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  2. Oooh, thank you! Your place looks amazing, and on less than 175 prims? That's just incredible. I'm in awe of how well everything works together and how sophisticated it all looks like. I especially love the kitchen. I think I'm going to do mine in a very similar way - well, if I do end up having a kitchen-, I hope you don't mind 😊. That concrete worktop is exactly what I've been looking for!
  3. menu: Me \ Preferences \ Move & View \ Automatic position for: \ Build/Edit
  4. https://mattnight84.wordpress.com/2019/07/22/sliced/
  5. Hmm, very abnormal so, maybe Abnor Mole did it.
  6. And same here, goes on for days already, I downgraded firestorm, (clean install), installed the official viewer, removed all sl related files, including temporary etc, reboot modem, pc, Builders Brewery said it is an FS issue and advised me to downgrade. But the result remains the same. Login failed. Despite our best efforts etc etc. Someone filed already a JIRA, but until now no reaction from LL.
  7. Same here, login, login failed, this goes on for 2 weeks at least Steps I took: Downgraded firestorm (clean install), Installed official viewer, changed locations, reboot modem, pc, registry cleaning, temporary files cleaning. All in vain. Any one has an idea what is going on? In the Builders Brewery group it was said that it is a firestorm issue, but I get the same error when using the official viewer. Sigh.
  8. " Würffel Hoose " is not typical English pronounciation of whatsoever - you have no ü - we do. "Würfel Hose" is German and means "dice trousers" ... makes no sense either does it?
  9. I think he misses it. He was in London City in SL recently, asking what people wanted in SL. HiFi flopped. Very few users. They "pivoted to enterprise": "Philip Rosedale, CEO of High Fidelity and a virtual world pioneer, confirmed that his company has laid off about 25% of its staff, or 20 people, and pivoted to social communications for workers using 3D audio. High Fidelity now wants to enable virtual meetings and social online communications, such as people would do in online meetings." (You can do that in SL. In 2008, meeting planners had event services for SL. It never caught on, much, as a business tool. Works, though. I know someone who does hold small business meetings for RL activity in SL. His people like that they can hold side conversations and go off to talk in small groups.)Conference center, Boardroom sim. Hold your next meeting here!
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  11. Sometimes I'm probably not very nice? [21:25] xxxxxxxxx: sweet *** [21:25] xxxxxxxxx: Im the guy who can show u how to use it [21:25] xxxxxxxxx: bring it here! [21:25] Scylla Rhiadra: lol [21:25] Scylla Rhiadra looks over your avi [21:25] Scylla Rhiadra: ROFL!! [21:25] xxxxxxxxx: wow your a real ***** [21:25] Scylla Rhiadra looks over your profile [21:25] Scylla Rhiadra: lolololololololol!!! [21:25] xxxxxxxxx: blocked **** [21:25] Scylla Rhiadra gasps for breath [21:26] Scylla Rhiadra: OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  12. I don't know why you are telling me this, I never suggested that an SSP region would be transplanted to an SSPE region with a different number. The fact that the Würffel House is in one region, doesn't mean that it can't be placed in multiple regions. The Beach Bars being a fine example of this, or the lighthouses. The WH first apppeared (to us) in SSPE264, but that same building can be used anywhere, for example in SSPE185 which has remained suspiciously untouched whilst regions around it are getting developed, which led me to suggest that a hidden copy of SSPE185 could exist where the Moles are working on whatever will be on/in SSPE185.
  13. I was doing it every half hour actually! But yes I agree with you, I do believe it was luck and chance.
  14. thanks ❤️ its 7999 so 8000 in total. 7999
  15. It was a nice surprise when Sceneris returned the next morning to let us know they finally got their home after stopping in to visit the cafe and meet us. So happy they got their home!
  16. Animats makes some good points. The viewer PING and Packet Loss are different from the Windows system PING and Packet Loss, as Animats points out. The Troubleshooting link I provided explains how to tell if the SL servers are causing lost packets or it is from network problems. You can open the Resource Monitor and in the Memory section see the actual Hard Faults page swapping in real time. Since you are using the Linden made SL Viewer, the video memory maxes at 512...
  17. Hourly?? The other (auto-) refreshers discuss wether 80 seconds is too long or 72 seconds is too short! On the other hand @Izzy Harcassle seems to have been lucky only refreshing hourly. I think that was mere chance! - But I refresh every 80 seconds and as most releases are gone in less I often do not even SEE them! So may the Gods of Bellisseria be with us! Good luck to all of us on this Monday!
  18. It was so lovely meeting you tonight Arianna. I look forward to seeing you more around the cafe. And good look on getting that home soon. 💕
  19. Just popped into the Cafe! And had the pleasure of meeting Pru. A lovely warm welcome and what a fantastic place! If you haven’t seen it yet do so, it is and will be going to be a fabulous asset to Bellisseria 😁
  20. Very nice photos @Rolig Loon ! And I do like your very beutyful mermaid outfit! Where did you get that? One of my alts has several but they date from 2008 or some such
  21. You knew the answer but you didn't tell a lie because what you said is true, just not the answer.
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