D you need to just change your preference units. Then it will understand CM/M and you'll then have the proper scale. Do not change any model size or use project scale etc unless something really does need a scale change versus translation of units. https://gyazo.com/e307526576fab1bc39d736026f262f2b MD - Cinema 4D works
  3. That house is beautiful Chic!! Gorgeous work. I am the same (and god when I look at my older items I cry - I still cry daily hah as I struggle to figure things and it's 15 years of this stuff now (well 9 odd for mesh). I should have mentioned that user case using 1024 over one item, good point! There is a creator (no actually I won't use that word, a brand who buys their mesh, repackages and then sells it on SL) who's stuff is so complex and texture heavy it makes me really sad. The comments are always "high quality, beautiful". Perhaps, yes for a static image, but not for a virtua
  4. I always love it when Chic has to bring out the Hookah! (it's a great example). For me: 1024 textures should only be used for large things like a floor spanning a house (I use them there but only if a large floor). Most creators can simply use 512x512 and below and have super crisp materials with some post editing after you bake out the maps esp if using Substance Painter and they have a good environment and material pipeline. Also things like glass windows 64x64 textures are just perfect for blurry glass and that includes any specular maps etc or shine as we call it in SL terms.
  5. I think from memory they didn't release the code technically at first. In 2006 Libsecondlife reverse engineered it and Copybot was born as an evolution after that. 15 years ago - time flies!
  6. I don’t think it is fair to keep debating with you it doesn’t help. Your paragraph structures mentioned FS the viewer. As I said, I hope you find a solution and it all works out.
  7. No personal information - evidence below on mine. No money is given to Firestorm - citation please - that doesn't happen. Viewers are open source (so super simple to make any viewer a copybot version). I assume you downloaded the version from the approved website for the TPV so a non copybot version. Your comment makes no sense and appears to show intent to post negative statements, without citation, to cause harm and also mislead people who read this thread. You obviously did trust them you used their viewer until it didn't suit your graphic card. Clearly you aren't
  8. I am so confused by this thread - why wasn't the hardware info pasted it would have taken 2 seconds on Day 1 - it's literally the first thing you do with any issue with software (any software!). Now I am reading this, later answers from OP are blank so this thread now makes no sense. The reason threads like this "can" be helpful, is other people having similar issues will find it, read through and be able to solve things - deleting things makes this seem like a troll thread. I am scratching my head.
  9. they may mean their Marketplace - their store is fully empty when you look at the website. If so I would raise a support ticket as well. Not sure when you last logged on there was something if it was x years from memory they would clear down your store if no sales - not sure if that applies in your case.
  10. I brought 3 new regions and not a single working map nor any ETA based on link LL provided. I mean... I just paid you for this at least deliver me what I paid for which is a map so people can find me! I think I was the April fool this year
  11. I have NEVER since 2006 seen them NOT follow the requirements under the Digital Millennium CopyrightAct. They have always done so, it may take some time historically e.g. it's not instant but if you PROPERLY file a takedown notice it's absolutely done and within 2 business days now. I note there was no response to my asking for the details on this alleged claim against Linden Lab Wil made. I am sure this is doing wonders for his relationship with them on his faux credit product proposal. Walking a very thin line. ps it's The IP Team at Linden Lab who write the responses.
  12. I feel like this thread has gone very OT. I have to get back to RL, I guess time will tell how this turns out. Been nice chatting to all.
  13. What specific year and which specific lawyer signed the response. Counterclaims have always since Day 1 been part of the process.
  14. LL doesn't respond via a lawyer DMCAs, it's a formulated process that includes the take down. The only way it would have gone back up is if that person counter filed. You do realize this forum can be read externally right? Just checking.
  15. Preceded by (my emphasis) his OP on "credit". "Credit" the ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future. Anyway back to RL.
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