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  2. hi all, my alt got a house in Edgar, corner plot. It will be abandoned in about 2 minutes... good luck!
  3. As we've seen in Bellessaria, land is (or can be) released immediately. If it isn't being done on other mainland than there could be an issue with the database that tracks these parcels, or... Possibly, there's a long term plan to condense or do away with some of the older regions. Perhaps they want to redesign "old SL" to bring it more in line with the new design concept in Belli. Having full regions would make this more difficult, but letting attrition lower the land use of these regions would mean impacting less people through relocation or modifying.
  4. Oooooh, I get to quote Wilhelm Stekel twice in one day: The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. Or War Games for the first time today: The only way to win the game is not to play. Could the difference between Alyona's perspective and yours be that you want the argument to end with two winners? ;-).
  5. When there is impasse, let them have the last word.
  6. And if you meet any nice Mommies tell them I erm, blush, quite a lot xx
  7. Again, we were TOLD THIS many times in July, but there have been reports here about people being required to submit "personal info" in order to change "their next conversion from lindens to USD balance" JUST so that they could pay there tier ---- no processing credit out to Paypal at all. [Editing to be more clear for folks that didn't read that post --- the person was allowed to process Lindens to USD the first time but was told that they would have to fill out the personal info form before processing lindens to USD balance in the future. This DOES make some sense as we were also told that having a USD balance of any kind would make it so that we would have to agree to the Tilia TOS and US Privacy statement - for US folks). It really can't be BOTH WAYS. ] So perhaps @Grumpity Linden or @Brent Linden could explain what may be going on. And to some comments made further down on this thread about taxable income ---- I would advise people still processing out dollars to do their own research. Many of us claimed our SL income on our taxes for years BEFORE the new Tilia rules came into the picture.
  8. [Sorry for the intrusion, I'm not Catwa user.] I tried many Catwa demos deciding if I should invest hard earned money on it. Looking from outside, they look "different", more natural than others like LAQ with those fat duck lips 🙄. The only comparable (or superior) in my view is Genus. The variety is amazing, and it's a shame when I want a skin and it was made only for Catwa; with luck, maybe for LAQ and Lelutka. Even not having a Catwa head, I recommended and guided some friends to buy one. And despite thinking 5K heads - 5.5K if Genus 😐 - are kind of expensive ("creator set the price none of your business", I know), I was itching to buy one. Until Akeruka put ALL STORE in promo, 500L. Got Rachel, that I was eyeing for a time. I still think Catwa looks more "real-world" and maybe I eventually buy one, but the urge to spend is gone. I would love to see them doing promo prices. But since it's the more popular brand, they don't care about it. (Oh God, a 500L promo, and I would buy half the store... :D)
  9. Same here.. I seldom give refunds but would under an exceptional circumstance....unfortunately I have encountered those who attempt to get an item for free..
  10. If it's tomorrow it's without me ... will be sitting in a train. Friday I will try but with little chances ... the lousy Hotspot connection again ... but who knows? Same all next week! After September 1st I'll be home for good.
  11. This is true; and even stronger to leave no response at all because silence is argument by another means. Not quite sure what you mean here about silence being an argument by another means. But what I'm saying is that it is possible for people to work out problems without one person taking power over another...shared power.
  12. I can vouch for @EmmeElise services. I was more than happy to pay for the time she spent getting me a home (and I love it) never once did I think about her having my password as she said she only logs into the land page. I trusted her and the service she was providing and since Then i have got to know her and she is so lovely and caring and only wants to help people with getting their dream LL Home. 💕
  13. I'm so glad to hear it's working for you Belinda and I totally didn't click on this thread in the hope of some other kind of frustration 😊
  14. what this ......................hey girls no one interest and want this stupid relationship ..............with me then why this title be here change it and write another title like life and relation*****
  15. Thought that was a very good and sound list. HOWEVER, awhile back (a year maybe?) I said something about not refunding the money that LL got from a Marketplace sale and was told (I think Dakota) that was against the TOS, that you needed to refund the complete price. You could, I think send in a support ticket and have LL refund? Not too sure on that but there was another way rather than actually LOSING money. In general I have very few customer service issues with the biggest being on the Marketplace. One of my best selling products had a run (over the years) of a competitor giving one star reviews with those simple "this is cr*p - don't buy" type of messages. Eventually I had a demo inworld AND a DEMO that you could download and there were still those one star reviews to force my product "below theirs". Eventually I put a statement at the top of the listing about what was going on -- noting that there had been demos for YEARS with still one star reviews --- well, duh! I still sell plenty of those products. Most of the other sizes have five star reviews even though they are pretty old now :D. Finally my "competitor" has left SL or is no longer selling a competing product (and no, I did not go buy their product and leave a one star review LOL). But it left a very bad taste in my mouth (slang for non-US folks). There have been many threads over the years about bad Marketplace reviews and the inability to get them removed. It is a very whimsical process it seems. The best thing you can do in my mind is to test your products carefully and make CLEAR what people are getting and any instructions needed. I almost always have a demo or I am willing to put a demo out if asked. IF people don't read and don't bother to look at the demos, I really can't feel very sorry for them. I almost never give refunds unless it was a double purchase (which is likely where that info about the LL percentage being against the TOS came into play).
  16. The tilia section is a different from just accesign your tilia account. Tilia is not linden labs and is separated. If you are not processing the funds then you are not taxed , and if you remain under 20,000 USD processed you do not have to pay tax to the IRS. The catch however is combined income. If you are retired, use second life as a subsidized income, and stay under the required bracket you can actually avoid paying income tax. Most people on SL minus large vendors and land owners won't be in that bracket. THere is other factors involved. NEver transfer funds you use to pay LL services in a given year (total sims X total Tier and fees plus 10% should always remain. That is not taxable income and safe. THe IRS website explain more details were virtual payed funds for services can be affected in certain ways, right now it's not a factor of tilia. IRS wants as much as they can get which is ridiculous. However that is the law, regardless of what players due, and services due. Keep yourself protected. Anything stored in Tilia however has there own service agreement. Most will have an active account but there are times people get frustrated, leave SL, and forget. If that is the case set a reminder for 11 months for tilia involved funds. The main aspect is money laundering.
  17. This is true; and even stronger to leave no response at all because silence is argument by another means.
  18. Ahah! If you own the land or in a group role that llows it, you can right-click on an avatar and choose to "freeze" (locks them down; they cannot move) or eject, etc.
  19. I don't know about the 1099 requirements, but all earnings must be reported for tax purposes now -- even hobby income.
  20. Don't transfer more then 20,000 in a given year and you won't be issued a reportable 1099
  21. Oh! don't do it I always say the same thing and jinx myself out of the property hehe. I don't think a release will happen tomorrow as far as I know it is Monday, Wednesday and Friday for release days but they may switch it up on people you never know.
  22. If that were true I sure could have ended up with a lot more money, say if I'd never transferred to Paypal until future times when my tax rate might have been lower.....those taxes are BAD when you have to add 15% on top of whatever your bracket already is for Social Security as a self-employed worker (since working for a company they pay half).
  23. Heh. That's the one I have my eye on as well. But I'll be away from home tomorrow so you may be in luck
  24. Anandamayi said, when criticized ask yourself if it bears truth. If so, thank them and change. If not, ignore it.
  25. My CPA says only what is taken out of my account is considered my taxable income. So, basically whatever I put in my business PayPal.
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