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  1. It's overwhelmingly the former I'm afraid. Ariel keeps trying, but frankly I don't know where she gets the fortitude from.
  2. While I acknowledge that there are a limited number of members of the Governance Team ... I have to point out that that your system actively works to prevent users to reporting a large number of infractions. Case in point ... keyword spam. There are some shops who have many infractions of this particular rule. While searching the MP I frequently get returns from a number of shops which include the names of all mesh bodies as keywords even when the item in question only fits one particular body. I report these infractions ... however the shops in question have dozens (perhaps hundreds) of
  3. Hmmm ... I'm surprised we're at 10 pages and nobody has run this up the flag pole. At least nobody I've read has mentioned it. As I've read this thread I've found myself wondering ... have the new owners split Tilia off and are now charging LL for access? If so, have they just increased the charge to LL and are they (LL) now passing on that cost increase to the customers? Just a thought.
  4. Noob me DOES see me now. Sorta. At least once a year I create a new avatar ... go though the current noob zone, and then I go to Freebie Galaxy and remember the glory I felt as I wandered around looking at all the stuff for the first time. The sense of potential, the realisation that I have complete control over how I look, the growing anticipation as I add items to my inventory, the excitement as I find a place to try on my acquisitions, the confusion as I contemplate the stuff in the box, the delight as I learn how to put all the various items on, the dawning realisation that I ca
  5. I must preface this with a disclaimer: I don't use a mesh head, but I've been playing with them for some time trying to find one which I can get to look like 'me'. I got the HD PRO Queen during the recent ... shall we say excitement, and have been fiddling with it a lot as it's let me get closer to my face than any others I've experimented with. As a result I went and got some group-gift skins and some (several) demos out of curiosity and I agree with you ... I was taken aback by the results. What I found worked best (and I must stress this is my opinion) is the skin I bought before
  6. I wish I could emote as easily here as I do in-world, I'd be smiling and laughing. Thank you so much @Vir Linden for letting us know :)
  7. Today I was asked a question and it literally made my jaw drop. Why was it called Project Bento? My search-fu has failed me, and so I turn to the forums. WHY????
  8. I got it last night ... via the MP during the outage. I think it's a very good example of a mesh head. Well made and executed (as far as I can see), very functional (although the HUD is not the most user friendly design I've ever seen). And I was able to achieve some quite pleasing results with it. But I won't wear it ... because like every other mesh head that I've gotten (all free/uber-cheap), I can't make it look like ME even with several hours of tweaking. Someday I'll find a mesh head that works exactly the same as the system head, but of course has the benefits of mesh etc
  9. Seriously - you're not going to get a general consensus for two reasons. Firstly - these forums are far from representative of the majority of people in SL, and Secondly - it's all down to context. As in WHY a person is doing it. I've seen a number of reasons for it ... some make more sense than others to me, and no doubt the way I see it is very different to the way others see it.
  10. I'm going to be quite blunt: I've seen reviews of products on the MP where people complained that the item didn't fit their particular mesh body. For products which don't list that mesh body and never have. I've seen reviews of products on the MP where people have complained that it didn't fit, for products with a free demo clearly referenced in the MP listing. I have helped people in SL who were having trouble with something who admitted that they hadn't read the instructions. I've met people who are proud that they are too lazy to RTFM. SL users contain a high percentage
  11. I think you missed my point. I'm well aware of what the migration can and can't achieve in and of itself. BUT ... all of that is completely irrelevant if it has no positive (or negative) impact on the users. Whether it's going to prove to be a good thing for LL remains to be seen. I've seen far too many people who should know better fail to understand the realities of the cloud. I had a former colleague who was convinced that you could treat the cloud as if it were local to all geographic locations.
  12. Let's leave the potential ramifications of not owning your own infrastructure aside and consider the migration from the perspective of the users. Also - I'm not calling it an uplift because I've seen a number of projects (elsewhere, I'm not talking SL) where migration to the cloud was demonstrably a significant downgrade. LL has moved SL to the cloud. Who cares? That might seem an odd thing to say, but bear with me for a moment. From the user perspective SL running on the cloud or on LL hardware is pretty much irrelevant if we don't see any benefit (or penalty) from the move.
  13. It's axiomatic that as technology develops we see society react to that development and eventually reform around it. I use society in the broad sense ... including government, the people, organisations ... the whole enchilada as it were. Historically there has been a percentage of society which has resisted technology for a variety of reasons. The Industrial Revolution had examples of workers committing sabotage for instance. The machine age, therefore, must be view not only from the perspective of the technology, but from the perspective of society. Or to put it another way - the technol
  14. Ah - I follow. I was actually chatting with a friend in-world about this a bit earlier, and he made the point that he never pays any attention to the forums other than the technical ones ... scripting, that sort of thing. It makes sense.
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