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  1. It will be quite an experience for people who're afraid of being in the air! I sure hope these skyboxes are Jetsons-inspired, lol!
  2. Happy start to a week, and a hello from me to you, Hippie! Hope everyone is doing OK and being extra safe with the fifth (I think) hurricane? Hurricane Maria? Spooksville!
  3. Oh yay! Sunday breakfast sounds lovely... yes, returner meetups should start! I think 2009 was a year for partying and clubs... and flexi prims, haha. LOTS of flexi prims!
  4. Thanks, Nora! Definitely. There's enough to go around!
  5. Thanks, Tatiana! And thanks for the drink, haha. Mouth is 100% watering now.
  6. Friendly Greetings! I have been on SL for quite a while now. Unfortunately, I was one of the few who left SL completely during the ancient TSL merge. I'm not that old, but enough so that I think I'm the only active Somerset. Anyway, I have returned! I haven't gotten my complimentary margarita yet, but while getting back on my virtual toes, I would love to make good friends with many of you and sort of re-do my experience and journey. Besides, I hope some of you can agree when I say 2009 was a weird year for us all.
  7. I am currently obsessing over some bento heads I'm too broke for. If only I had some extra limbs to sell. On the bright-side, a day of window-shopping and demo-collecting is kind of fun.
  8. As I think someone else wrote before me, I think obvious boundaries (for me) are RL details; emails, addresses, towns, and even down to personal social media pages. If I’m having a chill session with a few buddies, I don’t mind getting personal, though. I think, when you’ve been friends for so long, trust is formed, and certain things like “BRB guys, I have to go take a poop!“ or “How old is everyone?“ are no longer risky things to either bring up or ask. With that said, it also helps with the situation one is in. If I’m hanging out with friends in one of their homes, I’d be a lot more comfortable. Even if the environment isn’t physical, the aspect of the 'home' feels welcoming, RL or not. The same thing goes for the sunset comment Darrius made in his original post, and I wholeheartedly agree. Some moments in Second Life evoke the same feelings one would have in real life. I digress; my boundaries between SL and RL are still strong. I know which one is which, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a sunset, or a talk with a friend on an open prairie, and that’s what I like about SL. I can go somewhere I can’t go in real life due to financial reasons and/or timing. I hope I answered this correctly, and hope I stayed on topic. It is a complicated question, I think.
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