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  2. Im using the Adams house, I'm not a photographer so bear with me.
  3. In Firestorm you can configure the X, Y, Z axis to do whatever works. You can reverse the Y axis to correct the problem you describe. Many of us use the Connexion 3D Mouse - SpaceNavigator. You can find setup tutorials that shows how that is done for SpaceNavigator. See YouTube. Your setup will be similar.
  4. @Trinity Aironaut Wow that is just spectacular!
  5. @Shari Steamer The reason they are not showing up in the regular list of homes is they are selling out. They are very popular. The latest batch of houseboats in Bellissaria where filled in under 30 minutes, or so I hear and have no reason to doubt it.
  6. Might help to list how many km the course is and how many region crosses are involved.
  7. Is there an instructional video or text tutorial on how to link things to reduce prims? Thanks in advance 🤗
  8. Can scooters use it too, if I promise to ride responsibly? (I can safely promise "responsibly." It's "competently" I'll have a difficulty managing . . .)
  9. I know you said we could not pick our own but I am quite happy with the one I have I have not really seen any other plot I would want more the only thing I would change with mine is get rid of the LL shrubs and replace it with a nice brick wall that would not count towards my LI they shrubs already don't count as they were put there by a mole but would rather have a brick wall so I suppose if I could change it would be one with a wall and on a hill like mine is
  10. 😄 There are facial emotes, animations, and poses. 'Impressions' was the wrong word. For English first people your use was humorous. They come as animations and Animation Overriders (AO). The problem is most head-makers make animations for their brand of head. While it may be possible to use third-party animations and cross brand animations with any brand of head, you have no way to know whether they will work right or if they will look good. It is pretty much trial and error. Currently there are few demos of facial animations. Where there are demos they are usually rather convoluted. I like GA.EG heads and their facial animations. They have a huge AO and several add-on animation kits with various facial expressions.
  11. This is what I did with Windlass.I made the lights, 3 of the carpets and the pool. All the curtains are color change.
  12. I am one who uses my own security orb I would not have an issue with the LL one if they allowed me to set people to manage it like turning it on and off when needed but they do not so I use my own and the covenant is quite clear that we can use our own orbs as long as they are set to the LL specifications as mine is and I can set my wife as a manager of it should she need to do anything like adding a friend to the whitelist or banning someone that needs to be banned and here is a direct quote from the covenant and until that is changed is law. = Security == *Linden Homes do not have the ability to set your parcel access to group access only (which creates ban lines for everyone else). You can still eject and ban people by name. *Security orbs are only allowed if they comply with the following restrictions: -Minimum of 15 seconds warning time (no shorter) -Eject from parcel only (not teleport them home) -Effective range cannot include the airspace between 400m and 2000m (to allow for people to fly overhead but not in the airspace where skyboxes are allowed) If you are uncertain, there is a free security system provided in the Linden Homes Content Pack. It does not have the ability to be set in a manner that does not comply with these restrictions. Click on the house controller outside of your parcel (the one used for changing house models) to get the most current content pack sent to you.
  13. Loging fails Grid status says nothing.. Am I the only one? I'm coming from Europe.
  14. @hooters008 This forum also has an Adult Content (SFW/NSFW mixed) section. I cover some of SL's Adult Content (SFW) in my blog. The Destinations Guide has Adult (SFW) sections you may find helpful. Both SL web-search and the viewer's in-world search will help you find possible places for scoping out kinky grannies. ...and we have a collection of porn producers in SL. 😣 In answer to your question of whether there are such places... yes. I don't hangout in them so I have no links. Sorry.
  15. That happened fast! Now I wish I had bought the secretary desk....
  16. Rolig is right. Temperature can be a problem. You can get the free HWMonitor and check temperature without opening the case. You can run HWMonitor and the viewer. Flip between the two (Alt-Tab on Windows) to check the load and temperature.
  17. I second "trailer park." The only downsides I see are that they might be very small inside, and people might tend to go full-theme and junk up the yards (which can be fun, just maybe not appealing to some.) I've done a few on mainland and always had a good time with it. I also love futuristic places, and was excited about Horizons initially. That could have been a neat Linden Home theme. Cliff houses and mountain lodges would be great, also. A lake and/or caves nearby, hiking trails, overlook parks...
  18. I think that actually is the maximum actual frame time allocated to a homestead sim. It's a quarter of a full sim so it makes sense. This is something I've seen before. According to the stats, the frame time allocated to a homestead is the same as that allocated to a full sim. If that is correct, an event should take four times as much frame time at a homestead but is clearly not the case. The only possible explanation is that the statistics are wrong and a homestead only have a quarter of the frame time they say it has. I redid the test at a full sim, Sandbox Formosa. There were three scripts to start with I couldn't get rid of - it may have been my Firestorm bridge - but they shouldn't be significant to this illustration. I suppose I can just post some screenshots of the stats - they should say it all. Except for one unexpected and not really related observation. When I tried to remove all the prims as one bundle, I got the message they couldn't be deleted because of too many scripts. Seems we've got a way to override autoreturn here: just load your item with enough scripts and the sim won't be able to get rid of it.
  19. Today
  20. What happens when I am left unattended at the Cyberpunk fair.
  21. Apparently that was their response. I only have Animats' word for it of course , I wasn't there, and now that he's rejoined the thread, there's no need for me to say anything more about it. Yes, that's a far more likely explanation but if that's the case, why don't they say so? Except for the "shaky knowledge" part. The core of lsl was not created by some juinor programmer but by LL's two former CTOs, Cory Ondrejka and Andrew Meadows, and they certainly knew better. It's more likely that it's because it was a rush job. According to Ondrejka, SL wasn't supposed to have any scripting functionality at all. It was added as an afterthought (Ondrejka and Meadows actually wrote the entire LSL 1.0 in a single one-nighter work session) and they never expected it to become an important part of SL. I can hardly claim to be an expert in this so I rely heavily on secondhand information here. But I did spend a year of my wasted youth studying computer technology at a university and I have written programs myself if that helps.
  22. My biggest problem with gachas is resellers with terrible keyword spam. Filtering out no-copy items gets rid of most of them, but then you miss out on good gachas that do fit your search, and any other no-copy items that would fit your needs too. There's too many items to flag. I'll sometimes flag two or three if a particular reseller is excessively spamming. You can check what keywords they use if you look at the page source code on the item page, then you know if it was a minor error or a long line of bad keywords. LL needs to come down harder on the ones who regularly do this. To those who take the time to write their product descriptions and keywords well, thank you.
  23. Thanks for putting this together! I LOVE biking around Bellesseria and can't wait to try the loop this weekend. 🚲👍
  24. I just had a look as well, and see that his profile (Winter's) appears to be inactive.
  25. Yesterday
  26. The worrying part is that the load stats already are that high. What will happen when people have filled up their homes with furniture with animation scripts, maybe a pathfinding pet or two etc., etc. The numbers are actually remarkably similar to those of one of my own regions, Coniston, a region that has been developed for almost six years with far more housing units, may main store and at least 14 (I've lost count) full sim sky platforms and according to LL it's a heavy region. Then again, it may be the avatars. There were eight of them in the region (nine when I arrived but I used one of my low lag non-mesh alts). I don't know how much of the load they accounted for and we're not going to see that many of them once things have settled down a bit. So it's a heads up, not an alarm.
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