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  2. oh hi. I may look all cute and stuff, but I've learned a few things from our resident loveable, bloodthirsty Swede. In other words, I'll cut anyone that gets between me and mine. 😁
  3. This post was AWESOME! Thank you for sharing! If anyone else has anything to add, please, by all means! A small note about Lumae: Not all of their skins include a version without cleavage shading for v-tech users. When I got my boi chest, I was disappointed to find out that my Eritae skin didn't have a v-tech option, though my Elentari skin did. Always double check the signs and such. They're an absolute steal right now at 100L each though!
  4. Landsend I called this - I enjoyed my bicycleride into the wide wide open. Shortly after this point - in SSPE243 - I lost my hair, could not stop, rode on and on through the sand ... an finally was locked out! Landsend_SSPE243 by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr
  5. I was wondering about that. I always use my own sky settings and haven't noticed any issues. A lot of the user frustration seems to stem from the less than great communication. LL effectively broke region windlight before EEP was ready to roll out to the userbase. There might be a practical or technical reason why they had to do this, but how they handled it could have maybe been done in a better way, from a user satisfaction standpoint. Maybe had a mandatory viewer update, for people using LL's viewer, with the only real change being having everyone quietly switched to override settings rather than region settings in preferences, with an explanation for this on the login screen, and communicating this to TPV devs ahead of time. Of course, without knowing the full picture of what's going on inside LL, all we can do is speculate. This might have been their least worst option as far as things go.
  6. I don't buy a lot of gachas, but when I do, I prefer buying gachas from yard sales / gacha reseller regions where the item isn't boxed and I can see exactly what it is that I'm buying. With gachas, I am almost always buying home and garden items.
  7. Most likely deliberate or someone didn't repackage it when they opened it and decided they didn't want the contents
  8. I can't blame LL for really not wanting to roll back to say 18th March. It may even be impossible by now. They would need snapshots of all the different server states back then, and would then need to make dif / changlogs of everything they did since then so they could re-implement it in stages. After a month I'm unsure if they would even have the snapshot backups available to do it if they wanted to. Maybe. Who knows? Anecdotal TP vs. sim-crossings note though. I've noticed that if I stick to just Teleports, often they can go fine for a while (sometimes not), and if I stick to just sim-crossings, they can occasionally be fine for a while (I managed 1h45m on Firestorm the other day, more than double my previous record since the problems began). BUT.. If I finish a sim crossing marathon, then try and teleport it almost always fails first time. Not that it helps much. "A problem shared..." as they say. To give them some credit, it does seem like LL have been trying to improve things behind the scenes. My average times before a fail seem to be slightly improved .. Just sadly they haven't nailed the source of the problem yet.
  9. Thank you Maddy:) Happy Day after Easter! The church sign near you go me thinking about funny text abbreviations Love TTYL:) Hope everyone has a great Monday!
  10. As you pointed before, it can be a lot more than a bug. Also as you and others pointed before, SL regions suffer from a performance problem that I've been noticing for a few months.
  11. Wishing you the best with the move, and with whatever it is that results in a kinda, sorta move.
  12. I've been premium almost from when I first joined. I enjoy being able to have a Linden home, as well as being able to buy mainland parcels (I've had parcels here and there around different areas of mainland over the years). I also like getting the stipend each week. I do pay the premium annually, but there are times when I'm not able to purchase lindens, so getting the stipend each week is helpful (though I'm not old enough to have the larger stipend amounts that the old-timers get). Being able to get into events easier has been nice - even if I don't buy a lot, I like looking at what's available at events. I also like being able to have more groups, so that I can have some shopping groups plus other community or special land groups. There have been a few times when I've used Live Chat, so that's been a good perk as well.
  13. Kinda sorta moving to a new town, RL, not SL.
  14. Buying things in SL is pretty much caveat emptor. That’s why you hear “demo, demo, demo” a lot and a lot of people don’t play gatcha. Back in the day most gatchas were one or two items with color variations, you rezzed it on the floor, got your little knick-knack and went about your business. Then things changed. You have gatcha items that you have to add, gatcha items you rez on the floor and unpack, Russian Doll gatcha boxes, sometimes it’s actually the item itself unboxed and gatcha items you can buy on MP. What I usually do is add the box first, then Rez it on the floor if it doesn’t give me a dialog and then pray. Some of these gatcha events and creators have gotten so clever a simple concept has become complicated. So when you rez your object on the floor it disappears because it’s scripted to. Check your lost and found folder. It might’ve ended up there. As for the MP gatcha item, the only thing you can do is contact the seller and hope they refund you. You can’t contact the creator. I know marketplace has a feature where you can limit the number of items you sell, but every reseller doesn’t use it so...be careful when you buy gatcha resales.
  15. Not being American, but having been so 'TV Sitcom and Movie Americanised' over my lifetime, this is exactly what I want. When I visited the US the first time, I was in Connecticut, and I was like a kid with my face pressed up on the car window. When I got out of the car and went exploring I am not embarrassed to say I actually teared up, because there were hoops over garages, there was a bike strewn in the front yard and one front yard even had a catchers mitt and some kind of goal net thing. There were flags beside the front doors, it was everything to me. A few days later I saw a Policeman eating a Doughnut, I almost lost my mind, don't even get me started on what happened when it started to snow. ♥
  16. Hmmm... A bit too early to enter panic mode, I think. For the moment, I'm just in upset mode. And angry, at times.
  17. They could certainly roll-back to pre-EEP a chunk of the server base, either RC channels or the entire Aditi grid -- if they can get the problem to reproduce in a subset of the grid. But folks seem to think Cake was getting the same problems early in the OS upgrade testing (I guess), so maybe a subset is enough. All this said, it's been close to a week since I've had any trouble with teleports. At all. And I've been teleporting some. And before, for a while, I was having trouble the same as others describe. This kind of bug is really the worst.
  18. Ah, ok. So, if one receives an empty box, it's most likely to be deliberate then?
  19. I am no fan of winter or snow. It's fun for about five minutes and then it really becomes tedious. Thats in RL The continent of Bellisseria appears to be somewhat hotter than the temperatelands which experience such things as snow. I would guess it to be in the tropics and whilst snow is not unheard of in those areas it is pretty uncommon unless at great altitude I guess. I'd not appreciate having my tropical houseboat icebound and me being forced to redecorate so I hope that this will not happen. As far as I am concerned, seasons and things should be down to full sim owners or people to do at parcel level and not for those living in a Linden Home to have forced upon them.
  20. When a limited quantity item is sold as soon as the last item is sold the listing is deactivated
  21. Today
  22. For me, I use the lowest LI furniture available. I also unlink and delete shadows from tables and chairs, if possible. My porch flowers have higher LI together than the porch itself. That is because I totally love the hanging ones and the windowboxes. If small things come in here, they must have a reason to be more than 1 LI. I have one 2 LI lamp and the rest is 1 LI. My 4 spotlights in a row is 0.5 LI each and linked they are 2 LI. I like carpets and rugs. No one are more than 1 LI. I think I have 12-13 carpets inside and on various porches. If they were 2 LI each, I used at least 12 LI more, only on rugs. My 2 streetlamps is 1 LI each. If I used 2 street lamps that look almost the same, but is 3 LI each, I would have used 4 LI more. My rebuilt carport is 4 LI including downlights, but a 2 LI driveway makes it 6 LI. One of the walls in the carport doubles as privacy wall against the terrace, so I saved one LI... and so on. That means I have to leave some lovely things in my inventory. But I make it almost a sport, how much can I get for 351 LI? Edit: I am willing to buy lower LI things too. I "had" to buy a 1 LI hot tub from PrimPossible and replace the one that was 7 + 7 LI for tub and frame/fundament.
  23. two examples are sintikilia and stealthic. however im not convinced that this is a work around for alpha blending any longer as i can see they both use masking
  24. A visit to the lighthouse in the Calm Waves region
  25. Did somebody mention the Portrait word???????
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