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  1. Und wenn dir bei deiner Self Hosted Lösung Hardware abraucht und du erst Ersatz beschaffen musst, was dann? Die mehrfache Absicherung hat übrigens die in der Zwischenzeit angefallenen und nicht bearbeiteten Transaktionen nachgeholt...
  2. The only restrictions for "underage avatars" are sex related. Underage avatars smoking weed is no problem, killing them is no problem, putting them on the bbq and enjoying them with french fries and a bottle of good wine is no problem either. There might be someone sending an AR, but nothing would come from it.
  3. If he did it is actually 179 per month now...
  4. Not anymore, gf transfer fee is $300 for full and $150 for homestead regions.
  5. The purchase price of $1675 lasted much longer, well into the times of $295 per month. The official transfer ticket system used to accept both $US and L$ for the region price and transfer fee, not sure how that is today, I haven't used it in a looooong time. And as long as the system is used for all parts of the transfer, being paid in L$ is just as save as in $US.
  6. As far as I recall the region rating is the maximum that is allowed. If I'm wrong: what are those checkboxes in the parcel menu for? On moderate regions you have a checkbox for "Moderate Content", on adult rated regions it is for "Adult Content". Anyways, it was just an idea about the OP's problem. If that was on a private region, maybe the owner has changed the region rating after the parcel purchase?
  7. Hm, did you check the region rating? Parcels can have a lower rating than the region they are on, so there can be moderate parcels on an adult rated region. The parcel owner has a checkbox on the "About Land" dialog, "Options" tab, where he can check "Adult Content". Though the region rating should be shown in the title bar. So, just an idea to check.
  8. I really love Manji's Isetta: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Manjis-Ise-Tan-v-201-Pink-White-Box/4378325 It handles beautifully and makes people smile when they see you in it. We even use it for races at our race track 🙂
  9. Check the thread "Unlisted due to banned text" right here in this forum. I was hit by it, too, and after ideas from that thread I removed the word "Kinder" (german for children) from the german description - no problem anymore. I had also opened a support ticket, which was answered by Dakota Linden. After figuring out the triggering word, Dakota escalated the problem to a supervisor. Most likely "Kinder" triggered the ban hammer because of the Company Ferrero holding a copyright for different sweets sold under the name "Kinder", like Kinderschokolade and so on. This *should* not trigger the ba
  10. I was hit by the same automatic unlisting and opened a support ticket. After finding this thread here, I deleted the german word for children (Kinder) from the german description and the listing was accepted. I added this to my ticket (which was meanwhile answered by Dakota Linden, who asked to let him know if the trigger-word should not trigger the filters, so it can be escalated to the supervisors.
  11. And this is related to the land forum how?
  12. Öhm, nein. LL bietet einen elektronischen Service außerhalb der USA an und muss von deutschen Kunden die deutsche MwSt kassieren und abführen. In Frankreich die französische. In GB die britische. Usw. usf. Kleiner Lesetip, allerdings auf Englisch: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Value_Added_Tax_(VAT)_Frequently_Asked_Questions
  13. Weil LL bei deutschen Kunden die Mehrwertsteuer kassiert und abführt? Nur so eine Idee...
  14. Was genau suchst du? Eine Liste mit Streamadressen, die dir Internetradio aufs Land spielen? Schau hier: https://outworldz.com/Secondlife/posts/streaming/ Einen Stream-Server, über den du selbst Musik von deinem Rechner nach SL streamen kannst? Such im Marketplace nach "Shoutcast Stream".
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