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Second Life Destinations: Anime

Linden Lab



This week we are taking a look at several anime themed regions that are bursting with fun and colorful odes to Japanese culture.

Anime, a Japanese style of animation, has become popular throughout the world. It can be found in graphic novels, film, television, and of course, Second Life! There has been a massive following of anime devotees inworld for years, and there is now an anime category in the Destination Guide.

Taikou, created by Hiro Hamada, is a small Japanese town with a market and arcade. Hiro tells us, “I'm deeply inspired by Japanese architecture and culture, so I enjoy creating builds, backdrops, decor, and even food. Whenever I'm back in Japan I take a bunch of photos of the scenery so I have references of what to make in SL. I want everyone to be able to feel the joy of Japan. I've made a lot of great friends in SL that I never would have been able to meet anywhere else.” Hiro’s travels add a great degree of authenticity to this region, which shows the unlimited possibilities when elements of the physical world and imagination collide in the virtual realm.

For those who would like an anime style avatar, Waifu Factory cannot be missed. Here you can find many brands: UTILIZATOR, ABC apparel, Wretch, Ayashi, MelonBunny, Pirocius, and more. From bodies to eyes and even animations, the detail that many Residents put into their avatars is breathtaking.

SU-SHI City is great for photos, with rows of cherry blossoms that are characteristic of Japan. Owner Marcus BlueSky says, “We began with just an ancient town, but then wanted to add more details and now we can finally present an ancient village, a town, and a modern city. Visitors use the place for their blogs, product pictures, and even want to live and run shops here.”

Other visually stunning anime regions include Tonarino, which includes Nekomachi Street. This urban cat city feels like a whimsical daydream and is sure to make anyone smile. Additionally, Hikari and UMIMOTO Marina offer relaxing spaces with impressive attention to detail.

These regions are open to everyone and feel like a museum, cartoon, and vacation all in one. Teleport over today and discover your inner anime character.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres

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