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  1. I think someone is playing with it, maybe LL themselves. But on top of that I blame those who see that they can't sell within 24 hours, and instead of waiting 3-4 days just sell at the next step. Then 100+ million build up on that step, and the next impatient seller goes to the next and so on.
  2. My goodness, this is NOT about YOU! You are not the center of the universe, not even the center of SL! I know that someone using SL the way you do has not to agree to the Tilia TOS - I have a couple of such accounts myself! I also have an account that sells enough L$ each year to cover the premium membership (and cashed out aka processed credit twice in 13 years, the last time maybe 8 years ago) - with this one I only had to agree to the Tilia TOS but not provide aditional personal data. And I have my SIM owner account that doesn't cash out aka process credit but sells high amounts of L$ (well, high for little me) that not only had to agree to the Tilia TOS but also provide aditional data for just selling the next batch of L$. Just in case this is the cause for your confusion: "cash out" for me means "taking money out of SL". Simply selling L$ to cover SL fees is not cashing out.
  3. Yes, you are wrong. Quote: "If you never cash out you never have to agree to the Tilia terms. It is that simple." Having US$ in your account from selling L$ is enough for having to agree to the Tilia terms. Selling high numbers of L$ without cashing out can be enough for having to provide additional personal info. Get it through your thick skull.
  4. I can only tell you what happened to me, no matter if you call it "cash out" or "process credit". Simply selling "too many" L$ on the LindeX is enough to get blocked from selling more L$ until the wanted data is provided (according to Live Chat). Even without even looking at the "Process Credit" link I can't start another sale. This is from the LindeX Sell L$ page: *** Before we can proceed with your requested Linden Dollar Sale, we are required to collect some information from you as detailed here. Please click Provide Additional Information to proceed to the submission form. this information will be used pursuant to Tilia's terms of service and privacy policy to process your future credit requests. *** This account as far as I remember never was used to process any credit out of SL.
  5. Actually that is wrong. If you hit some non-disclosed amount of L$ when selling them on the LindeX, you will be asked for additional information before being allowed to even sell L$ again. My sim owner account which sells L$ worth approx U$12k per year was hit by this request and was told this from support. Support also said that they are in contact with those who can edit the FAQ to have that added there. So if you need to sell L$ to pay for your region fees, you better don't wait for the last day and make sure that you can actually sell. Trying to cash out isn't the only trigger for data collection.
  6. It is quite easy to spend money that is parked on PayPal, there are many online shops (or ebay sellers) that accept paypal as billing method. Also you can transfer money to a credit card, online casinos for example often allow payouts only to the billing method that was used to to pay them before.
  7. Most Homesteads already are on the even lower grandfathered monthly fee, especially those rented out by big land companies. For them nothing changed, so they have nothing to forward to their customers. Same goes for grandfathered full regions.
  8. With the new lower setup fees buying a used region becomes less attractive, so I would say getting a new one from LL is faster and less hassle. If you buy a used one from another resident, a move and rename is free as long as it is done directly in the transfer ticket. In case you want to get even lower monthly fees by buying a grandfathered region the used market is the only way.
  9. Actually the fee gets discounted if you *own* five or more regions.
  10. There actually was a time when LL allowed a distinction between the owner of an estate and the person who pays for it. The "owner" was given all rights to the estate (even those not available to estate managers) with the exception of being able to sell the estate. This procedure was ended by LL a couple of years ago, on the height of the Low-Prim-Region-Hype, I guess because it was used too often for the rental of these regions.
  11. Actually often you can transfer money to a credit card, I have done that often enough (Visa and Mastercard) with money won on Poker websites :-) There even were times when I received a little interest on a positive credit card balance (more than on my normal banking account). Sadly those times are long gone...
  12. Qie, in the cases I know the reason is VAT. It is cheaper to rent a full region at 10 percent more than LL charges than buying it yourself and paying 20 percent more because of VAT.
  13. A very low grade card, despite the 4GB (only DDR3) with a small 128bit connection. Won't give you good graphics. In the 3 digit model number of Nvidia cards, the 2nd number is important. Should at least be a 5, better 6 or 7. Memory should be DDR5, connecction at least 256bit.
  14. That was announced in the Blog like 6 weeks ago: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Faster-Credit-Processing-amp-Upcoming-Changes-to-Fees/ba-p/3011794 The 3 Dollar fee is now the minimum, going up to max 15 Dollar, depending on how much you cash out. I wouldn't call the 3 Dollar for cashing out 4 Dollar too high - I would call a cashout of 4 Dollar too low.
  15. Next billing date: April 7th. Price: $120 including transfer fee. Grab it now - will go back to LL on Monday otherwise.
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