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  2. There are tons of stores that sell photo poses of various styles, with or without props. Backdrop City has a mall with pose stores at their ground level that you can check out - you can also keep an eye on Seraphim since they often announce when stores have sales, and there have been quite a few sales from different pose stores lately. I would suggest, when it comes to poses, that you always should try the pose in-world though, since your avatar shape may not work with all poses (poses that put your hand on your hip, for example, can put it through your gut or out in the air depending on your shape sliders). Browsing the MP is fine, but go to the in-world store to try the pose before you spend your money on it; if they don't have an in-world store, I personally would go for finding a different pose (unless the pose doesn't have any risk of clipping or other issues). Many pose stores straight-up cater to the T-rex people (if you can't beat 'em, sell them poses?) whose arms don't reach their waists, I have several gift and freebie poses from such creators that look absolutely ridiculous with my shape. A few brands I use that I could recommend: Artis Poses (I can't seem to find the in-world location - @Tamara Artis?), Hera Poses, Poseology and Voir (Voir has some very large fatpacks, I think there's a specific 'Model' set even!).
  3. Like Morena I would be more inclined to try a style intended for a male avatar but long styles are few and far between at the moment.no.match is a good suggestion. I am not large chested in SL but have the same problem, I either have to go for an older style that is unrigged or a small by most makers where the hair still often sticks out in front of me as if resting on some imaginary lolas. I get round this by choosing a style that goes around the side, like Leah by Entwined which is one of staple hairs. A few of my male avatar friends wear a lot of Dela styles. That's not a brand I have tried but may be worth trying out a few demo's?
  4. I've been logged in for more than 2 hours, with refresh at 70 sec as someone suggested. I've yet to see or hear anything.
  5. I changed it into a Winchester and took this from the balcony at the back.
  6. It's easy to say they shouldn't have released any until there was enough for everyone who wanted one (disregarding the length of time we'd have to wait), but the difficult part I think would be determining what that number would have been: - the number of homes that were occupied in the old LH continents at the time they started building the SSP continent? - the number of premium accounts at the time they started building the SSP continent? - the number of premium accounts at the time they showcased the first houses and houseboats at the Home and Garden Expo? I think that with each exposure (showcasing the homes at events like the Home & Garden Expo or SL16B) or with each large release, the number of people who now want a new linden home increases, so the number of homes needed is an ever-changing number. We have seen in the forums that people who had not ever been premium before, have become premium in order to get a new linden home. We have seen people that have been premium for years, but have never been interested in a linden home before, now wanting a new linden home. How would you expect LL to accurately count these types of changes beforehand? Even if they had managed to build in secret enough homes to match the number of occupied old LH's at the time they started the build, once they were released and everyone saw them, it would not have been enough homes for the number of people who would have decided, after seeing the homes, that they now they now want a new linden home. Also, there will be more themes of homes available - I think Patch had indicated that there will be more than 4 themes - so the other question is how would they know ahead of time how many of each theme to build, if they weren't building and releasing as they went along? And if they had a lottery or a waiting list, which theme would you want to sign up for (without knowing what the additional themes will be)?
  7. Okay, another one of my pet peeves. It's when shape designers charge so much for a shape, when all you did was tweak some sliders, uploaded an ad photo, and then that's it. And please don't get me started with the style card, if you already owned it. Why is it as the consumers responsibility, to compensate you for what you are wearing, your skin and your hair?
  8. I will and THANK YOU, I'll take all the luck that is on offer 😄
  9. Darn, I saw this tread earlier and was going to reply in it, but I went to get a clip from my Flickr that I caught of one of the Abranimation rave dances - and apparently I had taken it down whilst cleaning my feed. ... Might have to go check out any suggestions that pops up here for myself, too.
  10. Go ahead and join some of the inworld Bellisseria groups and join in on the fun there -- no requirement to already own a home there. Good luck with the refreshing - and the patience.
  11. Agreed. I never heard of that sim before, so I went in and had a look - it's nice, and it's a shame it might be going out of business. But the entitled whining of its supporters and the (from the little I've read, some of which might be plain hearsay) creator, makes me almost want to watch it burn.
  12. Thank you for all the responses from me also. I was looking for that information and didn't want to start a new thread if the answer was already here somewhere. In fact I just went premium to join the fun and hopefully get one of those gorgeous house boats. Now time to test my patience and my luck 😊
  13. You’re not petty, I do it too. I think it’s actually more petty that someone hides like three patterns behind a paywall. I think they would probably sell more if they did a pattern pack too. It falls into the “is it 1299, nice? Nah....”
  14. That does describe it very well indeed. *sigh*
  15. It just seems like a way to pinch every linden out of you, when they put your favourite design, colour, pattern or graphic into a fatpack. And that practice, I really don't agree with. There is one store, that I will always buy from. As she puts her plain and design/pattern/graphic into that specific colour. So you will say buy a black shirt, but instead of buying just a plain black shirt. She will put the graphics that go with that black shirt, in the single. And at 250 per single, you are getting that for a steal. That is 2 or more shirts, with one colour. For the price of one.
  16. I bet they’d actually make more money this way. I never buy those types of fatpacks, or the single plain colors, no matter how cute the item may be. Partly out of spite. I’m petty like that, and doubt I’m the only one. I would buy all of the cute patterns, though, if I could buy them separately. I do like and purchase the pattern only packs. There is one creator I can think of that offers lots of patterns and single colors and then adds additional patterns in the fatpack. I buy those, because I love everything coming out of that store. It’s more of a bonus rather than hiding the good stuff in the FP.
  17. I had a bit of trouble with that. A Mole (totally forgetting who) told me to be sure and click Done on one of those menu windows and that forces it to save the changes. Then hit the List button and see what it shows in Chat. And maybe have all parties involved relog.
  18. The only way IMs are getting around is if someone in the conversation shared it. From there it’s like Game of Thrones....everybody knows. That’s why when somebody starts telling me about someone else, I never add to it, because if I do I’m aware it could end up in a log somewhere.
  19. Have you checked no.match_? They have a lot of long styles that have both male and female versions. I would think the male version would mean flat chest, since they otherwise basically look the same.
  20. Singularity need to merge in this fix: https://hg.phoenixviewer.com/phoenix-firestorm-lgpl/rev/5f073ce21cc1 You can work around the bug by using the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+WINDOWS+B to reset the display adapter after closing the viewer.
  21. Today was the day! Home alone for a couple of hours, so no interruptions...….and the perfect opportunity to see if my two laptops can support four girls in world...……. Anyway, after a slow start, and an update on my old laptop, I got the girls over to Charleston Heights beach, where we met up by the refreshments kiosk. After a few photos we decided it would be fun to do a Baywatch session there, and just before we went off, we dropped in at Blue Water Cove beach. It was early so not very busy, which was great. It takes a lot of concentration keeping four fidgety girls in line...….haha! This really is it.....I just can't keep adding family, so I'll stick with three sisters and cousin Skye...…….. it was a lot of fun today.
  22. I was sneaky and took a pic while a certain someone was AFK...it's what I do. 😛
  23. Any pics of his place? @RaeLeeH oh I am sorry was joking and did not even see the rest of the post that you have the flu instead of water I will bring you some chicken noodle soup get well!
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