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  1. That’s really getting into the basics of using SP. You can control directional lighting via environment and I tend to find Studio 2 HDR the most useful. I sometimes if doing a large building will cluster my bakes and then rotate my environment 90 degrees for the next cluster and so on to balance out some of that. You can also apply a filter and activate two of the light options to further tweak directional lighting. The 2d export will exactly match the 2D viewport if you have set up your project correctly. It won’t match the 3D view of course. What settings are you also using to ba
  2. Assuming you are trying to export 3 items 1 diffuse 2 normal map (OpenGL) 3 glossiness you can use the regular PBR export in the current version for 2 and 3. For 1 simply use the 2d export which SL users has been asking for years for and they finally delivered it earlier this year (ish). The 2d export basically exports what you see on the flat 2d map and works well for diffuse ready for your 3D program or Photoshop etc. If doing glass I wouldn’t bother with alpha and instead so that in your photo editing program as you can then control how transparent y
  3. Ha. Well how did your number go down? Also if we really did go down the rabbit hole of using gains / losses and appreciation etc, the fact the Linden sell rate has moved 21 points in the seller favour will be part of the calc. there is so much bad information out there. Right from Investopedia through to a paper in 2013 which mangled the definitions of open flow currencies as an audit paper to the IRS. People have then based further opinions off the flawed definitions so no wonder the regular tax paper doesn’t really know the right way to manage their tax liabilities. I ensure an
  4. Firstly, It matters what FinCen defines a virtual convertible currency as. Trying to retrofit the IRS language above doesn’t work without understanding currency definitions in full. Would be very interested to know what your CPA says assuming you pay US tax/cash out? Mine still remains fully on the side of the fact Linden Dollars don’t meet the FinCen definition of a virtual currency at this time. So USD payments remain reportable (for income and deductibles). FinCen guidance changes and I do think at one point Linden Dollars (a terrible name) will get included in the future, but they
  5. So as a note to other merchants. Get your CPA to answer this. Don’t be swayed by forum posts.
  6. It really does. The threshold for currency is not an IRS definition. To meet the criteria of a virtual currency and the convertible test you need to be able to convert in other venues. There is a reason LL / Tilia closed third party exchanges.... IRS are trying to cast a net but tax law on the US is still far too behind to bring in Linden Dollars. As I wrote above I expect that to change in the future. I am fully comfortable based on my RL profession answering this particular question and knowing the correct answer is No for LL Dollars. There is also a reason why Fortnite got
  7. You aren’t cashing out Linden Dollars. It’s in the fine print. You are obtaining a refund for unused game tokens. Now will there be a time where that definition is challenged....? Probably. But for now it remains defined as a token and not a virtual currency.
  8. The answer to this on my return this year was No. SL Dollars are not a virtual currency. However all USD transactions with LL and Tilia are reported including sim payments and cash outs.
  9. You can ask for it using the JIRA and request there. As a note LL were quite clear that Marketplace development won't be an active focus until the "move to the cloud" work was completed. There are a ton of outstanding JIRA requests at this time for Marketplace features but it's still worth adding yours as if you get lots of watchers it may help LL decide priority.
  10. I had this with sim surrounds so a bit different.... There is a Jira for that one - https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225295 This was a super old one (10 YEARS OLD HA) that was kind of similar with sculpts back in the day. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13982?jql=text ~ "zoom" If there is a JIRA expert reading this they may be able to find if there is one open for the bug above (I am useless with JIRA),
  11. I guess it depends on customer service levels. A normal day for me is no more than 10 customer service enquiries and task and 50% of those are via the Facebook or Instagram channels, and 50% in SL. I am a hobbyist so we only release 2 things a month on average. Somebody doing it for "work" I can imagine will have a ton more customer service enquiries to do. I found the auto help responses on Facebook Chat, answers a lot up front for us. It sounds quite similar to the command stuff you mention. It has a ton of questions right up front as they start typing (e.g. redeliveries, excha
  12. There are quite a lot of creators with Facebook pages and groups for their businesses so it seems still quite popular but not all of them are active I am sure. But I can understand why some may not want to maintain a presence. I have found mine to be a great way to engage with customers, from what we make next through to sharing their artwork of our products, or even things like getting early access to sales etc. You can look at my page/group as an example. I have ended up with over 6K followers on there plus 2K in our group so it outpaces our inworld group albeit I am small fry com
  13. Hang in there! I was once in an earthquake at lunch on holiday.. Left my purse and ID on the table as I ran out, but somehow kept a kebab on a stick in my hand with no issue (priorities).... I had nothing on the German lady on holiday who came running out of the apartments over the Restaurant stark naked screaming. Your local government should have a website that should help with information. FEMA does too. if you have no damage the aftershocks shouldn’t then cause more hopefully. But sometime you really need to check for damage. Get a torch or phone light and check things li
  14. One of the reasons I don’t have a CSR is so customers know it’s only me they need to deal with. Not all creators behave like this I promise. It always sad for us to see this happening too as it paints a negative against us all. Also it may be worth seeing if they have a Facebook page for the business as it may show how responsive they are and it also shows their stats on responding (they get penalized if they ignore you for too long). A public message also can be surprising effective 😉 LL doesn’t remove negative reviews unless they fall afoul of the rules (trust me). I had one
  15. All those plus Nonna Hedges - I did kill my inventory - it got too much when mesh came out, so sadly don't have any of these items.
  16. I also miss Paper Couture who did proper "collections". It was always quite exciting each time they did a release.
  17. Glad you found it - if you buy gacha again directly from creators - some of us exchange them for Mod / Copy versions so you may want to check with the creator of yours to see if they offer that service - much safer for homes and furniture to be mod/copy! ❤️ ps thanks @FairreLilette for the recommendation! ❤️
  18. Them plus Mescaline Tammas who did amazing videos - > (this one had Four Yip an also amazing artist in it)
  19. My old favorites from 2006 onwards were: Maximum Minimum (Furniture) Scope Cleaver (made me the Bartlett House - I think LL still have that somewhere!) Curio Skins (Gala Phoenix) who sadly left SL after having a legal battle to protect her IP Naughty - Sim - had all the stores for the skins, clothes etc Starax (the amazing wand!) Outy Banjo who made an amazing storm system GNUbie Store where some of us put out free things for new users back in the day I just found the pictures of the build from Scope too...
  20. In M&A typically most investors do not hold enough cash to make a cash based purchase of the target company. So the investor will decide if to finance via debt or equity (or / and various combinations thereof). LL will have representation too in that area, as both parties are involved in the structuring of the deal and they are the recipient of the financing.
  21. Inflation has been quite expertly managed since the lock down worldwide. I suspect 239/240 is the bottom that Supply Linden will be comfortable with for the near future,
  22. I have a Linden Lab Cube! I think from 2007 from their party in Brighton UK. I think that was the start and end of Merch - I wish they would do more!!
  23. It is the banks fault as they forced the changes. PayPal then were over zealous in how they implemented and it is great news Tilia/LL brokered a reclassification back to purchase from transfer (peer to peer). no banks should be doing this as a cash advance correctly with Tilia/LL... 💗
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