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  1. It is quite easy to spend money that is parked on PayPal, there are many online shops (or ebay sellers) that accept paypal as billing method. Also you can transfer money to a credit card, online casinos for example often allow payouts only to the billing method that was used to to pay them before.
  2. Most Homesteads already are on the even lower grandfathered monthly fee, especially those rented out by big land companies. For them nothing changed, so they have nothing to forward to their customers. Same goes for grandfathered full regions.
  3. With the new lower setup fees buying a used region becomes less attractive, so I would say getting a new one from LL is faster and less hassle. If you buy a used one from another resident, a move and rename is free as long as it is done directly in the transfer ticket. In case you want to get even lower monthly fees by buying a grandfathered region the used market is the only way.
  4. Actually the fee gets discounted if you *own* five or more regions.
  5. There actually was a time when LL allowed a distinction between the owner of an estate and the person who pays for it. The "owner" was given all rights to the estate (even those not available to estate managers) with the exception of being able to sell the estate. This procedure was ended by LL a couple of years ago, on the height of the Low-Prim-Region-Hype, I guess because it was used too often for the rental of these regions.
  6. Actually often you can transfer money to a credit card, I have done that often enough (Visa and Mastercard) with money won on Poker websites :-) There even were times when I received a little interest on a positive credit card balance (more than on my normal banking account). Sadly those times are long gone...
  7. Qie, in the cases I know the reason is VAT. It is cheaper to rent a full region at 10 percent more than LL charges than buying it yourself and paying 20 percent more because of VAT.
  8. A very low grade card, despite the 4GB (only DDR3) with a small 128bit connection. Won't give you good graphics. In the 3 digit model number of Nvidia cards, the 2nd number is important. Should at least be a 5, better 6 or 7. Memory should be DDR5, connecction at least 256bit.
  9. That was announced in the Blog like 6 weeks ago: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Faster-Credit-Processing-amp-Upcoming-Changes-to-Fees/ba-p/3011794 The 3 Dollar fee is now the minimum, going up to max 15 Dollar, depending on how much you cash out. I wouldn't call the 3 Dollar for cashing out 4 Dollar too high - I would call a cashout of 4 Dollar too low.
  10. Next billing date: April 7th. Price: $120 including transfer fee. Grab it now - will go back to LL on Monday otherwise.
  11. Please contact me with price and next billing date. Thanks :-) Daniel Regenbogen
  12. When buying a private region directly from LL, the first monthly fee is included in the setup fee.
  13. Jack Allandale wrote: well considering the last 2 days, i can say chances is %100.. because i had to wait 1 hour to log into my parcel. region was full.. i dont know if all residents are logged at the same time but maybe someone invited 5 friends and some couples came to their home. i wasnt able to log into my place i couldnt see what happened there. what i want to say is 20 avatar limit is ridicilous. if a company cant handle a sim with more than 20 avatars, i think it shouldnt ask for 200 dolars per month for renting it. First thing: a homestead is not 200 dollars per month but "only" 125 (or 95 for grandfathered ones). And second thing: if you want more than 20 people on a region, you have to go for a full one (and have to pay for it 295/195 dollars). Cutting a homestead into 16 parcels is just crazy.
  14. ChinRey wrote: Both 65 millions and 60 millions are wrong anyway. The correct amount is 0$. The only official way to convert Lindens to RL money is through Lindex and Linden Lab does not buy or sell and has never bought or sold anything there. It's all transactions between residents. That is such a well established and well known fact that it would never occur to anybody to doubt it. *.*.* Actually, you are wrong in that. LL does at least sell on the LindeX. What do you think they do with the fees they collect in L$? And it is a well established fact that LL also stabilize the LindeX rates if necessary. The LL sales on LindeX were reported in early years, but are not anymore for a few years now.
  15. Is there any chance for a change in the Private Regions land portfolio? Just this last week the SL grid size fell below the 25,000 regions number, since the Homestead Debacle more than 8,500 private region were lost, amongst them many beautifully developed regions that were showcases for what is possible in SL. Private region costs are too high, the region types don't cover the customers demands. I have Homestead customers who plead for some more prims, but the step to a full region is just too steep. A portfolio of full, half and quarter regions at a price tag of $250/125/65 should be possible and even profitable because of higher demand and actually adding more regions instead of losing them. Or, the smaller and almost cost neutral way: at least add a few more prims to the existing land products! 20,000 for a full region and 5,000 for a Homestead would go a long way already. And even more important: it would send a message to the customers that LL actually listens and understands...
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