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  1. Linden Dollars are not a convertible currency - you are buying game tokens. So this is not covered by the same exclusions as Bitcoin etc.
  2. Who remembers this thread - it was from 2018 asking for a survey from LL for merchants to be able to articulate at a wide community level on what better e-commerce solutions we needed. It went off the rails a bit - but the genuine ask was for LL to conduct a survey online so merchants could provide their needs so LL could use the intel to shape benefits for us. I am bumping this, because LL had said during a meeting we attended earlier this year, that once the "cloud" work was completed for sims - things would open back up on development for things like e-commerce (Marketplace). Well,
  3. Are you using AV Sitter or similar? If so you may want to to put the below into a script and then add it to the item so it sets the Sit Target (not sure how you are setting them per your comment). default { state_entry() { integer i; integer s; for (i = 1; i <= llGetNumberOfPrims(); ++i) if (llList2Integer(llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(i, (list)PRIM_SIT_TARGET),0)) ++s; llOwnerSay("Sit targets assigned: " + (string)s); llRemoveInventory(llGetScriptName()); } }
  4. I did think that at first, but the OP said on a other post here they paid somebody 15000 Linden to build it for them. So assumed, as they quoted in L dollars, it was a mesh created externally but with somebody versed in SL. If an external creator, yikes that may be painful to make SL compatible. I hope it works out for them!
  5. Why would a SL made model have been provided as OBJ instead of DAE - I would go back to your SL creator and ask Please give me the file in proper DAE format (which is standard) plus LODs and physics file. Or have them upload it for you full perms already done and send to you. (I also hope it is UV unwrapped so you can texture!).
  6. " recreate / build an own version inspired by the original build." You can be inspired by anything, but if you recreate it (closely) you are creating a derivative work and would require the permission of the original creator (even if you do it from scratch). Copyright does not expire if the creator is no longer active on the platform, it remains valid. Do you have a link to the original build?
  7. Some advice if it helps As Vicious Hollow says - invest into renting your own parcel where you can set your own landing point/landmark/SLURL. This way your customers can always find you easily. There are many commercial sims who offer plots starting at 1024 upwards. Buy a prefab for your store and decorate etc. Ensure you have a store on Marketplace with links to your store too and proper (appropriate keywords). Then to drive customers it's about people knowing who you are. So doing your own Facebook Page etc and engaging with the community on social media gently to slowly gain fo
  8. My sim is a retail sim (my store only) so no parcels, nor rentals. Your statement said if you make a business with houses/skyboxes.... feel free to take a look (it's been open since 2006). My hobbyist business sells just those things (business can mean content creation, not just "land rentals").... Hope that clarifies and why content creation can remain profitable within Second Life in key sectors on G Rated Sims.
  9. I would beg to differ on G-rated region sales ❤️
  10. I have one table like that called the Sunday Table in my main store - albeit I would suggest Apple Fall as most likely to have what you need!
  11. LL were very clear that multiple storefronts are not in their plans (at least for this year) and it won't happen...... so you'll always need to work around that one at the avatar level. Also very clear on the fact until the cloud project is completed we shouldn't expect any major changes on things like Marketplace (which is in desperate need of upgrading into something that resembles an e-commerce site). Albeit be careful for what you wish for as fees will go up in line with that I am sure..... Remember when we asked for color variants on listings for Marketplace.... in 2010 (before
  12. @Wulfie r So if I am understanding this, the 22 lamps, in my fun example - are technically only "from a texture" standpoint impacting me "once". But the mesh rendering is well all that stuff above (ha) thank you for putting all the info it does help! It's a little confusing because the VRAM on Firestorm shows 22 instances too. So it's hard to tell what the total VRAM is with a static screen at any moment. Based on if calculations are then happening to negate instances of the same textures. They even showed up on the VRAM when they were not in my direct camera vision (confusin
  13. The moles part of the build seems fairly ok. The lag is there for sure, but it's from the stores who have decorated their booths imho. I went to Gilded today. I took this screenshot and blurred names, but one store had used a lamp 22 times in their small store space. Each lamp shows 25885 VRAM. There are FIVE x 1024 textures on each of those lamps (they did luckily also use 2 x 32 textures ha). The lamp is tiny and could have been done with 1 x 512 texture for the whole thing. The individual who used it probably doesn't realize what a terrible lamp it is sadly - but also they di
  14. I think it's more about the theory so they can apply to what models come next. That approach works for the model he/she has, but when they get into more complex stuff they will need to know the basic steps.
  15. Hi I can’t make you a video, the above is basic workflow. You are far better first understanding the application then applying it to SL creation. Basic skills such as how to light, bake, uv map etc. blender would be a far better option for SL.
  16. As a side note the version of C4D you are using was a terrible one for rendering (in my opinion) are you on subscription as I would recommend getting onto at least R21 as they did a LOT of improvements to the quality of baking outwards.
  17. Thanks - so you can ditch all that lighting for something this simple and the studio set up. Just use a sky (not physical) with a basic material with luminance. Tweak those bake settings and hopefully match the ones I provided and see how far you get - the UVmap for one slat versos all slats approach I think will give you the biggest win....
  18. If this helps also : - 1. That object you can uvmap one of the slats then copy and paste it. Then just link it all together before upload using the same UVs to reduce textures. - One material required and will be higher resolution. If those slats are for the ground I would also remove the bottom face to save even more polys and further increase your UV resolution as a result. There is little point to spreading a UV Map over each slat separately it will reduce your quality and nobody will really notice. If it's a big deal and you really must see wood variation between slats you can alw
  19. Hi there you may want to read the other Cinema 4D thread Just a few below this one... did you follow those steps out of interest from that? Show us a screenshot of, otherwise we are in the dark so to speak. I am not sure what skill level you are in C4D are you used to unwrapping, lighting, balancing samples/rendering settings etc. (a) your scene lighting and samples (b) your render settings including GI and AO (c) your bake texture settings (don't use bake object - use the bake texture tag as you aren't animating). Also your UV Map looks a little strange, did you overl
  20. We are on the exact same page. Roughly finger in the air with a ton of assumptions (always the best math right?) if there is a 50M income tag on SL annually at the moment; sinks for all those uploads, marketplace fees, etc etc may equate to an equivalent in the region of 3-4M USD annually. Stipend payout (and I don't have up to date premium user numbers) in the region of 3M USD. Reducing those sinks to 2M but adding 4M to your balance sheet in premium plus fees would make the company look far more attractive externally. When you tie those to the Lindex volumes and fees I think there ar
  21. That would not surprise me, I think you may be spot on in terms of their approach.. I spend roughly equivalent of 360 USD a year on uploads at the current Lindex rates. So on the math alone (assuming I am a mid range content creator example), I can't see how they would make it free for Premium Plus, unless it costs a significant fee..... Also the worst thing they could do is increase the cost for basic. I hope they learnt that from the group changes (which were rolled back after residents feedback). May the speculation continue until we know! 😅
  22. That's really interesting, thanks @Whirly Fizzle! If premium makes mesh and texture uploading worth while - this is the first time I would be interested as a Concierge user to also get premium if the math works out. I spend around 7-8K L$ a month on uploads for my store (mesh+textures etc). So for me it will be interesting to see how they factor this. I am a hobbyist user, so I can imagine larger content creators would far exceed that. I was always hopeful they would find a way of making premium attractive to content creators.... excited to see what comes our way! I also like the
  23. Where is it against the TOS to do a limit sale and cancel it? If I have inadvertently missed a part of the TOS on this, please let me know - as I will update it! Apologies. I just read through and can't see to find this, is there a citation? Many land barons have done this since the dawn of time. That being said - in the spirit of the OP - Banking is never coming back to SL in any form by residents. Linden Lab / Tilia are a Money Services Business as defined by FinCen and must adhere to US regulation.
  24. An alternative - You don’t need complicated alts etc and LL are still some away from 2FA. if you want to “bank” Linden dollars simply do a limit sell on the Lindex 20 points below the best Sell rate. When you want to return the Linden dollars to your account simply cancel your Lindex Limit Sell transaction. Being 20 points below your sale will simply “park”. LL is a Money Service Business per their FinCen listing, so you will never see any legal bank within SL now.
  25. Be wary of reviews... especially if there are a lot. Some merchants pay for 5 star reviews as we have seen recently. Never buy without a demo....I think is a good way to mitigate risk.
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